Secret to How rani's weight loss

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Well what is her height anyway

she looks healthy and fit for her height... she wudnt have looked good if she had lost more weight as she is short...short and thin makes a bad combination...

looking beautiful



secret??? LOL everyone knows that yoga, exercise and healty diet will help you to shed excess weight. whats the big secret?

yes realy good for her she so smart to do this
any way she is beautiful in all her way

good for her.

Why do you wear chudiyaan during yoga? :S (Payal)

she is not even 5 feet. Geez. I am 5'3 - I have seen Rani in person she is much shorter than I am.

she is 5 3 !! check online ...

lol at everything

She is 5'2 toh for her height 56 KG is a bit too much..

Everytime I look at her now I am reminded that I need to go to the gym!

for her height she is at her maximum BMI of 24-25. She should aim towards a BMI of 20. She does look toned though

she is 5'1
56 kilos is within the normal range for her, anon

just 8 kilos in 10 months?? thats bad, i worked as a nutrionist at Sydney n i have seen people loosing 8 kilos in just 2 months. i worked at Tony Fergusons.. may b some people know that. its quite famous in Australia, its in New Zealand too n now they r moving to US too.. it is really great n beneficial without any side effects.. no medicines nothing at all..

she is less than 5 Ft anyway. Shorty got thaang.

for her height 56 kilos is fat

she wasnt fat before in the last few movies shes done...dont think shes been fat since a lon time...but shes bit mre toned now...i think its mre of an issue nw cos shes actually shown it off...odnt c the big deal with the bikini top she wore em with her c thru saris before didnt she?

dude she lost 8 kilos so dts 16 pounds not 10!

since when is 56kg considered fat?

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