Rani Mukerji at GQ Men of the Year Awards 2013

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Rani Mukherji attended the GQ Men of the Year Awards 2013 in a shimmery gown.

GQ India’s Men of the Year Awards, in association with Chivas, commemorates the most outstanding Indian achievers every year.


Rani i love you

Fantastic actress. Most gorgeous, just look at those golden eyes. Just wow!!


facewise very beautiful....but that gown is awful....

How come this lady ever became an actress?

Rani looks beautiful here and congrats on the award !!

Rani is so beautiful!!

Why Rani why???

I love her freckles!

She has a ring in her left hand. Looking beautiful

The eyes.

looking good

There's nothing wrong with her body or her weight, she just doesn't know how to dress for her body type. This dress is meant for someone much, MUCH taller, and it's not at all flattering.

Beauty she is.

Rani looks beautiful!

Her Hair I Like!

Rani looks great: the hair-do and the make up outstanding, but the gown i don't love it but i like it, i would prefer to see see her in another gown not so flashy, but Rani pull the gown off as she always do.

for the anonymous that says: Rani has definitely done a nose job. Go and rent or buy Raja Ki Aayegi Baraat(1997), Rani's first movie and than rent or buy Bombay Talkies (2013) her latest movie and tell me(Jade M. Thadal) if she had a nose job; because Rani has the same nose from her first movie up to today. Jade M. Thadal. xoxoxo

Not her best look but she pulls it off with a lot of confidence and charm.She looks comfortable and seems to be enjoying herself so I am happy for her. YAY for the award!

i like her make up and hair style..not a big fan of the dress itself..her body type is more suitable for Indian traditional outfits..

Love Rani but didn't like her outfit

Where's the picture where one can see the dark circles under the eye?? There one can see that she needs make-up! Please post this.

she looks beautiful. Make up, hair perfect. Dress I like but don't love. Still, she's gorge.

Rani looks matronly, despite her best efforts! Not the most flattering outfit she's worn.

I like it!

She looks amazing

She looks gorgeous.

rani is looking good

Rani looks pretty. I love her eyes.

Rani look pretty. I love her eyes.

i think she looks fab.make up and hairdo is great.not a fan of her gown but it's great for her right now figure.

Rani rocked & how.. :)

i like the hairstyle

rani looks gorgeous. love the gown n hair, makeup is perfect

She looks fat and the dress is bad also

Reminds me of neetu singh


Rani looks decent.

Rani is too young for a gown like that.


She looks lovely. Hair looks great, eyes look gorgeous. It's nice that she hasn't got too much make up on that it forms a layer on her face, we can see her freckles. Dress is a little too sparkly but she pulls it off well enough.
@anonymous I don't think she had a nose job. Her nose looks exactly the same it always has.

That's Donna Karen, right? Rani looks good. Nice change from saris.


She looks lovely!!!!!

I will marry her in a heart beat. She is every man's dream.

She won an award. Congrats Rani, well deserved. The most talented and versatile actress of all time.

She looks fab! Nice to see her in something ther than a sari for a change. Live the hair and the makeup isn't excessive so you can still see her freckles.

She has started to pile up weight already. I can see her being similar size as her mother in the future

If they ever make a doll of hers, it'll be sold out ever where. She is the epitome of every beautiful thing you can think of.

My God I love her, she is a stunner, yes but she carries her self so elegantly that it's mind blowing.

ya first pics was kind of dumb. now this is it. SHE ROCKS.

Where's the close pic of her eyes gone?

She does not look good at all.

She's always so pretty, I love her.


Rani has definitely done a nose job.

Yes, the pictures have been updated! The first few weren't flattering, the dress didn't look good. Now she looks incredible. So glamourous & beautiful! Curves in all the right places. But why have you removed the really nice close up pic? That was amazing.

Wooooooooow she looks so good!


She is aging!!!

Wow, Rani looks stunning!

Rani looking very "Mardaani"...the dress is not very flattering

HOLY SMOKES!! She looks absolutley gorgeous. I just LOVE the dress, it provides so much glamour. Would definitley have preferred a darker or brighter lip.. she looks a bit washed out.

The hair is beautiful too!!

BTW, She won the Excellence In Acting Award.

Need HQ pics

Oh well atleast she won the award for an Excellent actor. So all is forgiven. Stunning girl nonetheless!!

Beautiful Rani

She is so gorgeous, I can take my eyes off the second picture. Is there any actress left apart from her (and a few younger ones) who is 100% natural? I love her confidence, she can rock a toned body but also has no problem carrying extra weight and pulling it off beautifully. She's just lovely.


she look awfullllllllllllllllllllllll

Is that an engagement ring she's wearing?!?! Sure looks like one!

why have u gained weight rani>?

Rani is so desperate to look modern by wearing gowns. She needs to realize that she is short and fat and she looks ridiculous in these attires. She better stick to Indian wear and not make a joke of herself. Why do these celebrities think that it is fashionable to wear western outfits when it doesn't suit them, There is nothing wrong in choosing an Indian attire when you can look good in it.
Anyway, what else do we expect from a desperate lady like Rani.

are you serious please tell me its just a joke she looks so bad here please rani your time is over i think you look great in saree so stick to that learn something from vidya you dont look sexy at all in this gown

Naturally beautiful. love her confidence in her body

some of these stylist these celebs hired know absolutely nothing about fashion, they either follow trend or play it safe. where is the creativity why are they paying them

My favourite actress for the last fifteen years. Love her.

awww I like the second picture, she looks lovely

I love her outfit and her looks!!

lol...fat...short...and that dress!!! :D

Rani Mukherjee has the most beautiful eyes in the world

I think she looks great! Eye make up is perfect as usual. Loving the hair.

Oh, Rani, Rani Rani. Will you ever learn? Second pic is gorgeous, the rest should be burnt.


I adore Rani but tbh, I don't really mind this outfit cuz she's worn worse. Face looks lovely in the second picture. Her eyes are amazing. Sometimes hazel, sometimes green, sometimes golden. Lipstick looks good, hair looks great. Congrats on your award!

She won Excellence in acting award. Yay my queen!!!

I dunno, I kind of like the dress.

the dress is ok, not her best, but it is better than the dress she wore at Kjo's 40th bday.

Not a good look. But her make up is just right. Those eyes!

You know, after BT, I became a fan of hers. She's such a good actor. I really hope she does more movies. Half the current lot can't even get their dialogue delivery right.

I love Rani's eyes. In that close up, they look exquisite. Her skin looks great too. She's always had bad fashion sense, this dress is just another in a long line to come. Despite that, she always looks pretty & she's so talented that you don't care.

bad dress. pretty face.

I love that dress.. Good for a night function

Omggggg her eyes!!!! :*

I think she looks beautiful! I don't like the dress much but I'm galling to see her in something different than another sari!

Rani Mukerji always looks stunning, neck up but it's her clothes that are horrid. Love her anyway

Gorgeous face, stunning eyes.

Stunning face. That's for sure. Dress meh soso

Dress is apt for a DIVA!!!!! Divine

Why, Rani, why? You owned the Diva'ni launch and here you look awful. Well, neck up is great but that dress! BURN IT, PLEASE! Eyes look incredible, though.

She won the Excellence In Acting Award!

The dress is not nice and doesn't suit her at all.

She doesn't look good. I don't find rani beautiful.

Whaaaaat!! What an awesome surprise!!! She looks every inch a dive.


the reporter look so much better wow love her dress.. pv might delete this one

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