Rani & Prithviraj at the music release of the film 'Aiyya'

Rani is seen with costar Prithviraj, choreographer Vaibhavi Merchant & director Sachin Kundalkar at the music release of their upcoming film Aiyya. Prithviraj who is a big name in the Malayalam film industry makes a debut in Bollywood with Aiyya.

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Credits: solaris images

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iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii love you rani
you llllllllllllllllllllove me
kiss me

Fri, 2012-09-14 05:02 — Anonymous

That is why these so called choreographers have their assistants doing the work for them and they only take credit for it.

so big deal...farah khan always makes fun of bollywood and she is from bollywood...

i dont think they are making fun of south indian cinema they are payng a tribute

Rani mukherjee looks like a cartoon & all these people who poke fun at south india & south indian traditions suck..

Prithvi raj also acted as a husband of AIshwarya Rai in tamil version of RAAVAN.Thy both shared beautiful chemistry in that melody song.

This is just so weird! She's making a comeback and looks haggered! Honestly, these actresses should learn from Sridevi, Madhuri etc.

Great, just as I suspected, all of this facetious and so called "funny" use of South Indian stuff by fading heroines of the north is only going to embolden ignorant people. To the anon that asked: Prithviraj is not wearing a lungi, it is a dhoti. In Tamil it is called veshti. And it is the most dignified traditional wear for men. And no, not all men go around wearing veshti in Tamilnad. They are worn for special occasions.

PV post this if you can post all the ignorant questions about South Indians and South Indian culture.

Rani and Prithvi look amazing together! ToO cute!

Topic change: Why is every choreographer so fat? Farah Khan, here Vaibhavi Merchant, Saroj Khan, GANESH ACHARYA.. how can they even dance with all their fat? lol

This Pinkvilla girl/guy only likes kareena's overacting. Why does he criticize every1 else?

Thu, 2012-09-13 13:14 — Pinkvilla_boy

disappointing to see an actress like Rani doing all these gimmicks :S

imagine kareena doing it and justify it!!!...GOD this is a comedy mvie and it is abviously a dig on south indian movies from the 70's and 80's. You are not aware about anything in India other than bolywood thats why.I understand Indian movies are popular across the border BUT u should understand u guys dont know everyhting abt India or its other industries.So chill and watch

too cute, welcome back Rani. Please chase away the riff-raff.

Too much lightening making all of em look at least 5 shades lighter...btw and the bigger question is why theses men wearing lungis (?) in a public place like that????????????????????????

shes promoting her film pinkvilla boy. i agree you are confused

9th pic vaibhavi expression says all LOL.

What's wrong with character dressing?! I don't get it. It's cool to see stars promotion their films with the film looks for 1 month.

Calm down people. She's dressed like this because of her character in the film!

Aiyyaa is gonna rock. Love Rani and Prithvi together!

wish they had made Rani less comical, maybe worked with the hairdo. Prithvi looks ok though!

Meh, I'm not into this. It's not kitsch, it's not cute, it's not ironic. It's just lame. When Vidya did "in character" appearances for Ishiqiya, I found it annoying then too. The film was great, but that really wasn't the point. But at least there was a hint of originality and subtlety to how she did it.

Is this now going to be the new trend? Because I'm already sick of it.

Pinkvilla_boy - what gimmicks?! She is at the launch of her movies music. You seem confused a lot of the time.

disappointing to see an actress like Rani doing all these gimmicks :S

rani is too much into her character these days....

Rani's hairstyle is uber cute here and she makes a smashing pair with Prithviraj. I love Rani's outfit - it's very pretty.

Fashion suicide! worst dressed/make up EVER!

Rani looks sooo cute with her new hairstyle !! Prithviraj and her make a great onscreen jodi !!!

They make a cute pair. But I don't like Rani's makeup here.

shes so cute

she looks so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!

noo! Rani is soooo much prettier than this! i hate this look - yuck! the make up is ridiculous

Wow both look gorgeous!!!

so cute...and she looks like 16!

how does she look like this without any surgery! a real natural indian beauty

Thu, 2012-09-13 08:11 — Anonymous
She suites this guy so much better than aditya chopra...
he s only 30 but married to bbc journo :)

Hahhahaha...i love Rani!! She's sooo cute!! I can't wait to watch this movie!!


Awe. That's so sweet. They look awesome together.

Rani is going to rock this movie! Hope she wins all the awards!

they make a nice pair

She suites this guy so much better than aditya chopra...

Aww,,,lovely Rani


so cute

She looks amazing here

So they're going to make an event of every new promo? This is getting silly.

when can we have the video of the launch ;-)

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