Rani Mukherji on the set of Mardaani

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Rani Mukherji is seen here on the sets of her movie Mardaani. Directed by Pradeep Sarkar and produced by Aditya Chopra, the movie features Rani as a police officer. It releases on July 18th.


About time we saw Rani back on the silver screen!! Cannot wait!!!!!!

She is only in her 30's! Stop calling her old!

Rani and Police Officer? I

I can't wait for Mardani to release. 18 July come fast!

I don't care if this film is commercially successful I just want it to be well made. Rani has excelled in recent films that have let her strip the star persona and focus on putting in a real performance. Bombay Talkies and Talaash were both soulful performances that made me fall in love with her again. I hope it continues with Mardaani!

Rani you are a rockstar!!


Awesome, cannot wait, adore Rani

will be another flop from her.

Cannot wait!!

Aaaaarrrrggghhh too much excitement & nerves! I have such high hopes for this film.

Super excited for this one!! Rani please please dump the 'one movie per year' rule...It might work for Aamir but it's clearly not working for your fans! We need to see you on screen more...

Oooh interesting

My queen :* Eagerly waiting to see her.

Can't. Wait.

Love her

Too excited for this film. I will murder Adi and Pradeep if this doesn't do well

More pictures, pleeeeeeeeeeaaase.

Ridiculously excited and nervous about this film. I hope to God it works

So happy to see her back on screen. BT was not enough. Love her

LOVE her

So excited. This will be something new for any mainstream actress, doing gritty action.

Really want to see this! It will be something new in her filmography. Miss her anyway, one year or more to wait for new release. That's sad. :(

Looking forward to see this film. Hope Rani bounces back with this one.

Rani, my love, you need to sign more films. This one film a year thing is nonsense & not working for anyone.

It feels so good to see Rani! Seriously puts it into perspective how many miles behind girls like PC and Deepika are. Always astounds me when I read stuff like "Deepika is one of the best actresses ever". Not to pick on Deepika but I see her fans say that kind of stuff all the time.

Looking good. More films, please, Rani. It's frustrating having to wait a year between releases.

nice to see rani in a new look. truly versatile. her last few characters have been so different although she needs to stop being picky and sign more

Awesome. Love ya, Rani

Omggggg RANI! So happy to see her shooting for a film! Please, please let this be a good one.

Really hope this film does well & Yash Raj doesn't screw it up. Rani looks good. Can't wait to see her on screen.

I forever have remained a Rani fan and will always be. Whatever the boxoffice outcome is doesnt really matter atleast to me. Watching Rani,my favourite in big screen means a lot more than anything else and I do know for a fact that people who are fans of real talent just dont jump from one actress to another as the new ones pop up and I say this on behalf of all the audience. We love u Rani keep doing good work like you always do. We your fans are always on your side. All the best :)

Rani, Kajol, Madhuri, Ameesha, Juhi, Preity, Raveena et al need to realize that their time as lead actress is over. Either they do character roles or just stop. All their fans need to stop living in la la land and accept reality. None of their recent films as heroines have done well. Why waste producer and distributor money. And few fans who are going ga ga over them don't spend money to watch their films in theatres, so why act as if they are dying to see these films. And please don't compare these ladies to Meryl streep, as Meryl doesn't do Ayya Yo type of films, or films like Gulaab gang and Mardaani, she does better films and unfortunately such movies are not accepted in India.
I support big producers and directors who don't want to cast these heroines. Even I would not if I had to invest crores when I know that the jantaa will not watch them in theatres.

honestly this mentality is why bollywood is becoming so crap where all the females are just pretty faces and dont have to know how to act or have to do much b/c there role is like nothing. i miss the days when actresses actually had proper roles, when people could actually act.

Then u should not look forward to amir or srk or Salman movie becos they all are above 40...rani is a talented actress n there is always appreciation for talent ...i dunno which planet u belong to...y don't you stick to American pie movies...y do u even watch Hindi movies?

I agree with you. These actresses might have been good once upon a time, but their films don't do well today, which means most of the film viewers do not want to see them as lead heroines anymore. There is nothing wrong in accepting once age and behaving accordingly. Just a bunch of people here who don't agree with this can't make a difference as their ratio is very less in India. And what was Rani really thinking when she did 'Ayya' ?

LOL, Replying to your own comment? By the way the film is spelled as "Aiyyaa".

Awesome babe, on spot.

what kind of a person are you! i am sure you thoroughly enjoyed their movies, performances during their hey days, and now just because they are above 30 and a bunch of young actresses are ruling the roost u make such weird ass comments? let me tell you the new actresses are not getting younger as the days pass and are u gonna make the same comments about them?

Whats make you think so lady? They are brilliant actresses and millions are waiting for bollywood producers to get over arrogant ,talentless actresses like you and focus on original actresses with true talent and class.

Exclude Kajol please.

Kajol is the most overrated actress on the planet, keep her , please

hahaha kajol is jobless babe

People like you are one of the reasons why sometimes why their films don't work out. It can be either a bad script or because the audience (people like you) doesn't want to see these actresses in films any more. I don't know why people think just because an actress is in her 30/40's she should stop acting. I think that if these actresses are given the right script people should want to still see their films.

YAY. Can't wait. Love Rani

cant wait cant wait cant wait!!!!rani my love please dont reject any more good projects...

Can't wait!!! Rani is an AMAZING actress, no one from this generation can match her prowess.

Cannot wait for this film to release.

Rani please come bck pleaaaaaaaaaase!!!!

More pictures please!! And Rani please stop being so selective...we miss you on screen!

Rani, why are you making us wait so much for your movie!? We are bored of seeing an actress playing only an eye candy in a movie. Waiting for Mardaani!

She is not making us wait. She has no other projects. Its sad our filmmakers ignore these terrific actresses

She's not ignored lady. Infact it's because of rani rejecting Marykom priyanka has any work on her plate

In recent times, the films that directors themselves have said she has rejected are Begum Saru, Gulaab Gang, Ek Thi Dayaan, Midnights Children and Mary Kom herself Rani was to play her in the biopic. Rani doesn't have a PR that constantly informs us of every film she so much as breathes near a film.

Do you do anything else but hate? Gulaab Gang and Mary Kom were both offered to her before they went to Mads and PC

Midnights Children, Ek Thi Dayaan, Ghanchakkar, Begum Samru, Gulaab Gang, Mary Kom. All offered to her. Just because she doesn't have a crazy PR team leaking stories of her offers, doesn't mean she doesn't get them. In fact, from the fikms I've mentioned, the directors themselves said they wanted her but she said no. Barring Mary Kom, where Mary Kom herself said Rani was offered the role.

You're doing what you always do, dishing out insults disguised as compliments.

aer u kidding me ?? she is first choice in timangsu dhulia next..ek thi daiyan..midjight children and even for juhi role in gulab gang...only commersil director like karan johar,farah khan,rohit shetty etc who direct such a stupid movie dont want work with her !!!

I have read that she was first choice for Madhuri's role in Gulaab Gang not Juhi. Juhi's role was for Tabu if I have good memory. ;)
Anyway it doesn't change the fact that Rani rejected (or she was replaced because of (...) - Yours opinion) a lot of scripts. For example: Dil Se, Lagaan, Munna Bhai MBBS, Salaam Namaste, The Namesake, Bhool Bhulaiya, Heyy Babyy, Billu, Parineeti.
Why she did this? Have no idea.

And Waqt

OK! Found it! :)

Yeah! I have heard about it, but I really need the source for that. :) The same thing is the source for Bhagam Bhag, Bhool Bhulaiya, Dil Se, Salaam Namaste. Rest I found.
Anyway she rejected a lot of movies with Akshay, not only Waqt (why?), Heyy Babyy, Bhagam Bhag, Bhool Bhulaiya. She rejected Sangharsh & the role went to Preity.
How about Billu? SRK said that Bindya's role for her (Lara got after Rani's refused) but some source said that she was replaced by Priyanka in song. Which is true?
Greeting Yaar. :)

Don't forget Begum Samru, Bhagam Bhag, Ek Thi Dayaan. She doesn't have a PR who constantly feeds us stories of her rejections, it's down to the directors to say it

I disagree. I don't think filmmakers are ignoring her. I mean even Amisha Patel is making more movies that Rani. The problem is filmmakers are not giving her meaningful roles and Rani is very selective about her characters and significance in a film. The combination of the two means we are forced to wait 1-2 years between films.

Directors ARE offering her meaningful roles.. Mary Kom, Gulab Gang and Begum Samru all sounded interesting. God knows what Rani is thinking.

And why she said `no`? In Mary Kom I guees she will be better than Priyanka, she is Bhansali's favourite actress.

i agree with you, but SLB's favorite? no way

Sanjay confirmed this in one of interviews. Her said that Rani and Salman are his favourite actors. Even he took Aishwarya so many times to his movies doesn't mean he is his favourite. Madhuri was also approached for Bhansali's movies so many times too. And?
I don't said is it bad or not. It's his choice. Anyway for me it doesn't matter who will be choosen for Bhansali's movie - I like his way of making them. ;)

SLB's own words. "Rani is my favourite actress & my best friend". He said it after Black, after Saawariya & at the launch of his TV show. "Out of all the actors I have worked with, Rani is the best." Google it.

Rani has'nt other projects? hahahaa she so many rejected script from filmmakers

Filmmakers are not ignoring her. She is rejecting scripts all the time
and that really frustrates me!!

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