Rani Mukerji celebrates Diwali at Aditya Chopra's house

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We spotted Rani Mukerji celebrating Diwali at Aditya Chopra's house! Also seen with her is good friend Vaibhavi Merchant and sister in law Jyoti with her two kids.

It's high time the couple decide to get married ..or are they already married? You never know with this couple!


Honestly, such unflattering pics..... I 'm a rani fan but this s absolutely horrendous..... No one doubts her talent but she needs to do something abt tat tummy..... Rani U R 34 not 52, lose d weight gal...... I would never let this happen to my tummy..... Even if it did, would never wear such a dress!:-(

honestly what did she see in him besides the money

on what ground the post says that "its high time the couple should get married"????
well i believe that they are already married... its their personal decision if they dont want disclose their marrige. but i tink there is noting wrong being married so they should just come forward as a couple.

so adi chopra- the ceo of the 1000~ crore worth yrf is a henpecked lover of rani.. this is funny.

We all know that they are together now, what sense does it make for then to confirm that they are together if we all know that they've been together for a while now. Aditya is a very private person and Rani is also private so they don't want to reveal anything about their relationship. Some will say its not fair to her fans that she has hasn't confirmed their relationship, but fans and others should realize that Rani and Adi are both humans and if they want to keep their relationship private then people should respect that. Rani has said that when she gets married, then she will reveal it to everyone.

For some reason, I can't stop laughing. All this secrecy, and pics are here. Although it is a bit creepy. No privacy, even in their own home?

i think its more about just being private than being secret, because its a very well known secret, they probably just don't want to be in the limelight every time they step out.

the dude looks like a real freak show....

he seems to have gained lots of weight and lost a lot of hair since his last sighting.

There are pictures of Rani-Adi and Adi-Karan online on other sites from Diwali too...Just because PV didn't post it doesn't mean Aditya Chopra doesn't exist :P

beautiful rani

Who has aske you to sneak into their private life or property? They are just celebrsting with their family. Why don't u go those who has called media . These people are just enjoying and let them enjoy.

these two have become a bit of a joke now, acting like it is some huge CIA top secret when everyone already knows. is aditya too ashamed to come out in the open after leaving his wife?

the outfit rani is wearing is called langa and oni from telugus, south indian girls drape this way. but nowadays we are seeing grownups wearing these outfits, this outfit will be cute only on teenagers. definetly not on a 35 year old fat woman.

Rani and Adi is surely married...she is playing the host in the bash not the guest...

Judging from her belly, I think she's pregnant. Who knows, these two are probably married.

she looks pregnant!

Rani looks pregnant

Your belly doesn't look like that when you are pregnant. This is pure fat.

Looks like they had fun, I wonder if Aditya dared to step outside of the house or if he watched the festivities through a crack in the curtains? He acts like someone in the witness protection program! :)

She had the weight but looked amazing at the Diva'ni launch & Durga Puja. I think the shots here don't help. She's toning up for Mardaani so by January, this will be significantly reduced.

Raaannniii I love you but shed that weight, fast!

These pics look like they are taken from far far away. I am sure if they saw these pics, they will creep out.

so cute in traditional outfit

im surprised rani and adi didn't go over to bacchans house as they live 2 minutes walking distance

The secrecy is the only reason anyone cares about this couple. If they'd just come out with it, no one would bother them. Everyone knows they're together already anyway, and neither is exactly hot property in terms of the tabloid news circuit. I understand why a couple like Kat and Ranbir would want to keep their relationship secret but these two? Who really cares?

Well I guess you care since you've viewed this post and commented on it.

Rani has a huge tummy. What's wrong?

Nothing wrong with having a little tummy fat. She's still gorgeous; skinny or slender needn't appear beautiful to everyone.

Kareena's career is continuing the same as before marriage, so why is Rani hesitating so much. Times have changed.

Yeah! Maybe Rani just doesn't want to be so active in movies anymore, maybe she prefers working with Yash Raj instead

rani looks fab

True Indian beauty.

Rani looks huge.

:( Rani looks like she is some 45 years old. Sari, the draping style, make up-- all a no-no. disappointed.

45 isn't "old" and definitely not a bad place to be. In fact, one's middle adult years are when many people truly find their groove and become happy and truly content with themselves and their life.

rani is kidding me right!!! her belly is huuuuuuuuge! She didn't have kids yet!! Just look how stunning Karisma body is or even Gauri for that matter who is not actress when they have many kids.

Love Love Love Rani!

Not very clear... But am surprised papz even managed to get this shot! It is in someones home though, i think there should be privacy there at least

loooooooooooooooove her!!!


The way she acts , it seems like they have been married quite a while now . We see her everywhere with the Chopras . She's even supposed to sit at Yash Raj & take decisions there too. Why r they not telling the world ? Nothing to be ashamed of about marriage!

She's said a million times that she will never ever talk about her relationship but the day she gets married she will announce it to the world and that she is sick of people thinking she's ashamed or something.

I am sure Rani is already married to Aditya....she is looking slim...

Looking SLIM part is a joke right?

she looks like a 50 year old. she is starting to look like her mother-- and she's only 35? wow. but then again, adi chopra is half blad, looks like he's 60. so i guess that shouldnt get messed up.

Look I have no problem with celebs being private but DENYING that you are either dating or married to someone is pathetic. Just say no comment instead of saying, "oh we aren't together" blah blah blah.

Two grown adults, sneaking about and lying about their relationship. Bollywood is such a weird place.

love her for her talent but i must there is a greedy air about her....:(

She is already married to him, why not let the cat out of the bag now? Its getting ridiculous.

haha rani the sneakiest celeb of them all

This will be the BIGGEST BOLLYWOOD WEDDING EVER! Can't wait! :D

These pics are creepy. Stalkerazzi please chill.

says the ash stan

@voicewriter: you find everything "creepy". it's just the media doing their job, so "just chill"! and btw you once denied that adi and rani were together...how do you feel now huh?!

i think they are dating, she kind of gave a hint in koffee with karan, i think its Aditya who does not want their relationship to go public.

What's new!? I wouldn't be surprised if she was already married and had a child. Who really knows?

No clear pics? Then again, these guys are so private, I'm surprised to see these. It's clear that someone took it sneakily. Also, that looks like Vaibhavi next to Rani.

She looks super lovely from whatever I can see. God bless her!

Jab Dulha Dulhan Razi tu keya kary Qazi ;)

Great to see her. I like her outfit but she should do something with her hair instead of always leaving it loose.

Aww she looks nice.

Yash ji did not approve of Rani and this is why they have not gotten married till now.

I love how close Rani & Vaibhavi are

Love her so much. Pics are really unclear :(


who wants to live together when you can see each other anytime either at her place or his place. Also Rani was my favorite artist but her face-off came down after 2007 and I don't like celebs who cheat their fans by lying through their mouth. I ll still watch her movies as she is a good performer but have lost respect. I don't care she marries a married man, a bachelor or a lesbian but have some respect to tell the truth for fans. Respect for KAREENA, DEEPIKA

It's HER personal life, she doesn't owe it to anyone to talk about it.

lol...she's been celebrating diwali at chopra house for last 5 years!

They've been married for a while now.

the secrecy surrounding their courtship is a little baffling. I understand Adi chopra is private and secretive about his personal life, but this is just starting to look silly now-- them going out of their way to hide this when EVERYONE in bwood knows about them. just admit it and quell all the absurd rumors. they've had a wedding a year for the last 5-6 years!

I don't think Bollywood knowing is the problem. Both are very private & don't want to discuss it with the media. But Aditya is next level reclusive, he doesn't even want his pic snapped when he is alone. That's probably why they are extra secretive with the media. If he doesn't want to be pictured on his own anywhere, he's definitely not going to want to be seen with his girlfriend.

Jade M. Thadal- i agreed with you 100%. If the media laid back on them and allowed them to talk, defenetly they will announce their engagement as well as their marriage, but the media keep expectculating things that has yet been confirmed by Rani, Aditya nor their families or friends. xoxoxo

Cool. And I don't think they're married (they don't even live together) but are definitely getting married next year. If it's going to a be a grand, filmy affair, I can already imagine the guest list...

Me too!

Ummm I doubt it's going to be a huge filmy affair considering how Aditya and Rani for years have been hiding that they are together and I'm guessing they will hide their marriage too.

"Rani Mukerji celebrating Diwali at Aditya Chopra's house" => LOL! is her house too not only "Aditya Chopra's"!

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