Rare bollywood photo from 1995: SRK,Salman and Hrithik

A rare bollywood photo of SRk, Salman and Hrithik on the sets of Karan Arjun. This is year 1995. Hrithik was not bulked up then.He must be of 21 years of age. Hrithik debuted 5 years from then in KNPH in 2000.

Karan Arjun was directed by hrithik's dad Rakesh Roshan.

The fourth guys id Hrithik's child hood friend Anurag Singh as per anon:)

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Credits: twitter

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hhhhhhhhhh, shahrukh he never knew that he will be the king, I want these times to come back.

Oh woooow good times

salman is the best


Salman is the most goodloking

You can obviously see who's the real naturally beautiful man here.....of course Salman.Hrithik and SRK needed to gain muscles,to wear fancy clothes and make up just to look good all these years.

douchebag central

god hrithik luks soooo thin!!!!! talk about a really old photo!!!! everyone luks really young! lol!

salman looks best here...........................................AND NOW...........................................salman looks worst in present !!

salman looks best here...........................................AND NOW...........................................salman looks worst in present !!

SRK looks sooooooooooooooo cute

salmannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn! god......he looks hot !

srk who wat where when.....he was nobody back then.

Hi who are you -------- this Omid zazay form afghanistan
i need to no.

Salman looks drop dead gorgeous!

To Wed, 2010-09-15 22:00 — Anonymous
Hrithik himself put up the picture so why did you tell him about it? And can u give some details about ur meeting, ur impression of hrithik and sussanne- didnt you take a picture?

lovely pic... last week i met hrithik and his childhood friend anurag singh, they were having dinner together with sussane also, i told them abt d pic, thanks pinkvilla for putting it up..

don't they already have color pics in 90's?

Whoa! SRK was the oldest one there and he looks like a schoolboy compared to the rest, even Hrithik. Now he looks the oldest of the lot. His face aged so rapidly it's amazing.

hrithik seems like sallo's brother

salman was d most good looking guy

Shah Rukh looks 15-16 years old here. Hirtik looks like a skinny computer nerd.

wowwww its the best pic ever, salman hrithik sharukh and anurag singh, hrithik and anurag were asst dir in karan arjun, anurag singh is now a producer and director himself, he has directed the film dil bole hadippa which i loved so much... pinkvilla thanks for putting this pic on ur site......

Who is omid zazay?? lolz i waana how much he looks like salman khan. You should post a picture.

omg!!mashallah, bollywood's toppppp actors. This is the best pic ever.

OMID ZaZay from Afgahnistan he alo like salmn khan

My sweet dearest little Shah Rukh! He was such an angel baby back then, poor little darling.

salman khan is looking soooooo hot *droooooooooool*... mwah

hrithik and shahrukh are looking damn good

this is not abhay deol

the 4th guy is anurag singh, hrithiks childhood friend who is now a successful film producer and director, he directed dil bole hadippa for yashraj films.......

Omh ..that's such a cute picture !!
Thnx to Hrithik for putting it up on twitter !! He looks choooooo cute even then yes very skinny too ..lol
Salman looks the best from the lot .Srk looks gay :P Wouldn't like to comment on the fourth guy !!

Sallu was da best lookin at that time.

no the 4th guy is not abhya deol...wow yes guys salman look really hot..love u salluuuu

The fourth guys id Hrithik's child hood friend Anurag Singh who has directed the hit film Dil Bole Hadippa

sallu was def one of the best looking actors ever in bollywood! def in top 10 list including Hrithik.

Isn't it strange how this photo from 1995 looks like it was taken in 1970s. WoW Salman was a stunner then as he is now. Hrithik does look very cute and teen-teen.

Love SRK


OMG salman khan looks so hot!!

sallu is the ONLY one looking like a MAN! so hot!

The 4th guy so doesnt look like Abhay Deol !!!

that is soo not abhay deol!!!

I dont think that is abhay doel..it looks like jitesh pillai...editor of filmfare magazine

So nostalgic! And yes Hrithik assisted his father during the making of the movie.

Hritik put this pic in Twitter, it's from the sets of Karan Arjun, but he did not wrote it was Abhai Deol, trully legendary time, Salman and Saruk together and Hritik there, when this time will come again

That guy is not abhay deol! And u guys shud credit hrithik roshan for putting this pic on his twitter!!!

4TH Guy in a hat is abhay deol

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