Vogue Beauty Awards 2011 - Winners

Event,Ranbir Kapoor,aishwarya rai,Anushka Sharma,Madhuri Dixit
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These are some of the winners of the VOGUE Beauty Awards :

BEAUTY LEGEND : Madhuri Dixit Nene

GLOBAL BEAUTY ICON : Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

FRESH FACE : Anushka Sharma


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Madhuri dixit is most beautiful woman of the world.

Of course aishwarya rai.she is most beautiful women in the world ever.and some people jealous her,because she is perfect beautiful,and no one perfect like her.
I love aishwarya rai bachchan....,

i like everyone except Anushka Sharma
i think Deepika should have been fresh face.

Madhuri is not global, Aishwarya is. Let it be yeah?

MOST GLOBAL BEAUTY ICON = Madhuri...who the heck is aish ??
Karishma Kapoor and Madhuri r the most beautiful and talented, thats it !


@Sun, 2011-08-07 01:02 — Oxygen...when you dont have anything better to say than dont try to get away by labeling people as "jealous" and "haters"...aishwarya's fan sound very stupid when you say this and even if someone is jealous and hates aishwarya just let them be... you dont really have to defend aishwarya and if you want to, be a little dignified instead of sounding like a cry baby ...live your life and let others live their life!!

Gupta44 is soooo insecure and jealous lol. If some1 can become the most beautiful with surgeries, Koena Mitra and Rakhi would have been the most beautiful woman. lol. Never mess with what nature gave you. You can look your best only naturally and that's why Aish rocks. All her features are 100% same. She has wrinkles on her neck but she never tried to erase them off with botox or hide them. Those lines tell her age but also add character to her face and make it graceful.

I believe neither Aishwarya or Kareena got any work done but Madhuri certainly did get work done.

this list is totally wrong

the fight is laughable below. laughable. seriously , men... grow up. there r better things in the world to fight for... if you must fight.

the only ppl who really really deserve awards are these sorts of PR agent type fans... who have likely never met their star, but will go to any lengths to abuse any rivals. wow.. reading the comments below.. just wow. frankly, either Aish and Kar (or anyone in the world) are worth that much hatred.. kids.

Bollywood, who are you kidding? A 45 year old woman without a single wrinkle on her body is IMPOSSIBLE.

these all awards are a joke to get attention for the event. Madhuri is in the town, so like filmfare, these people also just gave her an award to please her. Where is juhi chawala's award?She has one of the prettiest face and most beautiful smiles ever. And for Ash, I think she would be bored of getting all these beauty titles/awards-she has millions of them already. Probably that's why she didn't come to receive it

gosh people, Lisa Ray has /had the perfect combo of amazing features and luminous complexion. there is always someone prettier out there.. always.

guys guys guys, calm down.

both Kar and Aish are very wealthy women who are in the glamour industry making $ of their image. it would be STUPID to not spend $ to up-play their best features and overcome their flaws. every supermodel and Hollywood star does it.. why not them?

as for natural beauties, etc. Smuck, is it that hard to say that Aishwarya looked different back then in terms of complexion color? Gupta44, Kareena had a fantastic (and still does) complexion.. but is it that hard to say she never did have the sharpest features the way Indian women are famed for (i.e. Sonali Bendre, etc.)? both of these women are probably aware of their flaws and yes, probably used the finest and best of creams and stuff to overcome it.. and look their best. that is not a crime.. this is the glamour business. they are in the business of looking good!

the bottom line is no woman or beauty is ever perfect externally. ok?

guys, is there better things than to fight about than your fave star and who is pretty naturally vs artifically?? do you think either of them care... they are making big bucks off their looks thanks to ppl just like you... and are in their limos and drinking champagne.

meanwhile, there are loads of incredibly beautiful children (yes, each child is beautiful) who work for a living , yes, work in labor jobs, etc. can't we all fight for them instead of these movie stars we've never met??

@oxgen! why would be I jealous of aish? she doen't have anything special, I am just reposing to vicious attacks from aish-loonies on Kareena, Madhuri and Katrina, and seriously aish face is dramatically changed since early 90's, her jawline got wider, her chin got modified, her cheek gone huge and stone hard, her nos shape is change and the size of her nostril and tip is reduced, her left eye brow is raised permanently and her face is frozen with botox, how is this possible without surgery?

wow.. guys, can we stop the fights on who's prettier and who's naturally prettier?? the reality is both Aishwarya and Kareena (and all the women in the world) are beautiful , each in their own way. the reality is no one person.. no matter how beautiful they are , are perfect.

Kareena glows with a translucent glowing complexion.. but her 'flaw' is slightly less sharper features-- her features (nose) can appear to be sort of ballish (pudgy) with smaller forehead- even back then. Aishwarya always had those famous sharp features and moss green beautiful eyes (as you guys proved), but really, her complexion did not glow so much back then (till she blossomed or arguably enhanced the complexion via cosmetics) . perhaps for both, you guys put out bad photos of them.. or *shudders* *shudders* , they were not as pretty as they were today. who cares.. it's what today that counts. even if each one of them made themselves prettier, that spells intelligence, which makes them smarter.

Despite these 'flaws' , both are blessed with genuine beauty. and if you two care to look, each woman is blessed with something unique in her which makes her a diamond or a diamond in the rough. so enjoy and let others enjoy . shake hands. peace.

@gupta44.. i know it is really difficult to conquer ur jealousy....as it will become very frustrating....but u have have to admit tht aishwarya still looks exactly the same with not even a inch of difference in her features....she has aged beautifully.....i know u r just other envious fellow kareena fan....who can`t acknowledge the facts itself.....aish is the most beautiful....the world says it....don`t worry kareena can`t imagine to get this kind of success even in her dreams....FACT....hurts haa??ouch

@gupta44, your first photo is when Ash won Ms world, when she was 21 years. Second photo is probably when she is 37-38, and in that as well, I do see small lines on her forehead , and face

Gupta44 I see no difference. She has aged normally and looks beautiful today despite the wrinkles.

While i am not a fan of hers, i certainly don't believe Aishwarya has ever gone under the knife.
I cant stop laughing at the comment which says Madhuri has had multiple botox shots and that her smile has gone down!!! hahahahahahaaha..have never come across a more delusional Ash fan. Comparing Madhuri's smile to that of Ash's fake smile is insulting a legend like Madhuri. Even in these pictures just look at Madhuri's natural resplendent and heartfelt smile and look at Aishwarya's rehearsed and "for the camera" smile. DUH!! And its not surprising that even after being away from the spotlight for so many years Madhuri beats Aishwarya to get that "legend" award!! Speaks volumes about a timeless beauty.

Schmuck botox is not advised to be used on the neck as it is risky..so please get ur facts right before opening ur vitriolic mouth. Gosh give us a break..Time Magazine also had PZ as one of their nominees...does that mean she is the most influential. 80% of the media calls her the MOST BEAUTIFUL??? really please give us proof of that. Please do. i wonder where these millions of fans go when her movies release, coz her movies sure seem to fall flat on their faces and become bigtime duds.

@Gupta44 I regret having replied to a person with an IQ level so low. I don't know anything about botox? But do you? You say botox cannot be done on the neck! Well, my DAD IS a doctor so I can say for sure that it can be done to erase wrinkles on the neck. A simple googling will give you the procedure. And you claim I know nothing. Yeah right, and you do. LMFAO.

Oh yeah, all the sites which praise Aishwarya are owned by her PR. All the sites, media which call her the most beautiful woman are her PR. I guess she owns the Time magazine too since it mentioned her among the 100 most influential people in the world. That means Ash owns about 80% of the media in the world. Wow, so she is a media baron too! And all her millions of fans are her PR too. Hmmm... so she must be a billionaire to pay SO many people. Thanks for letting me know. :)

gupta44, I am with you..... schmuck...... ur are seriously dumb

yay madhuri won, after all shes is legend :)

@gupta44.. i know there is no use clarifying things to slanderous people like u....but aishwarya has never had a job done.....lot of sites discuss botox..but there is no mention of aish in any of it.....! so better stop wasting time n stay busy commenting on kareena posts.. :)

obviously aishwarya is going to get the global beauty icon award - she is the only indian woman known around the world for her "beauty".

@gupta44..u hater. its quite obvious with all your posts that u are a biased prejudiced idiot. Ash is South Indian and she beat all the North Indian actresses to be a global icon. From those days to now, its always been like that you moron! Look at the chart history of bollywood. From Padmini, Vyjaaynthimala, Waheeda Rehman, Hema Malini, Rekha, Sridevi, Meenakshi Seshadri, then Shilpa, and Ash...many more i may have left out...most of these legendary actresses ruled the roost in Bollywood. They were the queen bees. But i agree, Madhuri is a legend, and a very beautiful woman, terrific actress, dancer par excellence..
FYi Ash is a natural timeless beauty, she did not need to go under the knife for anything. That is why she was looking very matured and had lines in her neck because she is aging gracefully.


Congratulations Aishwarya, you are the true natural beauty!

OMG RANBIR KAPOOR??? ranbir kapoor???? and most beautiful man???? LOL!! I nearly spat out the coffee im drinking onto my laptop screen. Jeez these people have to get glasses. Most beautiful man in india is arjun rampal. or milind soman. or rahul khanna. NOT this ranbir dweeb

ranbir, most beautiful man??? whatever. not only oldies, even young people think he got famous bc of his charm and acting, which is a good thing though. his acting is not boring like imran.

wow with people like Hrithik Roshan around Ranbir kapoor is most beautiful?? i wonder how much he paid Vogue for this award....he looks very average. without the kapoor name he wouldn't have been on any awards list.

Ranbir the baby God love him.

anushka ,aiswarya,ranbir rockkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!

may be the list is incomplete....

they seems to be very wierd.....

It's the Indian Vogue beauty awards.It's not the French Vogue or any other Vogue!! In the global term they wouldn't be even in top 50!!

Aishwarya is the most beautiful woman in the world, so obviously she'd win the global beauty award. Like DUH!

just aishwaryaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa>

ash looks wired with her raised eyebrow.. vampish.

anushka-never never never,deepika or sonam must be there

GLOBAL BEAUTY ICON IS Katrina Kaif NOT Aishwarya

What is this nonsense
GLOBAL BEAUTY ICON : Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

I think pink villa is anti ranbir may be he refused to pay this site, pv post any nasty comment on him but when someone try to defend they never publish. This site is full of pr no place for fan. and yes full of lesbians.

Ranbir haters r very obsessive only concern about him and spend their time to comment on him. I know aunties cant able to find him good looking man and guys r so jealous.

Bellow someone said vivan should be awarded instead ranbir, oh serial watcher this award for more bigger star ok, and salman is now top to bottom full of surgeries and steroid he also admit it, look at him when he was 20s. And yes Ranbir is a super star for our generation not for oldies.

Ranbir!?!?!?...he is not the most beautiful man, he looks like the average punjabi guy, I'd say Hritik Roshan or Imran Khan

Aishwarya looks amaziiiiiiing in that pic at the Oscars, she really deserves this award n all of the beauty awards as well!!

Aish does look great in the picture above with such abnormally taut skin, fresh from her pre-Oscar face lift.

simply stupid they d0nt deserve this

MOST BEAUTIFUL MAN??? how disgusting can a title get...


@kitty i agree...

Most good looking is either salman khan or hrithik roshan, and wht ashwarya global beauty icon, she is a Flop globally and her english films were a flop to, the global star should go to Mallika Sherawat or Freida pinto.

Poor Kareena............

Vogue beauty awards? A little weird isn't it... I wonder if the Vogue in other countries have awards or is this just another example of Indian awards popping up every day for every damn occasion? LOL

Anyway, we didn't need Vogue to tell us that Aishwarya is India's global icon of beauty! Duh! She does look like a million bucks in the above shot though, wah! I dunno about Ranbir being the most beautiful man, are they kidding? That is OBVIOUSLY Hrithhik. No contest.

ranbir what a jock

what the heck? 'beautiful' is an adjective used for women. for men the word is 'handsome'. I would say these so called beauty award organisers learn proper english first and the bestow these awards on the crappy actors we have.

ok ranbir is a nyc guy .....but he is not at all beautiful yaar...THE MOST GOODLOOKING GUY IN BOLLYWOOD IS SALMAN KHAN ,,,Nobody match upto him..neither ranbir, Hrithik, srk,

ranbu, ranbu, ranbu

Congrats to Ash , she REALLY deserves it!

@Thu, 2011-08-04 12:21 — Anonymous
What? Of course Ash deserves the Global icon beauty, Her beauty is talked about all around the globe and people can't get enough of her beauty and Vogue is a respected magazine so they KNOW what they are doing!

Congrats to Ash, she deserves it!

Ranbir Rocks, my rockstar i'm waiting for 11.11.11. hope no one can't successful to sabotage ur movie, wish u all the best baby.

Ranbirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr my charming prince loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

most beautiful man, ranbir???? imran is much better looking than him. i like ranbir for his acting, not for his physical persona.

I have 134 photos of Ranbir and yes he is the most beautiful man.

Yessssssssssssssssss Ranbir is the most good looking man. When he will in his mid 30 become more handsome.

One of the honest list i seen so far.

I agree with all of the ladies above, they are all beautiful in the right categories.

Now... Ranbir? really? lmao!! Bollywood has so many handsome men to choose from, and he is Vogue's pick?! UGH.

Ranbir - beautiful man!!?? really ?? i guess Vogue thinks Indians have very low standards when it comes to good looking men. When we have people like Hrithik Roshan , Vivian Dsena etc..why this average looking Punjabi guy is awarded this title is beyond my comprehension. Look at his eyes he looks like a druggie. Madhuri is very pretty but she is not a beauty legend please. lets not kid ourselves.
besides why r we honoring people for something as superficial as looks that only lasts for a while and theneeds botox to remain. pathetic.

oldies and uncles can go to hell please...losers! ranbir is very good looking..and he deserved the awards...so did the others!

no doubt maduri is the beauty legend.

aishuuuuuuuuuuu love u

I am a happy for Anushka, after Kareena and Priyanka she is the only fresh face who can act, hope Ranbir will work with him in Ayan's next.

After so long i feel good, a true award, i think all deserving especially Ranbir, he deserves any award, in terms of acting, looks, personality. My most favorite actor.

i'm sosososo happy for my biru! He may not be the best-looking but she is indeed a beautiful person-cute, hot, and handsome

Madhuri is a legend beauti, thats true....but aish global icon ?? IN MA ASS !!! she shud be the winner of "THE MOST FAKE WOMAN" :))) and anushka is the fresh face, thats true, but in this pic she reminds me of Divya Bharti..she won the fresh face award too... :)) but of course DB is the best !

Ranbir is the icon of youngistan not for oldies.

oh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my desi prince wins this award, i'm sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy.

Ranbir wins this award its mean its not biased, he is among the few star who never bought any award.

Haha, Ranbir...

Ranbeer n Anushka definitely deserve it..

Ranbeer deserves it...

Agree w some comments... Ranbir as beautiful man, LMAO! Awards should not be taken seriously! Madhuri as beauty legend...OK but SriDevi should top the list as well!

wow is it possible to get more vapid or stupid awards than this?

most beautiful man ...ranbir? yuck
i like the guy but hes not good looking at all.

most beautiful man should be imran arjun salman etc etc

Aishwarya is everything!

silly pointless lists...a dumb list for every day of the year

i mean Ranbir* lol

i mean Ranbir* lol

LMAO @ RABIR as the most beautiful man. LOL seriously. jokes!!! XD wtf

Any list that has Ranbir as most beautiful man, is a list not to be taken seriously :|

Except Ranbir.. I am happy for the rest.. I totally agree with Schmuk that Hrithik deserves beautiful man.. He is awesome, amazingly talented man..

And set of awards that are made up from no where and mean nothing. Biased as usual.


Frieda pinto is much better and more famous global icon than ash b!!

anushka sharma - fresh face? shes been in the industry 4 yrs now - did vogue just wake up? if anyone deserves fresh face award its sonakshi whos achived so much in her very first year and first film and who is actually v fresh.

Ranbir is a beautiful man? *throws up*

Ranbir the most beautiful man???What?????

most beautiful man RANBIR?????? bwahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Good one.

Congratulations! Madhuri's appeal has gone down after all that botox. Her smile is no longer the same. Still I like her though. And lol @ Ranbir's award. Hrithik deserves it. He's the ultimate Indian greek god.

Disagree with Ranbir being the most beautiful man, it's so Arjun Rampal!

MOST BEAUTIFUL MAN : Ranbir Kapoor?????
No I thought its Kareena Kapoor....

aishwarya rai!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

quite true... & deserving ... :)

LOL @ these silly awards. Of all these only may be Aishwarya deserves the "Global beauty icon" award because she made a big impact in the world with her beauty and charm. Still these awards don't make any sense. Most beautiful man Ranbir? I mean, what theee! :P

Aishwarya eternal beauty.

Ranbir winning a beauty award. LOL

Most Beautiful Man... Ranbir... I wouldn't give him that title ever. Charming maybe but certainly never beautiful.



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