Salman Khan Slaps Katrina Kaif , Break Up ?

Bollywood actor Salman Khan might run into another failure in his relationships. And if sources are to be believed Salman Khan has slapped Katrina kaif over a small tiff.

According to a Goa Local Newspaper, Katrina Kaif and Akshay Kumar were shooting in Goa. Salman Khan feeling insecure about Kaif with Akshay Kumars closeness, dropped at the Shooting Set and had an argument with Katrina. Probably Salman Khan has asked Katrina not to work with Akshay Kumar. But what Salman should know if that Katrina has given almost all her hits with Khiladi Number 1.

This isn’t the first time Salman has slapped Katrina. Few years back, a eye witness accounts to a Mumbai Local Newspaper that Katrina and Salman were sitting in a coffee shop. And suddenly Salman stood up and slapped Katrina. Though Katrina later refused to accept that episode !


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@ serina salman slapped aish because she coudnt get her claws over his body
and she was flirting wit arbaaz khan

how can salman slap katrina?????? shes soooooooooo cuteeeeeeeeee
This is most absurd comment I ever read.

you never know for real whether salman slapped ash or not.
as for this above posting...i just want to tell you to slap yourself. i can't believe people actually will beleive this sh/t. btw, i didn't waste my time reading the posting becoz i know its too stupid to be read.
Salman Rock

yeah kat was flirting with both arbaaz and sohail

salman slapped aish because she coudnt get her claws over his body
and she was flirting wit arbaaz khan

how can salman slap katrina?????? shes soooooooooo cuteeeeeeeeee

salman slapped her because she coudnt get her claws over his body
and she was flirting wit arbaaz khan

people this is just a rumour!!

im pretty sure kat will dump him if he ever beats her , coz i find her opinionated!

just because trashwarya said he did , you guys believe her!
she is the goddess of lying!

she just wanted attention thats all. she used him
and that vivek!!

she went on to tv shows, interviews and attacked him like anything
but he always respected her

anyways dont believe this
aish's or amar singh's PRs made this rumous up to bring aish into headlines again

not an aish fan at all too ut she did right and no one shuld hate her for what she did...dislike her for something else dude but not for that...

Not an Aish fan at all.. but in this case, she did right. No one should stay in an abusive relationship, even if that person is a BIG STAR w/ a hear of gold (like Salman is). Sorry.. but many many Desi-women in India do not have the $-freedom and continue to stay in abusive relationships-- so ppl like dlight think those are 'rightful' women. They're not: they're just trapped women who are conned by society into thinking their rightful place is to stay by their man. Give a woman her rightful freedom and anyone in their right mind will end abuse.

Salman may be a great person (he has a heart of gold to help others who are down)-- but he has issues with women, it's clear. All the women in his life have charged him with being overly-possessive & even abusive-- and that ain't right. Some true-Salman fans (i.e dlight) should really let him know this. If you like Salman, send him letters stating so. Strange 100% adoration does not help the person in the long run.

dlight : just because Aish ended her relationship with Salman does not mean u should hate her. if u were a woman dating Salman and he became possessive, u would escape too. u are a male who adores Salman and that's good. If Aish were with Salman today, u would adore Aish. If she's not, u hate her. why?? Salman forgets and moves on. why not u? u don't even know Aish to hate her.

lov u sallu........
n lov u kat..........
i sleep daily dreaming of u my heartthrob....kat....i lov u...

if this is true, i sure wud think n hope that katrina kaif wud hv better sense than to stay in a abusive relationship

if this isnt true, the media is promoting an abusive relationship - a role model for many young women is stayin in a abusive relationship for love/status/success

katrina kaif shud perhaps do a press conference regarding this aspect of the issue - domestic violence is real n widespread - re rhianna making a very very stupid decsion

lol i dont think you have any better job other than making up news.. exotic09, stop being an idiot and stop abusing ppl

i agree wid -samaira- ASH wanted attention n she used salman

anyways this is not true

wel it was a very old news during d shoot of chalte chalte.....n if u guys haven't heard it den datz ur prob y wud i wana make up abt diz ppl i have beta tings 2 do den sit down n make up stories abt em.....n u guys need 2 calm down....sound like as if dey r related 2 u n u knw em so if u hear nethn against em u almost get a heart attack...bunch of idiots!

The media is amking up false news...

Salamn or Kat were never in Goa recetly.Salman was in Rajasthan and Kat was in Mumbai..

And peopel don't post anything without believing it's only Ash that Salman does not talk with after break up.
.Both Somy Ali and Sangeetha Bijlani are still his friends and Sangeetha even till today hangs out with Salman's family....

exotic09 on Sun, 2009-04-05 05:39.

when did they fight? why are you talkin rubbish

they never fought over ash

shes a closed chapter for salman..hes happy wid kat, if they did seperate then ppl and media should respect their privacy ... but dont publish news without proper proof.. media is always after them..stupid retards!

and i agree wid anon below..just because she made a statement and put the whole drama with vivek doesnt mean salman did do that.. ash have a history of lying and fighting with ppl.. she had prob wid sanjay leela bansali and one of the reason was because he didnt visit her in hospital !! he said tht in koffee wid karan...and rani coz she acted in chalte chalte and srk coz he removed which was okay coz they both were ruining the film shooting.. so maybe she made it up coz she was angry wid him or smthing.. u never knw so stop blaming him

i hope they are together cause thy are made for eachother

Sun, 2009-04-05 05:39.

when??? stop making up rumours!! jeez
they never had a fight..if ur talkin abt tht fight they had recently then thats coz sal asked srk to act in his movie(guest appearance) but srk said he couldnt coz of his new film and sal felt betrayed as he made guest appearance in srk movie OSO.. just because ASSwarya and tht crazy vivek was craving for attention and trashd sal doesnt mean its true! salman is great actor and he really helps out poor ppl.. trashwarya always wanted media attention for this and that!! its called will bite you back soon. wait and c!

if he wasn't like dis den do u guys remember when he had a fight with SRK coz of Aish?
n its gud Aish dumped him...who'd wana be with a guy like dat....n den he had probz with Vivek coz of Aish....n bla he is dose idiot type of man....!!

Anonymous on Sat, 2009-04-04 09:46.yes that why somi ali and sangeeta bijlani are still his friends and sangeeta bijlani is regular in his parties ,get your mind straight guys who are bashing salman because they have heard from that trash about this nonsense who got that record of breaking relationships for her own personal gains.

Unfortunately some women put up with anything all in the name of relationships

Get real below, women around the world stay in abusive relationships. Some becasue they have no other choice, poverty, lack of confidence or finaces or like Kat because they are getting something ie fame and attention.

NONSENSE! This is the 21st think someone pretty and successful like Katrina would stay in such an abusive relationship!

JUST THINK! Before you post such stupid rumors!

many of his ex have claimed this to be true - sangeeta bijlani and somi ali

stop posting this kind of nonsense news why would salmam slap her in the first place and why she is going to tolerate all of this crap,media loves to make these kind of stories after that trashwarya accuse him,on his show dkd he told an incident where he has to pinch karishma kapoor in one scene and he refused to do that,he is not that kind of guy that media potray him.

i dont get these relationships....either its for selfish reasons these stars pair up or they really love eachother (but being that im a cynic, the former seems more suited for people looking to make it big )

This is just a bunch of rumors. I agree Katrina used him to get into the film industry she will break up with him in a little while anyways. These stories are stupid and false. Why would he slap her in public?? If he slapped her why would she deny it?? This is ridiculous news.

omg it such a rumour again
katrina is madly in love with salman
i am sure she wil neva leave him


stop publishing this! Bunch a crap

Salman said she deserved it for pretending to be indian (she's a big fake). Trying to hoodwink us.

this news came before katrina visited dharavi slums..
i think its jst a rumour!

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