Rajeev Masand: Alleged Plastic Surgery Addiction

Courtesy: Rajeev Masand at Open Magazine

You’ve heard of alcohol addiction and drug addiction, but this leading Bollywood film producer’s wife is allegedly addicted to surgery. According to her indiscreet industry friends, the lady in question first went under the knife two years ago to get a tummy tuck. For this, she relied on a cosmetology clinic run by the parents of an A-list actress, who at the time was starring in a big-budget romantic film that her husband was producing. More than satisfied with the result, she is believed to have sought out a well-known Indian plastic surgeon in London who she reportedly enlisted to get her lips done, then her nose fixed and, most recently, her breasts enhanced.
The surgeon in question is apparently a favourite among Bollywood heroines and Mumbai socialites, who make appointments with him each time they’re headed for a London holiday. He also makes an annual visit to Mumbai himself, and the popular joke in the film industry is that young starlets invariably tend to run into each other in his waiting room.
The producer’s wife, who’s just returned from London where her husband completed a long schedule of his multi-starrer film, reportedly resembles one of those Playboy Playmates these days with all the silicon and collagen that’s been pumped into her!

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Credits: http://www.openthemagazine.com/article/voices/monogamy-monotony

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Sajid Nadiadwala's wife Wardha

jhon abraham did a film with some time ago with a producer's wife, that was a flop movie..she was leading lady in the movie..but i neithe i remember movie's name nor girl's name :/ ,,,but she looks as if might have gotten something done surgically..pretty sure about it.

It can never be SriDevi.

Sredevi and boney kapoor.


i don't think it's sridevi, otherwise masand would've written something like this former superstar of 80's or something along those lines instead of just producer's wife. i am also thinking it's wardha nadiadwala.

Its not Sridevi.

sridevi cannot perform a miracle by getting a tight face at 50 slim arms and bigger boobs wen someone
loses weight their bust becomes smaller too and she suddenly became this streamlined person only
after surgery became common what happened before that? sleeping?

Gauri Khan!

Oh! I thought he was writing about Sridevi because she looks like she had too many procedures done!

well.. so what?? if she can afford it, it's her choice.

For the comment about sridevi, sridevis nose looks like michael jacksons now.She may be south indian, when she entered south indian industry, but one can see, if one compares her pictures, how many surgeries she has had.I guess there are so many candidates for rajeevs mystery miss.

People has got a wrong illusion that Sridevi has kept herself so well maintained by various surgeries and treatments but its not true.If any lady try to do so by maintaining strict routine and excercise then she can do it,i have experienced it as my elder sister who is 46 years old, looks fab.She looks much younger than my younger sister who is just 35 years.Moreover Sridevi is a South Indian and South Indians have very good genes and the signs of ageing appears on them very slowly.Examples-Hema Malini,Sridevi,Rekha,etc.This article is about some other lady and not Sridevi for sure.

no big deal. everybodys wife and every over 30 actress looksyounger since cosmetic surgry became
readily available couple of years ago.

a good number of males and females have even gotten themselves razor sharp cheekbones
where they were just plump before.

and as for the A list older heroes, just look at them. no undereye bags, no saggy chin, no
bunny lines -whose addicted? the producers wife or our heroes? except for SRK who looks
his age, everyone has had somethng done.

Each to his own, I like this tongue in cheek writings of Masand and pinkvilla, do bring them to us here!

schmuck! you are ONE smart cookie!

I think it is Sonali bendre.......

Rajeev Masand! Thats It

Sridevi! Rajeev should really stop writing crap

Bollywood film producer's wife - Sajid Nadiadwala's wife Wardha Nadiadwala.

She relied on a cosmetology clinic run by the parents of an A-list actress - Priyanka Chopra's parents.

Who at the time was starring in a big-budget romantic film - PC was shooting for Anjaani Anjaani produced by Sajid Nadiadwala.

The producer's wife, who's just returned from London where her husband completed a long schedule of his multi-starrer film - Housefull 2 which completed a long schedule in London recently

is it Vipul Shah's wife..she was suddenly thin 2-3 years ago and looks "different " as well.

It's definitely NOT Sridevi.

its obvious its sridevi

Divya Khosla- Kumar!

how can anyone even live with artificial parts that's not their original body. i cannot do it.

owner of eros entertainment

This is Sridevi - producer Boney Kapoor's wife

Ashutosh govatrikar's wife?

who is the famous london-based cosmetologist here ?


sri devi


Is he talking about Sridevi?!? :O

kareena kapoor


The lady in discussion( producers wife) is definitely Wardha Nadiadwala cz recently itself I was thinking she luks wayyyyyyyy different from the intial pics taken of herself at filmy dos..Cosmetology clinic run by A-List actress' parents is Priyanka Chopra,father was a surgeon in the Army. Shame that aging gracefully has no truth in the Indian film industry and women and men r having mid-life crisis in their 30's now wich earlier used to happen post 40's. SHAME!

its the producers of Housefull 2, his wife...cant recall his name now..but PC was in Anjaana Anjaani that was produced by him...

For a moment and just by reading the title, I thought it was Katrina Kaif!!!

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