SRK, Madhuri, Rani perform for Temptation Reloaded

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Shah Rukh Khan, Madhuri Dixit, Rani Mukherji, Jacqueline Fernandez, & Honey Singh are seen performing at the Vector Area, Auckland for their show 'Temptation Reloaded'.


Madhuri gives takes loud dressing to a whole new level. Queen of Tacky with a capital T as usual.

@ why madhuri is dressed like a mujrawali and dress your age guys make me laugh. really my heart bleeds for you people :P

Jacqueline is lovely! haters be trying hard to sound like they have a point. Try harder. Jacqueline you earned it! and we love you


ohkkk in da 3rd n 11th pic really thought fo a sec dat diz event waz sponsored by pinkvilla:))))

What's wrong with Madhuri? I know she never had any fashion sense like Vidya Balan but the first pic is plain atrocious and the last pic is plain horrendous. Dress you age woman. Her botoxed frozen face only makes it all the more ridiculous.

9th pic. of Rani and Shah .. ahh my beautiful yet romantic jodi is back .. woww.. i wanna see their romantic performance.. PV plz.. post the video links :(

Why is Madhuri dressed like a mujrawali in the first pic? This woman has no class.

jacqueline is such a misfit in this group.. zero talent, botoxed looks, multiple surgeries.. it doesn't matter if she has a film with Salman or doing a concert with Shahrukh. She was a well known "party girl" in Bahrain before she went abroad, so getting her way is not that difficult when there is not much to lose

srk is the best ever! He was so bloody cute with crowd. he is the reason for us to love indian films and india in general.

love from france.

Madhuri looks so georges,and her danceing 100% cedit for her,she's evergreen ,sharukh ,madhuri made for eachother ,keep it up,i think it would have been far better to have kareena kapoor khan intead of Jacquline ,kareena is a a better dacncer with lots of expressions.
Love u all

No one can dance better than Madhuri, she is just amazing even at this age, woman really knows how to dance with expressions, najakat, Rani do not even come close to what mads do. She was just amazing.. Love her..

What the hell is Jackie wearing?????

lmao why do rani and madhuri look like they're made to sit next to each other for punishment

Rani looks fat.


srk is THE best. you know it losers! hahahahaha

Madhuri should really stop doing the tacky Ghagra routine. Such a cheap despo number. Looks like Rani stole the show as always.

I was there!!! It was awesome. Like someone said, Mads is great and all & gave a good performance but Rani owned it. She is such an incredible dancer.

Raaaaniii I wanna see her dance!

" Not only Rani danced better than Madhuri, She put 100% effort into it, the whole audience was in awe - no wonder she is known for her professionalism, kudos!!"

OMG do you have the video please? Rani is a phenomenal dancer. Cant wait to see her one day :)

group of old hags trying hard to entertain,LOL

Jacqueline is gorgeous! and has climbed up the ladder for an outsider!

Way to go Jacqueline! you have a long way to go!

Srk!!! Just bring anyone with you and no matters hat he show will be houseful. We all want to see you anywhere in any part of the world. A true king.

Love from France.

Sat, 2013-10-05 06:05 — dream_stuff

Rani still clinging on Srk !!

Well I guess she would since its during their performance.

Aishwarya fans are here again? Why so jelly? No one cares about your budhi the has been?

These concerts look so dumb but would love to see Rani on stage

gawwwwd that lunhgi is getting on my nerves

SRK...The only Indian actor that I love and respect and find soooooooo bloody hot and sexy.

Rock on my dear and to the envious souls...god bless you!LOL

that was awesome!!!! I ha d a rocking time!!! SRK you are the best and the sexiest and most charming man ever!!! Thank you for the happy time.

Much love.

Sat, 2013-10-05 01:41 — Anonymous

Rani looks horrible. She is trying to hard to be in the centre and to attract all the attention. One can see that she's lacking confidence. Pinkvilla please post this, not only positive comments on her.

I'm not seeing how she's trying to hard to be the center of attention. She's doing no more than what the others are doing. I think she looks great and you just sound like a hater. :/

Not only Rani danced better than Madhuri, She put 100% effort into it, the whole audience was in awe - no wonder she is known for her professionalism, kudos!!

Rani still clinging on Srk !!

khan magic! Lucky audience.

fed up of same latka n jhatkaa"s by Mads
n an old man who always endeavor to be a young man !!!!
And a "dual personality"

What people like in these boring n repeating dance numbers ?

Wow a man in a midlife crisis celebrating himself, without any other male artist who can stole him the show. Respect Mr. Khan you show yourself as the ego person as ever!!!

Would love to go and see this concert BUT Salman and Deepika???? Does Salman do these concerts?? Can't see him filling 02 arena in UK sorry you guys but he is not that well known outside India same as Aamir and Hrithik not ouside the Indian community!!!
SRK is King we all love him those open arms are for usthe other guys don't care for us like Shahrukh does.

Rani looks horrible. She is trying to hard to be in the centre and to attract all the attention. One can see that she's lacking confidence. Pinkvilla please post this, not only positive comments on her.

SENIOR CITIZENS CONCERT hahaha oh man this is soo weird.. only madhuri is worth watching. not the rest of the garbage.

Love u srk...u rock....

it shoud not be temptation reloaded but BUDHAPA reloaded. lol.

Rani need to stop with that fat belly, no no no no

AHHAHAHA I was there yesterday it was great but not worth the money Jacqueline and rani didnt speak a word and just did there acts... Expected much more thought it was a good experience

Ugh shahrukh is really looking too old now, the new generation of actors should start taking over now.

My friend went to the show and she said it was fab and so much fun! SRK was so charming and cool with the audience as usual. This man never disappoint in making his fans happy. God bless him.

Looks amazing!

Watching Madhuri dance is a treat to eyes :)

Lucky audience

wow Rani showed that fat belly on the stage .

RANI always was a showoff even with her round figure

looks great! more like temptation reloaded after menopause.

Any video?

SRK looks very nice....:)
somebody want Salman and Deepika than him? Deepika -ok,but Salman he didn't have so much energy that SRK have and do so many people will go to watch him :D so pls..not Salman
SRK is much better than him
Nice Madhuri,Rani...and least the concerts will partner with the most romantic actor :)

Yay srk looking gorgeous. never can get enough of him.
miss the rani-srk pairing.

omg i was there! the concert was fan'freakn'tastic!!!!

Good grief...who goes to these things? They are so lame. It's the same shit as their movies.

Rani Mukerji is really pretty

Good to see Rani with a regular rotund belly like the many of us :)


Wow, check Jacqueline out, performing with living legends. She's moving up, fast. Has Kick with Salman, Roy with Ranbir...

looking good, all 4 of them. jf's pants are a little scary tho. srk looking good after ages. rani looking stunning. madhuri looking ok.

Come to England please! Keep Mads, Rani. Replace SRK & Jacqueline with Salman & Deepika.

jaquline is really pretty. madhuri has gone old now. rani still looks good. srk looks gross

Really dislike SRK but I love Rani & Madhuri so much, I wish I was there. And Rani looks so stunning in that picture will all four. Queen.

Mads, the biggest female star, Rani, the greatest female actor... Jacqueline....?

Rani is still my fave, after so many years. Love her

Wish I was there! My fave actress, Rani, and my fave onscreen pair, Rani-Shah. Maybe next time

Omg, Jacquline's trousers!!!! Apart from that, this concert looked fun

Rani is true Diva

In the pic of all of them sitting, Jackie & Rani look so beautiful

Shahrukh looks good. Rani looks great. Mads looks nice

Rani looks gorgeous

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