Shah Rukh, Rani, Madhuri perform at Temptation Reloaded 2014

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Temptation Reloaded 2014 took place in Malaysia recently. Shah Rukh Khan, Madhuri Dixit, Rani Mukerji, Yo Yo Honey Singh and Arijit Singh were a part of this extravagant concert. SRK was seen dancing to love ballads with two of his leading heroines, Rani and Madhuri.


I wish Srk could do another movie with rani, I really miss them so much. Wish filmmakers can listen and agree

With Madhuri's second comeback attempt also failing to rock the box office, she's back doing the only thing she can

SRK looks so different these days. I love him! But I do feel sometimes that he has lost his looks. His charm is spot on though. Salman still looks youthful as far his face is concerned.

why everytime have to campering SRK with Salman? yes SRK looks different...but if you see his photos all you see very big differents....and some photos he may be looks old little or tired...but in others ...he looks younger and different.......did you think Salman looks always perfect? NO....everyone have bad days....but personally if you asking me SRK Is still very charming...yes he is not young 27 boy and dont have too,but he is charming .his eyes...and smile.....more than before ..that's I like him becuase he is different..not like others most of them are the same looks...somehow SRK is different...

You said it, I used to love him, remember Swades, chakde, all his awesome movies, he has lost it completely now a days.. I feel sad, smoking is ruining his health..



Haiiii Rani looks so beautiful, love her

Gorgeous Rani. Gorgeous Madhuri. SRK is energy unlimited.

wonder why he s not perfoming with juhi chawla?

because she wasn't there

It was awesome!!!!!!

Rani is so beautiful

theeno budhe stage pe ponch gahe... be careful don't break a hip

why SRK has to take this Yo-Yo everywhere ..fokat me usko publicity do

Where are the pics of srk and rani ONLY??? This is my favourite pair. They are better than Kajol srk. I remember rooting for rani in KKHH and even K3g...finally I got Chalte Chalte but I need more movies of SRK and Rani. They were amazing in the songs "tumhi dekho na and mitwa'

In 2008 all 3 TR concerts in Germany were cancelled and the ticketholders didn't get a refund. Shahrukh promised in a video to return and to make up for the shows. But since then the german fans have been waiting. In vain.

LOL, his tweet again: "Malaysia you will be missed. The best two days i have had inspite of the injury. The love made it possible. Thank u.". Why doesn't he write directly: "I had two great days with Priyanka". The two keep their fans fool publicly. Funny.

She can have him! He ain't all that no more that's for sure.

This concert was once cancelled last November, leaving fans of SRK in Malaysia disappointed. There was no way SRK would have agreed to cancel it again. Plus he always keeps his professional commitments.

This is what SRK said during the concert:
"I have a broken leg and a broken shoulder, but my heart is intact and I'm ready to share it with you!"

Surgery drama ended.

Rani looks beautiful.

How many times is he gonna reload this concert?- That's funny.

aahhh Shahurkh+Madhuri

yeh abhi tak load nahi hua?

boriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing !!!!!!!!!!!!!
boring to see him at concerts with madhuri and rani again and again !!

Shahrukh looks so freaking good with Rani, I'd love to see them together again. Madhuri looks lovely.

Rani & SRK look so good together

Rani and SRK need to work together again ASAP!!

Rani is looking slimmer. Great!

How many times is he gonna reload this concert?

I still remember Temptation 2004 in D.C.:)

This concert is in different countries, so why u have problem. He is not doing concert for same audience every time, so I do not think there should be question like how many times?

as many as he are selling and people look forward to watch the show...what's your problems?

I have no problem with him or the concerts, just stop reloading and switch it up a bit.

R u crazy...different countries have different shows...this show was houseful...SRK was too good...

Haha....good one, also isn't he using a crutch to walk. I am a big SRK fan, but I doubt he was able to give his 100% at this concert, and if I had paid for it, it would be sort of disappointing. hope he gets well soon.

You both should watch videos of his concert; it is always treat to watch him dancing even his simple moves.

this show was planned to took place last year October but got postponed to feb ..he can't postpone it again ...i really doubt you are a fan of his because you underestimating his capabilities.

how much more money he wants to earn?

you see/think how much money he is earning, but not how many people are smiling just by his presence.

Madhuri Dixit looks beautiful. SRK looks hot.

Shah Rukh and Madhuri look so good together, there is an unspoken sexy chemistry between them. It's very obvious they are so fond of each other. Wish they do a movie together.

totally agree!!! I wish that too

Thank you very nice site

at the airport, he wasn't able to walk properly, and now he's dancing. Waahh! :P

Rani, I love you but why do you wear such awful clothes on stage? Still, her & Mads look beautiful neck up.

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