Rani Mukherji at the Ambani party (unseen photos)

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Mukesh and Nita Ambani hosted a party for their IPL franchise Mumbai Indian's captain Sachin Tendulkar to celebrate his hundredth century. The beautiful Rani Mukherjee along with many bollywood stars was present at the event.


Love rains face and pyriankas body

Pc looking the best.

wowwwwwww.rani sits next to ambanis.she looks simple and beautiful.

Didn't like the dress specially the top cuz her boobs lookd weird. Those colors make her color skin looks dull!

so Mr Ambani forgot to invite his bro anil ambani?

Rani need's a stylist asap! But she does look pretty!

Priyanka looks really beautiful!!

i love rani's eyesss

Now she is Mrs.Adi Chopra...so thats why she is sitting next to the ambanis,she is more powerful than the Bachans,Khans and all!

Priyanka is looking gorgeous

Rani is beautiful.. She is respected by all and it shows...
and haters get a life.. either you have never been to any function.. seats are allocated no one ghusofys

$31t! Sachin has sold himself to Ambanis! He is seated between them! And may be they are think Sachin is one of their prized possession and want to show off and the guy is clueless! S31t!

Rani and priyanka are looking gorgeous.

Rani hasn't retired from films. We'll be seeing her in upcoming movies.

for the person who said she wasn't sitting there she definitely was sitting there the whole time. They all have reserved seats and you can't just move chair are you stupid? It's not your little party okay and at parties people don't move chairs and mess the design just for themselves. And I know this because I saw the entire event. Even though I'm not a big fan of her but that was such a stupid thing you said.

Rani was seated right next to the guest of honour! Has she retired from films or something, she appears to not even be trying anymore :(

gr8 to see rani; she is so beautiful.

LOVE Rani! She's the best actress we have!

This was during Salman Khan speech as u can see the chair next to Amir Khan is empty where he was sitting, awwwwwwwwwww I wish I was there to listen to him

Woww sitting right at the front where she belongs!!!!! Shes soooi pretty

Love Pc.

Ms ambani has very nyc flowless skin.... luks betta den pc's skin and rani;s

rani is adorable and pc is hot....
i jst luv da way pc presnts her self n dressing sense is quite cool.. rani needs a designer...
she luks best in saris...
PC shldnt bleacher her skin as her natural co,our is much mre attractive and nyc..suits her... da dusky beauty...

Lvv PC , Salman, aamir , rani and karishmaaaaaaaaaaaa da super gawjus, time less beauty better then fake ash fakey bachan

salman - aishwaya ..... abhieshek - karishma ..... abhishek - rani.... finally abhishek - aishwarya .....all in one room

Stunning! Love love love RANI!

A true Queen of hearts.

rani is sucha ghusao - at first she was not seated next to anjali and somehow she probably pulled a chair and ghussaved herself next to tendulkars and ambanis as she knew they wud get camera time
what the hell is she wearing?

3 blind mice, 3 blind mice, see how they run, see how they run, they all ran after the Cricketer's wife, she cut off their tails with a carving knife, did you ever see such a sight in your life, As three blind mice....... LOLS.

She's sitting next to the hosts themselves!!! Hmmm... reigning queen indeed.

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