Kareena, Karisma & Saif at Amrita's Wedding - New Pics

Kareena looks really good - she overshadows the bride. She needs to stop sucking her cheeks in though.

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Credits: http://www.kareenak.net/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=773

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What are you talkin about bubbles? WHEREE ISSSS the bride?

You Both make a Beautifull Couple ILOVEYOU both Mwaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh

i really happy fr karina &saif .........................look lovely couple

Fake sisters n their fake lovers

Kareena must be sucking off Saif all the time. No wonder her hallowed cheeks :)

karishma and sanjay don't love each other at all...they have been having problems ever since they are married...went to court against each other...fought like dogs...finally patched up...started living together as if nothing has happened...karishma had baby 2....problems again started and filed for divorce...I don't really understand how karishma married him in the first place...knowing very well what a womaniser he is...

all look nice

they both look lovely, especially Karishma

kareena blouz too revealing and wats wrong wid karishma's husband pant... wearing slim???

Karishma looks great. Kareena looks like a heavily madeup tranny. Saif looks ridiculous as usual.

kareena luking gudddd

Her figure is damn good,but her cheeks have gone inside...which makes her face like choosa hoa aam !!

Kareena does too much makeup which makes her face looks even bigger specially the blush and bronzer. Man Karishma's husband is short. Why didn she married Abhi..damn girl.Aish is lucky to have him *_*

i reaaly like pic 8 where you can see kareena's full outfit. that is gorgeous.

these two got surgeries done on their faces

i must say that the clothes r exellent but they're gonna get dirty on that dirty road!!

she sucks her cheeks so that her cheekbones get more prominent

karisma lukz much younger than kareena
both luk gorjuzz
lol @ karismaz hubby

What is up with her blouse, it is so cheap looking!! It is more like a bra. I wish she wore something more decent!

karena's dress looks like she borrowed it from her taashan wardrobe.DIdnt now that actress could keep the dreses if she wanted 2..LOL

kareena and karishma both look gorgoeus!

Saif look damn hot

Gosh she looks like makeup box

kareena look soo bootiful, and glamourous,
well its not her fault, tht her cheeks are like that
i think, they lookin good on her,
karisma is lookin nice and simple...

Her blouse is way too revealing. She looks pretty though!

ya she looks 100 times better than the bride!..totally gorgeous

Wow, KAreena looks like as if its her wedding.. WTF with her blouse.. It is just horrible.. Hedious..

Karisma looks way better than Kareena here. This is the most loudest of Kareena's dresses, lacks taste and she is too made up. May be the influence of Arora sisters? I wish she would follow her own sister Karisma's dress sense.

kareena takes it in back also

She's gorgeous! in a few of those pics, it looks like its saif and kareena's Sagneet, lol!

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