Aam Aadmi Controversy in Big Boss 6– Kashif Qureshi’s Link with Salman to the Fore

The sixth edition of Big Boss owes much of its popularity to two promises made by host Salman Khan. One, that the show will cater to a family audience. Two, that an aam aadmi will be allowed to join the celebs in the show. The latter promise created a huge buzz around the show with lakhs of people showing interest in the selection process. The selection rules were also framed to give the ordinary guy on the street a fair chance to enter the Big Boss home.

However, news that “Big Boss ka aam aadmi” Kashif Qureshi not just knows Salman Khan but has also worked with him in “Wanted” has stoked a huge controversy.

Mid-Day reports that Kashif is the personal trainer of a Hyderabadi businessman reputed to be very close to Salman Khan. The businessman named Hamed Saberi confirmed that Kashif had helped choreographed a few stunt sequences in Salman's “Wanted”.

This disclosure may come as an embarrassment for host Salman who has been criticized in the past for using Big Boss to introduce friends like Mahek and Niketan Madhok into the industry. Being involved in the show’s production, Salman may find it difficult to shrug off accusations of ghost scripting the show.

At the same time, celebrities meet thousands of fans and cannot be expected to remember them all. Kashif may know Salman but did Salman know and remember Kashif? That is the moot question for all Big Boss fans.

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Credits: Mid-Day

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Ppl hes much better thn tht srk guy

salman is arrogand and rude, no way and every day I become more sure.

salman khan is the most handsome 46 year old in the world !!

kasif n trainer....bullshit....media is writing anything n giving free publicity to this idiot...

Kashif never knew salman....he is trying to make the most out of the situation....free publicity....who doesnt like that...

I don't even watch this show. I've watched the English one which is Big Brother and I find them quite boring. But for once, I watched a few episode of Bigg Boss's current season. Kashif was so annoying. He kept on saying "aam aadmi". Okay, we get the point? Move on?

who cares...people always use personal contacts for everything in India

This Kashif idiot himself said on Twitter that he never knew Salman before this.

Salman may know thousands of people, he has done more than 100 movies, so how is Kaship can connected to Salman? nonsance!
you know how many people daily click the photo with him? hundreds

Not surprised by salman's action...He does good wit charity work but overall as a person.. He is not good... U have to kiss his ass then he will b good to u.. That's all!

this is being done to keep Kashif in news for sure, also a lot possibilty may exist in having Kashif spreading these rumors as he failed to leave a good mark !!!

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