Red Hot: Rekha and Abhishek at Filmfare awards

Red Hot: Rekha and Abhishek at Filmfare awards 0
Red Hot: Rekha and Abhishek at Filmfare awards 0

Rekha and Abhishek Bachchan at the 54th idea filmfare awards. WOnder what is actually going on here?. Amitabh bachchan is sitting next to Abhishek if i remember it right. farzana is also sitting next to Rekha:) .
Check all the Filmfare awards 2009 photos here

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Anonymous's picture

if this was true.. why in the world did Jaya agree to do the film Silsilia?? why????!!

Anonymous's picture

she went from officially a lesbian to still loving AB now..
ha ha.. these bloggers are writing silly stuff..

Anonymous's picture

Rekha loves everyone.. not just AB.
When Aish started out as a model, Rekha had stopped her and told her how pretty she was, etc. etc. That's Rekha. sad some ppl have to make jokes on her name..

Anonymous's picture

farzana is rekha's secretary and a dear friend

mgurlgurl's picture

Aww, I think she still loves Amitabh. LOL! But she treats everyone like her baby for example hrithik too!!

Anonymous's picture

Aishwarya is close to Rekha. It was Rekha who first told Ash's mom that her daughter could be a star when Ash was 15.

Anonymous's picture

the photo was published.. probably ... with the approval of the 'bachchan' family..
so interpret it as you like..
rekha, also.. came with her sister and nephew..

Anonymous's picture

god people grow up. They've been together before. Rekha attended the Sarkar premiere.

Anonymous's picture

didn't jaya admit to amitabh's affairs by saying "you can't hold on tightly to your man, you have to let him do these things and come back to you"

Anonymous's picture

Rekha kissed her AB's baby. LOL

dreamy girl's picture

Farzana is the person who is always around Rekha at award functions. Not sure about their relationship though or about Rekha & Amitabh's history. I think Abhishek & Rekha are generally close in reality though(in a family type way).

Anonymous's picture

Can someone please tell the history between Rekha and Amitabh?
No rumours.. the REAL STORY.

Anonymous's picture

Wow, Madam Rekha's got some patience man. I gotta give it up to the Lady for that.
How sweet it would be if one day her and Big B got together. I'm not saying anything bad, I'm just saying if under different circumstances, they were able to.
Yeah, I'm not sure how to caption this pic. She must have a big heart and content patience to reach out to them like that, wow.
Yaar, yeh dekh kar dil se dua nikalti hai Rekha ke liyay.
p.s. who is Farzana?


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