Most Underrated Actors in Bollywood (Male)

Who do you think are the most underrated actors in Bollywood?

1. Chandrachur Singh - Wheneve I watch Josh, I feel like he was not bad as an actor, especially compared to some actors of these days!

2. Vivek Oberoi - Saathiya, Yuva, Omkara, Kyun Ho Gaya Na, I thought he is going to be our next superstar, but maybe after the conflict between Salman & Aish, he started getting fewer roles.

3. Sharman Joshi - I loved him in Style Me Rehne Ka! His acting in Rang De Basanti & 3 idiots was extremely good!

4. Akshay Khanna - Dunno why he could not make it big! I loved him in movies like Border, Dil Chahta Hain, Humraaz, Race, Hulchul, Gandhi my father, 36 China Town. I really dunno why often people misses him out from many lists!

5. Sunil Shetty - He acts better in negative roles like Main Hoon Na & Dhadkan, but I truly believe he deserves more recognition!

6. Kunal Khemu - How many of you have watched the movie Aadat? must say Kunal Khemu's acting in that movie made me feel so deep!

7. Priyanshu Chatterjee - loved him in the movie "Tum Bin"

8. Rahul Bose - "Pyaar ke Side/Effects," Chameli, I Am, Mr & Mrs. Iyer, etc - his acting is beautiful!

9. R Madhavan - Rehna Hain Tere Dil Mein, must say he stole the whole movie away from even Saif Ali Khan, his acting in Rang De Basanti, 13B, 3 idiots and Tanu Weds Manu was rlly good!

10. Shereyas Talpade - His acting in "Iqbal" was so emotional and so deep! Cannot forget Golmaal too!

11. Fardeen Khan - Loved him in few movies like Love ke liye sala kuch bhi karega, No Entry, Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya.

I agree that few of the listed actors over don't rlly have that "x - factor" in them and might not be very versatile. But what about actors like Shreyas! I think his role in Iqbal was very challenging, few modern & famous new comers/actors these days cannot manage the role of a deaf & mute boy.

Please do share your opinions .

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The most under-rated actors of bollywood according to me are :
1) PANKAJ KAPUR ,just see his performance in Maqbool, Rui Ka Bojh, Tamas,etc, he is as good as Anupam Kher but has not done even the half number of films done by anupam,i feel he would have been a better choice in many of the serious roles which were finally done by anupam.

2)JACKIE SHROFF just see him in Kaash, Parinda, Gardish, etc he is more versatile than his contemporaries, can you imagine Sanjay Dutt playing Kareena's father in Yaadein,can you imagine Anil kapoor playing a terrorist in Mission Kashmir,can you imagine Sunny Deol playing Sai Baba in Maalik Ek,Jackie is much more talented than Sanjay,Anil, and Sunny,still he is not given the roles which he deserves,jackie has delivered around 50 solo hits in the 80's and 90's and was good in almost all his films,he is goodlooking,well spoken and also a style icon,also he is known for his generous nature.In the last 10 years AURANGZEB is the only big budget film done by Jackie.

3) Aditya Pancholi,just see his performance in Saathi,Sailaab,Aatish,Yaad Rakhegi Duniya,Hamesha,he spoiled his career with controversies,he was the only saving grace in BODYGUARD,he deserves more films than actors like Ronit Roy,Arjun Rampal etc.

4)Suniel Shetty,just see him in Dhadkan, Yeh Tera Ghar Yeh Mera Ghar,he was as successful as Akshay Kumar and Ajay Devgan in the 1990's ,but he ended his career doing supporting roles in mindless films,still he can do better comedy than Ajay Devgn,and he is better in serious roles than Akshay Kumar,sunil should never do a supporting role for the next five years,he deserves a strong comeback as he is still not that old.

5) Akshaye Khanna ,he is an extraordinary actor and also a star son ,he is definitely more talented than Shahid Kapoor, Imran Khan, Arjun Rampal etc,but i guess he is not good at marketing himself,still he deserves a Comeback Film,filmamakers should use him properly.

6)Vatsal Sheth , i know he has done only 3-4 films like Tarzan,Heroes,Toh Baat Pakki etc,and he cannot be considered as a star, many people would not be knowing his name also,but i feel that he has got the potential to play comman man -lover boy roles,like Dhanush does in south,he has the boy next door looks,he should get more roles than Shahid Kapur,Imran Khan,Ritesh Deshmukh,Shryas talpade,Varun Dhawan ,etc.Vatsal is not from apowerful background therfore he is lagging behind.

7)Sharad Kapoor ,he was good in Dastak,Josh,Kyunki main Jhooth Nahin Bolta and he deserves a second innings in bollywood,maybe as an Villain.

8)Mithun Chakraborty,see him in Mrigaya,Parmatama,Dalaal,well,i know that he is a Superstar ,but he deserves to do more character driven roles,than he gets,as he is more versatile than Amitabh,Rishi Kapoor etc.

Randeep hooda, Rahul bose, irfan khan and jimmy shergil.

rahul bose &irfan khan are the true superstars of bolywood rahul bose is the most underrated actor in bolywood he is way better than so called superstars


fardeen the worst actor,ugliest man.........

Fardeen? I woulnt even call him an actor! Hez too lousy in every movie
Priyanshu should come back
Chandrachur was good in Josh but otherwise he was bad
I would put Emraan Hashmi in the list too

remove fardeen name man.... he is completely actor material...... good looks, good acting etc....

Thu, 2012-02-09 18:32 — Fiza_Khan

Sorry for forgetting Irfan Khan...True that he deserves to be on the list too.
I think Govinda got the recognition he deserved! so did Akshay Kumar - both of them have good fan following.

People who says Fardeen can't act, honestly I don't see any difference between his acting & few actors of these days!

It is true that few famous star kids can easily get popular in bollywood...ex - sonam kapoor...can't act at all...NOT AT ALL....but still she gets popular every time she gives a flop. What is the difference between her & Fardeen Khan then? then why is fardeen not popular & sonam is? because of her good looks?

Fiza,im the same person who mentioned about Govinda..i can tell that they MIGHT have good fan following,but mostly or them (or let's put up like a good half) are just fake fans. Those who wants 2 support only when they got their film working. The true Govinda fans are like,one of a kind people whom supports them no matter what happens and it's like the search for gold. just look at the fb fanpages running (im owning one myself as well).

And yeah,i have 2 agree w/ your thoughts about Sonam,i like her but she can't act at all..yet,she got more popularity and attention than Fardeen,which is kinda sad.

I just ended up to think that some of these are like,the underground/alternative actors,for those who wants 2 enjoy a cool movie w/ some actors acting on it,and not showing turtles all the time.

I forgot to mention also Manoj Bajpai in my previous actors' post. I discovered him recently and i think he's fantastic.

i agree with vivek oberoi, rahul bose, kunal khemu, and akshay khanna. the saddest story is vivek's. he is a brilliant actor he even changes his accent according to the role (kurbaan-American accent). the media has destroyed his image and bollywood has ousted him like a pariah.

Vivek is good in negative roles, such company or shootout, he should do dark roles, not comedy like masti or romantic like kyun ho gaya na, but he was good in saathiya with rani.

Akshaye Khanna and Manoj Bajpai for me.

Ajay Devgan is not underrated, he got a lot of recognition and he has huge fan following. He is still doing a lot of super hit movies every year! and before he won a lot of awards.

Sorry for forgetting Irfan Khan...True that he deserves to be on the list too.
I think Govinda got the recognition he deserved! so did Akshay Kumar - both of them have good fan following.

People who says Fardeen can't act, honestly I don't see any difference between his acting & few actors of these days!

It is true that few famous star kids can easily get popular in bollywood...ex - sonam kapoor...can't act at all...NOT AT ALL....but still she gets popular every time she gives a flop. What is the difference between her & Fardeen Khan then? then why is fardeen not popular & sonam is? because of her good looks?

those who says that fardeen can't act..are DEFINETELY SRK or SALMAN'S fans.

obviously blind.

It's easy 2 pick up on him,right?can't wait 2 see their power to vanish..and it has just started. Real talent behind those uberbotoxed facade are about 2 come out the light.

for the one who says about Ajay Devgan. He's an award stealer. He's got only 1 expression and can't laugh for nothing.

4 me, i really like Priyanshu Chatterjee in tum bin and dil ka ristaa, i love him in Aapko Pehle Bhi Kahin Dekha Hai, hes brilliant one, and akshaye khanna for his comic roles! hes also good, vivek isnt that bad, i like him alot in saathiya, but now hes bored me of his movies! the rest of the actor is alrite but Chandrachur Singh cnt act!

now the new actors r piece of jokes! dnt know why they r wasting time looking new actors and drop them as if they were piece of papers

i agree with 70% of these... there is a lot more talent in the industry but cuz they are not star kids, or have no God father in the industry, no one gives them a proper chance... its a shame

Vivek Oberoi is a very talented actor thank you very much he has some very good films under his belt. and as for people or websites like these calling him underrated, underrated are your lives for giving that title to him. acting isn't an easy job, it requires energy, passion, creativity and a good sense of humour. just because he got into a spat with Aishwarya that does not mean that you can now walk all over him. he has moved on and so has Aishwarya, so get over yourselves!!

Ajay Devgan. Huge commercial and critical success without doing the same kind of role, but yet he is overlooked at all major award shows.

Randeep Hooda also

Vivek is a moron. he blew it. he should have shown restrain at many times. was Aishwarya worth it? hell no. He is way more talented than Abhishek but attitude can make or break you.

Fardeen cant act, i dnt know why u included him.

R. Madhavan is a really good looking but a lousy actor. Same goes for Priyanshu Chatterjee and Suneil shetty. Fardeen Khan can't act if his life depends on it. Agree on the others.

I really wish Akshaye Khanna does more movies. The guy can emote with his like nobody.

R Madhevan!

Rahul Bose should be the superstar, he is very telanted...

Most deserving are Vivek Oberoi , Kunal Kemu and Shreyas Talpade . They definitely didnt get their due.

they all are very talented but if you want to make it big you have to have good connections
or be a superstars son or daughter than you have a chance maybe or just luck

Most of these actors are terrible!!

ok, Sunil Shetty? really?! I mean really really?! otherwise i'm in agreement of the compiled list.

fardeen khan is a bad actor ! he dont deserve !

Sunil Shetty, Akshay Khanna and Kunal Khemu rocks when it comes to comedy

Def maddy! Though I hope he could shed some weight! He was brilliant in Alaipayudhey(which got remade into Saathiya)..

ONLY Akshaye Khanna is underrated.

Rest everyone up there is... JUST... PLAIN... FLOP!!!

On this list,my favorite ones are definetely Fardeen and Akshaye. You can say all u want 4 both,but i think both of them have one-of-a-kind talent and therefore they don't grab much attention to the "mass" wanting only salman or srk. Started to know Akshaye a bit before Fardeen(in that time,i started to know about his father,the late Feroz Khan)and despite being a picky,he delivers the best in his movies. As it goes for Fardeen,i think he improved very much throughout his movies,and it's sad that directors would waste this talent. Be it in a thriller or comic movie,both have done a brilliant improvement. And since we're talking about would be interesting to see both Fardeen and Akshaye in the long-awaited Qurbani remake in their dad's roles. I think it's challenging but also very interesting.

4 about Vivek and Sunil i have seen only a few of their movies - Vivek,i guess it depends on the role..sometimes he can take the best out of it,and other times he doesn't get through. Sunil..i don't know why he always got secondary roles since the 90s..i have seen only like 1 or 2 movies as a main hero..

As for the others,i have seen just a movie,so i couldn't give my opinion on it.

But i would also like to include,if i may,also Govinda(whom along the very 1st two i mentioned,they are my fav trio)..when you say comedy,right now the only person most people can relate is him,but leaving that apart,nobody or still a few,does still remember him in the good old action movies like shola aur shabnam or even in the family dramas..even in the recent Raavan,most critics n people told that his role was comical..they have really lost it..have they seen the tamil version?i thought the actor who did his role was much comical than Govinda.

Thank you Fiza for posting this topic.

out of all these vivek oberoi and rahul bose they r underratted thy r very good actors
other r jus ok

Totallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy agree with your list of actors except fardeen khan. Its high time that these actors get their dues for their talent.

Akshaye Khanna is a fine actor.He's done very good work in parallel movies like Gandhi my father & commercial pot boilers like Humraaz & Race. I agree that Vivek Oberoi is good too. He was doing well until success went to his head . His personal life can itself be made into a movie. Now he will always be remembered as the chap whom Mrs Abhishek Bachchan once dated. Again,Shreyas Talpade & especially Madhavan are good actors,but they look too unconventional for Hindi cinema. Madhavan especially has done so well in his South Indian movies. Problem is being a good actor & being a popular star have nothing to do with each other.

jimmy shergill
rahul bose

Dude ... if you have put Fardeen Khan on this list... then this must be a joke and I appreciate your sense of humor

Kunal, Akshay Khanna, Shreyas, Sharman, Rahul Bose, Rahul Khanna, Maddy, Siddharth

Priyanshu and Rakesh Bapat both were really promising newcomers back in 2002. If only they had the right connections, maybe they would be on top today. They really are actors of caliber. Priyanshu currently tops the Bengali industry; he is shooting right now for a film with Dia Mirza. Rakesh is seen on Star Plus' show, Maryada. He's making a comeback in Bollywood though, he will next be seen in Heroine! (:

These are a few of the male actors in Bollywood that can actually act. They've got the art of acting, but Bollywood will always push the masala actors, i.e. SRK and Salman. I think Aamir is a big star but he aims to be an actor and make quality films lately, not just to be a celebrity. I wish there was a lot more variety, and if we look hard enough we can find it, but they never promote and hype these less popular actors and their films. But I think it's even harder for females to make it and survive in Bollywood, especially under the radar. These guys are still around after so long, but less popular women are given a small chance and are replaced in a heartbeat.

fardeen...he just couldnt even act for nuts!!!!

irfaan khan should be on the list too

Not that great of a list but completely agree with Vivek, Akshay Khanna (and Kumar!) and Madhavan. I am sure Vivek will get his due very soon! He is super-talented and is getting better and better roles. Wish him all the best and hope to see him win a Best Actor award soon! :)

Yes I agree 100%, these guys are truely Underrated. I wish they would make a come-back full force to Bollywood.

Please..... don't tell me that Fardeen is a good actor. Both he and his cousin Zayed do not know how to act.

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