Kareena Kapoor & Saif Ali Khan at a Love Aaj Kal Promotional Event in Jaipur

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Credits: http://saifalikhanonline.wordpress.com/2009/07/28/saif-at-love-aaj-kal-promotional-event-in-jaipur/

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They looking cool..what disgusting about itt:!!! Some peeps really need to grow up...


Sexy kareena in tights
i will marry u if u wear this tights under ur wedding dress
sexy legs!

saif is sexcy...i would date him anyday.. :P

Kareena has a father figure complex because her father left when she was young so she is replacing Saif with her dad.


Kareena & Saif pcs. are horrid & dirty.They need a good detergent.

ooh woww very hot,, :P :P
u ppl r all jealous & haters...she has sooo much courage 2 wear such things...
u ppl r just old fashioned

just shows by girls no dignity left

Oh MY..!! HEr leggings!! SIMPLY DISGUSTING!

bollywood celebrity exposed all the time, wat a big deal abt this??? cant believe that this is nothing n she still manage to create attention from it...well done!

lmao.. theirs the camel toe.. what was she thinking

I don't understand what is wrong with either of them. Either people here are jealous about the way she looks, or just don't want to say something good. I don't see her "exposing" in this picture. She's wearing some gym clothes. GET OVER IT!

saif wants her to expose..that makes him hot when others stare at kareena..its normal...

none of the actors have a dress sense, not surprising that unless a professional helps them, no one will give a second glance

why give priority or attention to them?

all the girls love to expose so grow up

Submitted by Anonymous on Tue, 2009-07-28 18:22
LMAO your soo funny

come on, they are a cute couple, i dont c anything wrong with their fashion sense

who cares
she's just an immature who somehow became popular with some silly movies

they are copying posh and becks and showing off in the world, i bet they will split up their relationship one day,

It is not the fact that she has made a fashion disaster which is the issue-yeah your right we all have them. What makes the difference is it was Kareena who was mouthing off about being a fashion diva who has been elevated to this status because of her outfits and how she must maintain this image all the time and is continuosly shopping etc etc She said it has become manditory to dress in a perfect way for her all the time. Well its a little impossible really so why make such comments?

WTF is she wearing? She looks like damn fool...

first Shamita Shetty then nauheed cyrusi and now kareena in shameless list.

Kareen's outfit: looks like plain old workout wear to me. what's the problem with that? yes, she's wearing it in public. but, so what? i and most people here in the West wear stuff like this to the gym and on casual days. yes, there is the issue of the CT in this pic. that happens. no biggie. peace out.

she's fully aware of her "fashion sense" and the attention it gets
sick of her and her clothes

lmao bebo ewwwwww wt is she wearing

Ew wt on earth is she wearing lukz gross yuk

OMg what the F*** is she wearing ......and she call her self a fashion icon. *yuck*

omg.. camel toe big time!! wot da hell happened to the style icon ???? seriously da crotch is on display for everyone to have a look.. i wonder how the ppl behind her are feeling after viweing her rear end.. daz disgusting Kareena.. didnt expect dis from u.. a very very big EEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW 4rm me.

Cameltoe is a slang term that refers to the outline of the female labia majora when seen through tight form-fitting clothes.

I feel like puking after looking at her.

yuk gray leggings with short tshirt. not looking good. Whts up with Said, this hair style doesn suit him. He looked great in KHNH, Dil Chahta hai n all but not here

what is camel toe??

Way too much promoting for my liking! But she is trying to say that Love Aaj Kal mein kuch bhi chalta hai. Sorry to be crude but the pic demands it!

both look great

ummmmm does kareena not know that when u wear leggings ur supposed to wear a longer shirt?!?!?!?!

comeon she is looking fine and very cool. bebo u r fine and looking nice.

liv kareena alon she lok loveli veri sporti

unless they get helped by professional stylists and makeup artists, they can't dress decently and tastefully- nothing surprising about the "stars"

I still can't believe she wore this, I mean did she not look in the mirror, her butt probably looks worse or maybe that's what she wanted to show. Eww. Simply nasty!

mom sharmila might have loved this

This is the last thing i expected from her. i mean comeon u cant just cant come out like this. i still dont believe its her

what is camel toe??

awww yes CT

wat da hell is kareena wearing?!?! she's normally a good dresser but leggings with a short top??! i'm seeing way too much for my liking!!!

CAMEL TOE!!!! lol

Why would u wear tights with a short tee! ahahahaha
i guess they're both going thru an identity crisis

they both actually look soo good so far
i quite like saif sunglasses, it suits him though
kareena is still lookin cute as ever

of all the fashion disasters....this is the worst any lady/gal can do..short shirt and spandex/tight leggings....*cringe cringe*....i wudnt want to c this even on a 2yr old let own a grown up lady/guy!!!!!!!!!!!

Kareena might as well just gone "nungee Pungee" lol

EWWWWWWWWWWWWWW @ the cameltoe!!!!

omg camel toe

hehehe looking at K is freaking uncomfortable...that crotch will stares right in the face..ew.

Ewww What On The Earth She Is Wearin..

whats up with kareena n those bottoms...she could have atleast worn a longer tee...

leggings are ok if she had worn a longer shirt ew

She could have ATLEAST gone for a longer Tee. Looks so so cheap. And Saif's glasses are not looking good either.

kareeena forgot something
"style icon"

love yue kareena end saif


she has no style! they only time she ever looks well dressed i;'m sure its someone elses work.

LMAO. camel toe ;) wtf was she thinking??

both look horrible here.

kreena has shown every part of her body except her private parts but today we have seen that too. why don't these stars feel responsible when it comes to dressing, relationship or endorsing brands. i mean kareena basically is saying going out in tights without underwear is okay. IT'S NOT!

love yue kareena end saif yue luk got tugeder

no way, I don't believe she did that till I saw her shirt I was like oh cool and as I went down woah!! hehe awful taste karu XD

ummm serious camel toe!

ewwwwwwww, unglam to the max..

Cheee! ewwwwwww!

OMG!That is a Camel toe!Gross! cheeeeee

bollychic19 I agree..a bit disturbing..

Check out Kareena's Camel Toe!!!

She could have worn a little longer tshirt ..this looks a bit cheap .

what is she wearing. yuck. she is no fashion diva



i see camel toe! ;) HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAH wtf was she thinking?

Eww look at kareena, she is wearing nothing but leggings. Gross.

UGGHH ! Put a longer top Kareena, your bits are on display!

hehe her trousers looks funny lol...

Cameltoe Kareena!!! Disgusting!

Cameltoe Kareena!!! Disgusting!

yikes! kareena has got some camel toe problem! someone tell these bolly girls to NOT wear tights with a short tee!

Raised the bar in fashion - camel toes !

OMG do i see a cameltoe?

love it!

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