Blast from the past:Salman and Bhagyashree on sets of MPK

This is salman khan and Bhagyashree on the sets of Maine Pyar kiya. Both look so cute and adorable

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Credits: fb

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Haha the apples/scene picture in MPK. So corny!

They look amazing!!

I absolutely love Salman. Love hiiiiiiim!


i like to see the actor salman and baghyashree in a new hindi trailer

I Feel there should be MPK-2 Only with Salman Khan - Bhagyashree. They both will once again create a magic in bollywood

Sigh salman looks gorgeous! He needs to do a full on love story asap!

Nostalgia of simpler times, many dreams and hopes....Sad life gets so real when you get older and all of that vaporizes!

The BEST looking man in INDIA

My fav movie and my first star crush !!
* feeling nostalgic*
I wish salman would go back to making decent films, I haven't seen any of his films in the last 10 yrs.

pleaseeeeee come back together in 1 movie its my dream couple............


salman salman salman........................was n stilll is sooo sexy n hot. his big gol gopa eyes kill me.
mpk is my fav movie.....fav dialouge from that movie is "abhi mood nahi hai"

Salman was so sexy when he was younger... :)

i heard they were having an affair during maine pyar kiya days........i wish it's true.

damn, he used to be super hot!!!!!

I want to see them back again.

hi salman,
i am big fan of your
i like u very much and hope you would be work in future like you are doing now.
best of luck for your future.

gumnaam friend

salman ooooh my childhood crush. forgot how cute he used to be

love it! mpk is my fav fims miss sk doing those roles :(

one look of him in this movie i was 8 yrs old then..i instantly died and went to heaven views on him has not changed one ounce even today! he is the epitome of male charm!

They look so good together, love this movie so much!!! I used to love them so much!!! Salman was so cute n hot then, now he still look good but gettin old.

How cute did he look then?

I love THIS Salman. Bhagyashree looks adorable. Aww man I was born 4 years after this movie released but still it makes me feel nostalgic. EPIC days...late 80s...=)

Thanks for sharing!

was watching that movie yesterday...brings back childhood memories...aww felt nostalgic...sadly these kinds of movies dont work in todays world. i also love hum apke hain kon...great music and what a simple life movie

they shouldve just gotten married hed have a kid by now, instead hes running after katrina who is his would - be daughters age! how gross

Bhagyashree was pregant with her first child during the release of the movie. She is a royal Patvardhans

This is my favorite movie of ALL TIME! I've seen it so many times... he was beyond gorgeous! Oh my God. I know every line! hahaha.

Salman was quite the looker in his young days.....But not so much anymore.....

OMG I love em .... My childhood memories lol. He's my childhood crush .... I have this movies memorized cause I've watched it like what more than 100 times since I was like 5 years old. I love this movieeee .... I only like Salman's pairing with Bhagyashree, Karishma, Sonali, Manish and Madhuri. My all time favorite would be Salman and Bhagyashree though followed by Salman and Karishma. I LOVE this movie.

OMG one of most fav movies:)

sallu is soooo cute

So cute. I loved their movie

omg my salman khan
hes soooooooo cute muah
one of the good looking guys mwahhhhhhhhh

cute couple............. i wish salman should marry someone like they have affair during making of maine pyar kiya? f-in cute man!!!

It was nice all timer kindda movie.. Though Bhagyashree lost out big time.. Stupid gal.. Went ahead for marriage while she could hv been this big star..

awww brings back so many memories of my own from how many times ive seen this movie and where i was and with who I love this movie they were the cutest ever shocking they never starred in another movie again!

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