Latest photos of yesteryear actor Mandakini with husband and family

Ever wondered what happened to yesteryear actress Mandakini ? I did some digging around, and look what I found out!

The last thing I heard about Mandakini was her association with underworld don Dawood Ibrahim. I safely assumed that she was underground and it would be hard to know her whereabouts. But, I was pleasantly surprised to see Mandakini happily married and leading a very simple life.

Mandakini who shot to fame with 'Ram Teri Ganga Maili' took a setback in 1994 when photographs of her with Dawood Ibrahim started circulating. Mandakini denied all of it. She quit movies in 1996 and married Dr. Kagyur Rinpoche Thakur.

She currently runs classes in Tibetan yoga and is a follower of the Dalai Lama. Along with her husband Dr. Kagyur Rinpoche Thakur, she runs a centre for Tibetan medicine, which is commonly known as the Tibetan Herbal Centre at Yari Road in Versova. She has a son named Rabbil & a daughter Rabze Innaya Thakur & is working on a buddhist film named "The Lost Country".

Interesting set of twists and turns in her life, I must say.

Here are some photos of Mandakini with her husband and kids.

P.S: Kagyur Rinpoche Thakur is on Twitter!

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I love you g am very like you

I want to took with mndakini directly because i am the son of her college friend (name baad mai btauga).

Were are you ?


I love mandakini and my favourite heroine in all heroine todays and before

mandakini ji mai aapka bahut bda fan hun. Mai chahta hun ki bhagwan aapke pure pariwar ko aabad rakhe. God bless your's chhoti(girl).

mandakini ki family life ke baremai jankar bahut khushi hui,cute baby bahut subdar hai bhagwan us pariwar ko bahut sare husiyan de..............

I like her very much because iwas looking similar as she in my college life.

Nice look of baby

really happy for mandakini. God wish her and her family a happy life.



Amy Jackson looks a lot like her

mandakini you are so butyful i like your photo and family

i miss you very much come back in cinema

Mandakni was lost.

Mandakini's husband is the 'Murphy baby' of yore. The cute little kid from 'Murphy Radio' Advertisement.

She is married to the once upon a time kid in the Murphy radio Ad. He IS the 'Murphy baby'.

Its funny...I prefer Mandakini to be without anything on....I think thats what suits her more...hahahaha

Great yar,

Ihave seen her movie.. her simple happy family life photo is very nice.

lovely very good life, i like it.

lovely good life

who can ever 4get that waterfall scene!
nice to c her happy with a nice little family
i guess leaving bollywood behind along with everything else was the best option for her
she was in the news very often back in the days and all for the wrong reasons!


she is so beautiful

that little girl is SO CUTE!

THis post made me google her and see her pictures! must say...very daring to do ram teri ganga maili back in the 1980s. She has such a striking resemblance to Kangana..its like Kangana will grow old and look like her

So cute and happy to hear she's doing well with a simple and loving family :)

Her kids are so adorable, very pretty. good to hear.

These are not latest pics;they've been taken a while back.

Curiosity had made me also google for info on Mandakini long ago but I could never find anything except the same old underworld stories...good sleuthing work fashionista :) Dunno if the underworld nexus rumors were true or not...but no doubt about the fact that the little girls looks so sweet :)

She looks like karishmas mum babita and a older version of kangna ranaut

I can't recall how many time my friends and I must have watched " Ram Teri Ganga Maili" ...oh man feeling nostalgic now..good old times :(

oh and the idiot who is calling her kids Chinese needs to leave his/her mama's basement or perhaps re-read the article.

Thu, 2012-08-16 08:27 — Anonymous

OMG. Looks like an older version of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan!
except she is surgery free, naturally white with real blue eyes.
Oh how true!

Yes, I saw some pics of Mandakini & Aishwarya from Devdas. They do look similar.

What a find again fashionista!!!! I loved the one about the Deols and now this? Superb!!
However, I have to agree with someone else on this post....I didn't ever take to her when I grew up watching films. I didn't like her acting and if any of her films was released, they would be watched with caution as she was not afraid to do any 'bold' scenes. Certainly couldn't watch them with family. But it's so nice seeing her settled with cutie pie children. Lovely, lovely post! Pat on the back fashionista from me!

Saw the clip on YouTube where she is wearing see thru saari while taking bath!
And OMG Rajiv Kapoor is was good looking...what happend to him?

Remember the famous song of hers 'Sun Sahiba Sun' Pretty back then,still is. Lovely post.

OMG. Looks like an older version of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan!
except she is surgery free, naturally white with real blue eyes.

This is the best post ever...

her kid r chinese ?

OMG. Looks like an older version of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan!

if she would have played her cards right - she would have landed in better place.

she had connections with under world?

Good find fashionista! Good to her settled down with a family. Being linked to the Mumbai underworld had led to several actresses getting tangled in the whole system or the much undesired, death.

Thank you for this post! Mandakini along with Mithun Chakroborty were very popular in past Sovet Union countries. We were just watching her movies and didn't know anything about her and when I heard that story about her and Dawood Ibrahim I couldn't believe it because as a childe I was a big fan of her. Even now I believe ( or want to believe) that it was media speculation only...

So happy to see these pictures.Wishing Mandakini and her beautiful family continued happiness and good health.

Best post in a long time.Thank you so much!

oh man i feel nostalgic now.. Husn paharoon ka kya kahne ki barron maheene yahan mausam jadoon ka...*sigh* good old days

happy for her!
God bless!! :))

Her kids are so cute. I kind of despised her on screen image. Glad she has a simple and joyous family life.

Her daughter is the most beautiful girl I've ever seen, what an adorable family and good to know that things are going well for them.

isnt she way older then karishma kapoor? how come her kids are younger then lolos

I think is quite an infringement of privacy. Surely, she doesn't want to come out in the public.. naming where she stays and all .. it just seems a little out of place n tacky.

So if me & Ranbir hve a baby our baby will look good going by mandakini(indian) & her husband (Tibetan) daughter who by the way is so pretty:D

Her daughter is a darling! Thanks for finding this out, fashionista. I have heard from my Ma what a big dhamaka she caused with her bold scenes in Ram Teri Ganga Maili. Nice to see her happily settled.

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