Blind Item by Rajeev Masand: A Worldly Friendship

Here is the blind item from Open Magazine:

Whoever said young ’uns have all the fun? There’s gossip doing the rounds about two senior actors who’ve reportedly got ‘very friendly’ while shooting at an outdoor location recently. The movie in question is a Hollywood production being filmed in India, the sequel of an international hit that was also shot here a few years ago.

If sources from the unit are to be believed, a fairly well known Indian character actress, who reprises her role from the earlier film, has charmed a Hollywood A-lister who’s recently been added to the new film. This silver fox, a hugely popular American star, has been to India often in the past on spiritual and philanthropic missions, but is filming locally for the first time.

Everyone from the crew to their co-actors have noticed that the pair share warm vibes, and rarely miss an opportunity to drive back to their hotel together in the same car when pack-up is announced. It’s not unusual for one to be holed up in the other’s vanity van or make-up room in between shots, and one source describes their friendship as “extremely touchy-feely”.

The actress, well-known for her raspy, gravelly voice, is married and a mother, and is well known in social circles outside Bollywood too. She’s starred in both blockbusters and indies, often taking mum parts, and has had considerable success in roles with comic undertones. Among those who’ve heard the rumours, there are a few who suspect there may be nothing more than a Platonic friendship between the two. “She’s a great talker, and she’s an even better listener. There’s a good chance she’s the only person on that set who has a worldview outside of films, and that’s probably what he’s drawn to,” a friend of hers offers.

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Credits: Open Magazine

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If it's some Indian actor,the users below would have cursed both of them saying that she is cheating on her husband and the actor is being a part of it!,but since it involves a Hollywood star,they are praising this extramarital affair!,hypocrisy level = infinity!
pv please post!

The best exotic marigold hotel 2 !! Richard Gere !! Lilette Dubey !!

I didn't even know they were working on the sequel...! Gosh I adore Lilette.... She had such a miniscule role in the earlier Marigold movie... Hopefully they'll make up for it for this time around...!

If it is true , then good for them.Third time might be good luck charm for Richard Gere.

Silver fox, a hugely popular American star - Richard gere

A fairly well known Indian character actress, who reprises her role from the earlier film, has charmed a Hollywood A-lister who’s recently been added to the new film. - Lilette Dubey

I look at Lillette Dubey and I just think 'Fabulous'! She's one of those women - individuals - who just radiates esteem, class and culture irrespective of where her career is at, or whether she's being utilized in tge film world or not. She's probably greatly charismatic and magnetic in person, and good for her! Obviously middle-aged married Indian women with grown children still have a lot to offer and if that's recognized by handsome, celebrated Hollywood stars, all the better!

Richard gere and Lilette Dubey

The crew of the British film ‘The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel 2′ is currently shooting in Jaipur and Udaipur in Rajasthan. The cast of this sequel are Judi Dench, Tom Wilkinson, Maggie Smith, Dev Patel, Tina Desae and Lilette Dubey.

Really Richard G flew in the other day and now is cosying up with his co-star who plays his love interest. Masand likes to create gossip out of nothing it seems. Did he expect Lilette to draw a laxman rekha and tell Gere you have to stay on his side of the line!

Richard Gere is currently in India and staying in the same land where he created ripples by indulging in antics with Raj Kundra’s wifey. Gere is in the desert land to shoot the sequel of the Hollywood flick, Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. And keeping him company will be the lovely Teena Desae who was in Part 1 too!

Her voice really bugs.

richard gere and shilpa shetty

Lilette Dubey and Richard Gere.

Lilette Dubey for sure, and Richard Gere??

Kiron Kher? lol no idea

Loooooooooooooooool, why?????

Richard Gere and Lillette Dubey are filming for the Exotic Marigold hotel 2 in Rajasthan :)

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