Ranbir and Riddhima's Childhood pics

Ranbir and Riddhima's Childhood pics 0
Ranbir and Riddhima's Childhood pics 0

Ranbir's Childhood pics

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Sai007's picture

Oh EM Gee!

He looked EXACTLY like my brother when he was little as well!!!

Fiza_Khan's picture

his childhood photos reminds me of my young brother :)

Divya Bharti SRK's picture

omg, so cute !

Anonymous's picture

ranbir is so girlyyy he still is..........

Anonymous's picture

TOO CUTE! Riddhima had huuuuuge eyes

Anonymous's picture

Good looking family!

dilaram's picture

awww shooo shweet adorable

Anonymous's picture

absolutely adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous's picture


Anonymous's picture

aaaaaawwww ranbir....so cute..wonder what happened :(

Anonymous's picture

aww ranbir is soo cuteeeeeeeeeeeee

Anonymous's picture



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