Temptation Reloaded team spotted in Sydney

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After a rocking show in Auckland, the Temptation Reloaded team is off to Sydney to perform. They will perform there on 7th October after which they will give their final performance in Perth on 9th October.

Seen here are Shah Rukh Khan, Rani Mukherji, Madhuri Dixit, Jacqueline Fernandez and Yo Yo Honey Singh.


why is JF on the tour? she hasn't dont any work with srk, rani or madhuri?!

Can I have SRK's hair!!! God it is stunning! He has the best genes ever! And he is all sexy as well. Think his jaw is more defined now than he was younger. More sexier and good looking he keep getting.

Srk is soooooooooooo cute with his floppy hair!!! Yummy!!!!!

Ahh, the lovely "family man" ... hehe, he gives his best performance when he's far away from family. Nice to read his cryptic tweets for Priyanka every night ;-)

Madhuri looks so pretty with her million dollar smile! I can never have enough of her :)
Rani and Jacqueline look nice too.

Damn tired of seeing honey singh with SRK.....i mean WHY SRK ...kyu iske saath dosti kri

Rani and Jacqueline look lovely. Rani reminds me of her Paheli days here.

Rani- She is such a cutie, love her.

Jacqueline's a part of the troupe too, first time she's mentioned. I hope she is not hooking up with the perv Honey Singh.

Shahrukh & Rani together, my all time favourite on screen pairing. Love the together!

Two of the greatest actresses of all time. One of the greatest over actors of all time.

Rani, Rani, Rani

Heard the NL show was good...

Shahrukh looks really off putting. The hair is just no. He looks so old & unattractive these days. Compare him to Akshay, Salman, Aamir...

Rani looks very natural & pretty. Love her no/minimal make up thing she does.

Madhuri usually looks great, a little tired & unkempt here.

Jacqueline looks gorgeous.


Aaaarrgggh my favorite couple! SHAHRANI!

Rani is sooooooooooooo pretty! Mads looks a little tired. Jackie looks lovely. The guys look meh.

Rani looks fat here


Hahahaha srks hair is horrible... He'll have to wait till he gets back to Mumbai for Priyanka ji to comb it for him.

Rani Mukherjee is seriously beautiful. She may not be considered a sex symbol but all these years later, shes still so pretty, no make up needed. Wish she made more films & stopped rejecting great roles.

The King!

Jacquline & Rani look effortlessly pretty without make up. No idea what is going on with Shahrukh's hair.

nice pic... nice seeing srk with madhuri and rani. looks so good with them. he looks like deepikas father in his recent movies

Shahrukh looks yuk. Rani looks gorgeous. Madhuri lovely. Jacqueline pretty. Yo Yo... Less said the better.

Awww Rani

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