Rani Mukerji and Randeep Hooda to come together for a Karan Johar film.

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It was Karan Johar's blockbuster film Kuch Kuch Hota Hai that catapulted Rani Mukerji to fame back in 1998. Since then, the two have only worked together on two films - Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham and Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna.

As per Filmfare, KJo plans to cast Rani opposite Randeep Hooda in his next film titled 'Bombay Talkies' which is set to roll soon. What's more is that the film is a collaboration between four directors - Karan Johar, Anurag Kashyap, Zoya Akhtar and Dibakar Banerjee.

Now, surely, this piece of news should get all Rani Mukerji fans excited!


So it is pretty much confirmed! SO excited to see this pairing..

this is great...i'm looking forward to it...

Randeep is 36 born August 20 1976 and Rani is 34 born March 21 1978 so why people calling Rani old, I hate when people call actresses old when SRK and Salman are still acting in young roles with young heroines. People act like Madhuri is old too but SRK and Salman are older than her.

It will be like eating a ghobi paratha with caviar.

As a Rani fan its does cetaintly gets me excite. The pairing is unsual. It would be interseting what comes out of this.

maybe srk didnt agree to play in his short film ! so he casted Rani Mukerji and Randeep Hooda to come together ! and ofcource rani gets it because of aditya chopra!

sounds great ..!

Randeep is talented nd handsome man...he should get chances apart from bhatt camp...I wish more projects for him

Yeah it was already rumoured that SRK is in the film so who knows. If KJO is casting Rani and SRK both then I hope it's won't be too much like KANK with too much crying and OTT melodrama.

It's a short film....btw I'm glad that she has work.

@Bolly bird
do you think rani gets it because of adi?oh God if people think like this i hope rani never do this film.
if it's about connection why rani hasn't worked with karan and dharma in these 6 years.if adi gets role for rani why he doesn't make a film for her in his own company.
i hope rani choose begum samru instead of it.

sounds great.can't wait watch rani and randeep together.if srk is a part of it so that's really cool.


Can't wait for this!!

This is the short feature film that will commemorate the completion of 100 years of Indian cinema, directed by these four directors. Well earlier reports (read here) suggested that Karan Johar will cast SRK in his directed portion of the film. May be he is casting Rani Mukerji and Randeep Hooda alongside SRK.

@ smartypat Rani will always have some work, because the most powerful man in Bollywood Mr. Aditya Chopra is in her pocket. Adi and Karan are best friends from their college days.

Nice a new pair, both great actors. But I would have liked to see rani and Srk or rani and ab.

They both are good actors! It'll be interesting to see them together.

I think this is for the short film..

Altho I am a die hard fan....but this news dsnt really excite me....she left aside begum samru n all ....to do this....I am nt convinced...looks like another flop if this news is true...the times grp had reported earlier that she would be part of Dhoom 3 also which was fake....Now I wish this is untrue...just not happening.....look at Vidya ...she is choosing her roles so well....I dnt mean to say Rani should emulate Vidya all the way...but take a lesson form that lady...Rani is an actress of equal calibre I dont kno why she should settle for junk.....

Rani is too old for Randeep but congrats

i want rani comig back work srk or saif or salman or a new pair like arjun or akshy she really need that

I am very happy!! dont know about the randeep hooda pairing but im glad to know rani has work!

I am so excited I wanna scream!!!!

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