Rani Mukerji at Kolkata International Film Festival

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Seen here is Rani Mukherji at the Kolkata International Film Festival. Rani was felicitated by the West Bengal government at the closing ceremony of this eight day festival.

Talking about Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, Rani said, "She has transformed Bengal. Since she became the chief minister, Bengal has changed for the better. The ride from the airport to the Science City was great. Mamata Banerjee is an inspiration to a lot of women."

Others felicitated were Moushumi Chatterjee, Sushmita Sen and Bipasha Basu.


Lovely sari.

the best actress in the world!!!!!

People are seriously complaining about Rani looking old? The lady is no longer in her 20s. Not everyone is blessed like Amrita Rao. Maybe Rani should go under the knife...oh that's right...you'd complain if she did that. Or maybe she should just pile on more makeup, then again, that would bother you. Man! What should Rani do to please your highnesses? Aha! Eat lettuce and carrots instead of yummy food. Then again, that might get people irritated too.

Either ways, Rani looks very pretty. Love her saree and jewelry. But the best part is her eyes. Beautiful beautiful tigery golden eyes. Rani is not the most beautiful in town, she's plain compared to other divas, but she has a earthiness and simplicity which a lot of women lack. It's easy to be glamorous, but "saadgi" cannot be practiced or learned.

she does look older, especially the area under her eyes. BUT, she looks gorgeous. those brown eyes are stunning. And for people commenting she looks old, what do you expect her to look 18? She is in her 30s and looks it. nothing wrong with that. Atleast she is comfortable in her body and seems at easy!

She looks great and that saree is pretty and feminine!

ooh she's put on a lot of weight!!! looks pretty though

Rani looks as beautiful as ever. Love her in sarees. She's the best actress EVER!

Extremely beautiful! Especially her eyes.

Sun, 2013-11-17 22:51 — Anonymous
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Engagement ring ? Huge diamond ? Got what she wanted, a rich man..... doesn't matter whose family she is breaking, but she achieved her goal. wah re wah, too good.
yeah that's the only thing she has achieved in her life breaking a marriage.And these are awards are for that

post no :LAST lol


She is looking much older here..like 40...i think its the long shaggy hair. She shld get a younger hairstyle.

Why? Why should she struggle to look young? WHat is the harm in looking your age? SHe is talented thats what matters. And she looks a million bucks here. LOVE her sari.

A trademark Rani Mukerji look! Love it!

She looks 45!may be she's prego!

hey @splendide next time come up with something new,you are getting repetitive..

You say this on every post. We've got your point.

what's ur problem if she says it on every post?? lol you seem irritated don't command others dear

Maybe you don't know what command means because my comment wasn't a command. It was a statement. Perhaps, if you didn't spend all day making posts for two year olds you don't even know, you would be able to identify a command correctly, dear.

my god she looks like she's 60! kajol is older than her but still looks MUCH MUCH younger!!! rani learn a few tips from kajol and lose some weight man.

Engagement ring ? Huge diamond ? Got what she wanted, a rich man..... doesn't matter whose family she is breaking, but she achieved her goal. wah re wah, too good.

She looks old. Like a 40 or 50 yr old aunty ji who has grown up kids.

she has the best features

she is soooooo gorgeous!!!!!

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.

She has put on weight but looks very pretty. Great saree and jewellery.

I love it how she is drinking water from a bottle with removed labeled. Why should she endorse something for free lol or maybe she didn't want create a stir, either or Love her to bits!!!

I love her so so much. May Allah SWT give you lots of happiness and success Rani. Ameen!!

she sure must have a temper issue and thats why most people stay away from her. she is her old self only with big shots like khans .

Yea that's why she has so many friends in the industry?

Yeah right! Many people in the industry love Rani. From 3 Khans, Madhuri, Sridevi, Rekha, Priyanka, SLB, KJO, even new comers like Anuskha, Parineeti, Ranbir, Katrina, Jaqueline Fernandez, and so many others.

Pic 6 is so cute. She really does light up the room with her smile!

can someone tell me what stone is this green ring that Rani, Shilpa Shetty and others wear on the pinky of their right hand?

The stone is green emerald... very commonly suggested by astrologers for some random reason or another! :)

It's an Emerald set with tiny diamonds and you suppose to wear it on your pinky!

Beautiful. Love the sari, and points for draping it decently.

Beautiful Rani.

What a beauty!!! She is true Indian beauty. Love her so much.... Rani please we want to see you more on and off screen.........

Wow her eyes are mesmerizing

The depth of eyes, warm smile, gentle beauty, a divine talent, joie de vivre and magic charm ... it's all about her. Sometimes I even doubt that Rani actually exists ... she is like an angel, bestower heat and light. Look at her... Am I not right?

So simple and so beautiful. She is a queen!

However much I praise this woman, it won't be enough. She is just perfect.

Rani.... happy 2 C U always btw yuh he 4 formality sake looking Lovely.... MultiTalentedBeautyQueen :)

She looks nice as usual just wish she tried something diff than saris. She does look great in them so I guess sticking to them is understandable

soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo pretty!!!!!

Wow!! :*

She looks as lovely and elegant as ever. I've said this before but I love that we can see her freckles. Hate it when the make up is slapped on. She is too beautiful.

So elegant, beautiful, graceful & NATURAL. Only actress of her gen that hasn't had work done

this color really suits her. she looks so pretty and feminine

Very pretty and natural. Love her

wow queen MAHA-RANI. . . . i mean pure indian best actress

Gorgeous woman

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