Box Office report: Jai Ho earns 33.5 crores in two days

With all the Jai Ho promotions doing the rounds and the hype created around this movie, we were really surprised to see its box office report. There were immense expectations from this movie but unfortunately it didn't get as grand an opening as expected. While people were expecting it to break the records set by Dhoom 3 and Chennai Express, it sadly didn't even come close!

The Salman Khan starrer made only 17.55 crores on the first day. "#JaiHo reports are very positive, expecting the biz to witness escalation on Sat. Tomorrow, 26 Jan holiday + Sunday should hit big numbers." added trade analyst Taran Adarsh.

Contrary to expectations, there was a fall in the box office collections on Saturday. The movie just made around 16.5 crores taking its two day business to around 33.5 crores. Sunday being a holiday, all hopes lie on how Jai Ho will perform today!

This happens to be Salman's lowest opening collections since Dabangg! Lets see what this weekend has in store for the movie!

Credits: Pinkvilla

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I love you salman umma

jai ho was released on 5000 screens, d3 on 4500, besharam on 4000, ce on 3500, jthj on 2500, and there was no difference in ticket price except d3 whose certain tickets price were high but it was kinda 3d version of d3 released in certain multiplexes with limited shows with high quality video, but its impact on bo can't be more than 1% of bo collection and ce and jthj got tough competition with ouatimd and sos, and its the reply for the salman lickers who were bashing me wen i was saying that he was using katrina, srk, abhi etc for jai ho promotions.. all of them were replying something like sk doesn't need anyone for promoting his movies... i am just wondering their faces right now... lol

I don't think those who say the reason the film has tanked is because it is a bad film have actually watched the film. It is definetly better than the ce and dhoom nonsense because it actually sends out a message; a much needed message for the people of this corrupted nation. It has a better story than both films put together. And people talking about execution...plz..dhoom 3 was supposed to be an ace action film and all I saw were flying bikes. The only reason I see is that people tought it was a typical salman masala movie by the look of the promos and hence gave it a miss. Indeed the word of mouth is very impressive and the verdict is yet to come.

Very good word of mouth or JAI HO???? Say what!?!? It has equally bad WOM as besharam! Why do we have to believe salman when we didn't believe Roshans? Why double standards? They are producers as well as distributors for the major territories. What makes people think khans are telling the truth?? Even the movies with positive WOM don't get such humongous jump.. More than 60% jump is quite unbelievable for a movie that got a moderate opening on the very first day!!

FLOOPP!!! I know its not a flop because it will recover its mioney but damn....its so shameful for one of the three khans....Jail Ho!

Not sure why haters are going crazy....dabangg 2 and ek tha tiger both had 60 cr 3 day total....Jai ho has 60 cr 3 day as well. sunday collection was 28 cr.

So much of negative word of mouth for this movie has ruined its chance to make it 100cr. Sunday should be around 18 max. Ideally it should make around 70-80cr lifetime going by the negative trend. Hopefully they will accept the real numbes ans stop inflating just to save the face.

Almost each & everyone praising the film & their effort. It's carrying a very good WOM & may be that's why Sunday saw around 60% jump in collections & collected 26+ crs. And they all HAVE given the real numbers. The difference between official & BOI figures are around 1.5 cr only.

Sunday made 26cr & every single trade analysts has declared that Salman & Eros have not fudged any figures & this is something they respect when adding a few more crores would make collections seem more impressive.

sunday collection was 26 cr. what world are you living on?

OMG!!! What have you done salman? Why did you do this movie over a kick or SLB one first? Sohail has ruined your reputation so much so that it's impossible to take your future non masala movies seriously.

I'm glad it flopped. Now he can come back to earth where everyone else lives. Salman you need some psychiatric help for your delusions.

it only flopped in your dream and stop spamming PV

must wacht Jai ho have s story have a lesson no just like cartoon D3 .

Sallu jhagaya bhai Love u must Watch
Awesome Movie JAI HO 1dy collection 17.50 cr b'coz..
CE Ticket price in max 700 collected 34.50 cr D3 ticket price in max 900 collected 37 cr Jai ho ticket price 250 collected 17.50 cr see the difrence nd it collected 17.50 Now lets do the collection as same jai ho ticket price is 700 then its collection would be 17cr X 3 = 51cr to bhai log tenstion mt lo Jai ho ka collection real me dekha jaye to 1st day 51cr h... SALMAN BHAI is real human being....nd tiger of bollywood.... THATZ CALL BEING HUMAN ..

yeah. He is being human & others are human being.

Some of you don't have any akaal. This film will not flop. It just won't turn into a all time blockbuster. The expectations weren't met at the box office that is all. But then again realistically who expected Jai Ho to do so?? It has made almost 60 crores in 3 days. Thats on par with how Dabangg 2 fared first weekend. LOL this has nothing to do with Big Boss you despos. The film genuinely looked bad and outdated. The worst looking Salman movie since Main Aur Mrs Khanna.

he ususally make fun of others flops, he recently made fun of besharam... now where will he hide his face, his movies are always a solo release unlike others like ce with ouatimd or jthj with sos, thats the reason he always gets bumper opening and his biggest pr machinery make him god, now he will get the reality check.

Lol Salman makes fun of his own flops more than others'. So I don't know what the haters are on about.

the movie is better than his previous ventures so stop blaming sohail for ur sallu failure, it failed coz it didn't hav katrina or kareena, he is no superstar as he thinks, that will give him some reality check and to other khans too like aamir who want to take all credit for dhoom 3 widout giving credit to katrina, just gave her dance sequences so that no one shud give her credit, cheap games to prove their stardom.

Just like srk,ranbir & ranveer needed deepika. Pairing with a top actress definitely helps

yup but they gave the due credit to deepika unlike him.

the movie didn't do quite well because salman focussed on passing the msg through the movie therefore had cheaper tickets...
and this was a way better movie storywise and everything wise than chennai express.. so noo need to even compare this movie with CE....

seriously Daisy Shah has like no role in this movie..Tabu is the actual female lead in my opinion. The main actors in the movie are Salman, Tabu and the little kid (he was excellent!). Nevertheless, the movie was great! must watch :)

sallu salli salliya kya hua tera movie ko india ka bhai

what a movie man luv it...luv you salman

ek dam faaaaduuuuu movie hai

awesome Movie
1dy collection 17.50 cr b'coz..

CE Ticket price in max 700
collected 34.50 cr
D3 ticket price in max 900
collected 37 cr Jai ho ticket price 250
collected 17.50 cr
see the difrence nd it collected
Now lets do the collection as
same jai ho ticket
price is
700 then its collection would be
17cr X 3 = 51cr
to bhai log tenstion mt lo Jai ho
ka collection real
me dekha jaye to 1st day 51cr
SALMAN BHAI is real human
tiger of bollywood.... THATZ CALL BEING HUMAN ..

hahaha.. his fans are fool like him only, 700 and 900 are for business class tickets, normal ticket price was 250 only for ce and d3 also, salman is nothing widout katrina or kareena... and where are his fans gone who were saying he doesn't need anyone for promoting his movies wen he was continuously using kat name...

LOL! If Salman is nothing without Kareena & Katrina then how did Dabangg & Bodyguard became BLOCKBUSTERS?? Typical Aish fan commenting anonymously!

Dabangg & *Ready*

ready was just average despite of being good movie and dabangg collections are far less than bodyguard and ett, despite of being better than bodyguard and ett, and the unique thing for dabangg was its direction and cinematography even i liked the promo of movie despite my unlikeliness towards salman's movies...

That's what i was expecting :D

He has rubbed too many people wrong way! The downfall has just begun!!! I don't think any of his upcoming movies will open big from now on...

fans ditching salman after the Big Boss debacle

Hate to say it, but I hope this ends up flopping. So tired of stars thinking they can churn out utter crap and the audience will just lap it up. These Khans need a reality check, ESPECIALLY Salman.


So salman fans answer this, did the movie fail or nahhhh

Karma for all the crap Salman's done the last couple months! Deserves to flop!

Salman! Why why whyyy???? Remember what you told on Koffe with Karan, lot of times you signed up a movie coz that person who asked you to do the movie was close ! Here too, same thing....! You are a great guy Sallu, stop mixing work and personal life. Say 'No' to people you think cannot make good movies, however close they might be, if they really respect you they will understand. But pleaseeeeee don't sign up such movies for wrong reasons in future! It was unbearable!! Like really :-( plzzzz come back with a real dabbang again! PV pls post this request.

The movie wasn't bad. It was good. Thier intention to make this film was good. It's just that Sohail Khan could not executed the film in a proper way. If it was a well known director who knows his job, then it would have turned out to be Great!

should have released the film on holiday.

outstanding movie awesome

Do remember it did not open on Eid, Diwali, Christmas or any other holiday however this movie will be a disappoint in terms of box office because of Sohail Khan's direction, which is awful. For a Salman Khan starrer the figures are low because the promos were so bad, songs were terrible, publicity was ridiculous and was just going by Salman star power which his youngest brother has put a major dent in. Awaiting Sajid Nadiadwala's Kick which will be a much better made movie than Jai Ho. Money needs to be spent on making the movie look grand, especially when you have Salman Khan as the main lead hero in your movie, not spending the money on getting a couple of c-grade movie actors! Jai Ho had a really good story ruined by Sohail Khan...

it is Republic Day. Celebrated all over India and is a national holiday. It's like a movie opening on independence day (like ETT or Chennai Express day).

Republic day is on the 26th January not 24th January where the movie did 17.5crores

The movie didnt focus on style or being cool or sexy..or being funny..i think thats y its not doing as well as dhoom 3 or chennai express

I'll always hate Sohail Khan and Sajid-Wajid for doing this to the movie. I bet this movie is so close to Salman's heart and these guys just completely ruined it for him.

Oh no I hope Sallu isn't losing his touch

It was bound to happen, not every Salman Khan film will break records. Its done well enough and will hopefully inspire Salman to pursue his career little more seriously!

crap movie.. remix of all masala movies..even the dialogues are same
.. sohail khan..plz do a favor ..stop directing!

Salman bhai ur rock .
You r the best actor in the bollywood nd hollywood industry

I am not too surprised it didn't do that great as expected. I don't think they should keep churning out movies like a mill. This gives the impression that they are only out there to make money and aren't looking at quality and execution. Churn out fewer movies, and quality movies with a slightly longer interval. This will help the audience look forward to a good product they know everyone has put their time, emotions, attention, and efforts in. Just my view.

Flop ho! Jail ho!!

Finally!!! Im so happy! All Masala Movies should flop so we get some good quality movies back in bollywood.


Hahahaha good for him

hi every body .can u say me what's the ticket prices jai ho movie .if jai ho ticket prices is par ticket prices is 900 hundred rupi .than it's collection 1's day is going to 51cro ok. so the peoples man thinking the normal people .

owhhh exuces excuses every time..tell me what was occupancy? And was the occupancy of dhoom 3 during a normal?? Pagal ho tum..jai ho had occupancy of 50%.. Raam leela did well..are raam leela ticket r higher?? Actually y sallu fans gone mad..taras ata hai mujy ap logon pe..

Abe thulley..........sachin kya har match mein 100n score karta tha .....that's depends on time after 6,7 biggest hit if this film could not perform so well as the other films of Salman Bhai so what's the problem why u r too exited budy..........plz controle the emotions tum logon ke muh par jaldi hi ek karara tamacha lagega with a new block buster film of Salman khan..

Bhai try next time. Besharam had a better opening day :p, but Kick will be a record smasher just because of EID and Nawazuddin.

I don't know why it has a bad opening! This movie was way better than dhoom and chennai express. I hope it does better!

Dhoom3 ko math compare karna JAI HO lifetime business= 1 week business ok of DHOOM3

Jai Ho looked like an uninteresting film from the get-go. He may be Bollywood's biggest superstar, but don't take your audience for granted.

mst movie by salu

salmaaaaan i still love and love you with blockbuster or flop movies,don't care with ur die hard fans!! he was working so hard for his brother --best one for me

his brothers are so dumb"they alwayz bring something crap for him'dabbang 2 was a same low movie bt works because of salman khan. i think jai ho may touch 1oo crore 'salman khan power will drag this movie towards 1oo club' finger crossed.

no doubt about that. #Jai ho

how are these numbers even relative if tickets were sold at half price?

Jai ho in Raj Mandhiris charging 910 rps. Check all the place, ticket price didn't reduced. Then how can anyone say it has been reduced?

Those who are saying Jai ho ticket price are reduced should check Satyam cineplex- nehru place ( delhi) in book my show. They are charging 900 rupees which is equal to Dhoom 3 and way higher than ce

of course it is not the scale of Salman KKhan movie, vosidering tat average his films do 20-33 cr in its opening days,
and acutally it is 34, 5 cr which is very good for two days collection, movie will do 55 kr in its opening week-end which is very very rockkkking numbers

Salman is a flop star, he cant act properly

Empty sound much vessell.Manushya ko aapni sima me rehana chahiya.OK

The film is already a hit...the makers have already made a lot of money from the movie. The prices for the ticket have not been hiked like Dhoom 3 and CE. Considering all this the film is actually doing great. It's sad people just look at figures all the time. Salman Khan is already a superstar, not every film of his will be a 300cr movie. Even Aamir had a Talaash and SRK had Jab Tak Hai Jaan which did OK business. The fact people are loving the movie and Salman is all that matters......end of!

A bad film is a bad film... This was one, so I didn't expect huge numbers. Salman as a star cannot bring in viewers if they're not feeling the promos, I thought the promos and trailer were terrible. I hope he moves on to better films like he used to make! Try something new.

lol this movie will make 100 cror without doubt and will be super hit. It has already made 34 career and in 2 following days it will cover all it costs. stop being happy u haters.

Even Aamir's tweets can't help Jai Ho's collections.

People want to watch good traditional hindi movie and with a typical indian girl like sonakshi vidya karishma kareena with a traditional hindi story....why india is not making any good movies these days....either its tooo vulgar or flying cars. note there are lots of indian ppl who want traditional hindi plot stories.....and want to see typical hindustani girl....not eye candy or item song girls pls...

Salman shouldn't try to make 'good films' or movies with substance. His audience clearly lies amongst the masses. Intellectual films are just not his style. He is talented is the sense that only he can pull of scenes where the hero punches 10 people across the air and smashes a dozen cars. When someone else does it , it looks so silly and unintentionally funny. But Salman aces such scenes. So yeah , since he's at a level and age where he doesn't really need to 'prove himself' or something, better stick to stuff that audiences love him for. Jai Ho had good intentions, alas poor execution

jab pata nahi tab bolta kyu he be ..... bhai ki movie 17 cror jhut kyu bolta hai??? dar lagta hai kya bhai se ki kahi tune sahi information diya to sare k sare record first hi day me tut jayega??? himmat hai to sahi information dal............. 4500 screns hai 4 show per day (minimum) 4500*4=18000. 300 people ek show me (mini) . 18000*300=5400000. per head 70 rs (mini). 5400000*70=378000000(minimum) ..jhuti afwah failaya hai sala sab ki 17 cror

And one more thing, please stop working with Sajid-Wajid. For how long you will keep helping them? Please drop them & go for composers like Rehman & Pritam. I beg you, please!!!!!

33crores is a pretty bad opening for a Salman film but that's still a lot more than what I expected. I expected Jai Ho to sink the first day itself. His heart was clearly not in it. Anyways hope everybody involved manages to recover their money.

17 cr is not bad considering the fact the it's promos & songs were dreadful. It's time for Salman to learn a lesson. Stop working with family only. He should not be blind eye when it comes to working with family. The intention of making this film was very nice but the execution wasn't that good. I personally Liked Jaiho. One of Salman's better films in recent times. The message in the movie was very good. The WOM seems to be positive & it will do good business in the upcoming days.

Ticket prices were not hiked for this movie like it was for dhoom 3 and CE. So it makes sense.

What?? Only 17crs opening for SALMAN KHAN film?? Cant believe. Even ram leela got a better opening. :P

Oh, please, 17.55cr is hardly bad. Below expectations, yes, but the promos were awful, music terrible, director talentless, random heroine & had the supporting cast of every failed actor Salman knows. I'm impressed it even made that much. I just hope Salman learns a lesson from this film. Stop making BS with your brothers & taking your fans for a ride. There is a reason that only you are willing to work with them. I'm not saying this to be mean but another film like this and 25 years of work will go down the drain, just because he is blind when it comes family. I have no doubt tbe inyentions for Jai Ho were very pure but it doesn't justify a bad movie. Really hope he stops with this crap now. And drops Sajid Wajid. This soundtrack is worse than Krrish 3's and that's something I never thought I'd say.

Good news is that he confirmed the YRF movie. Director is either Ali Abbas Zafar or Shimit Amin, judging by the rumours. Hoping for Amin but both are great & can't wait. It's about time Salman works with directors who will actually do him justice.

ticket price where somewhere 120-200 r, so people really went to the cinema and were housefull and still are, so 17, 55 cr is pretty fine, but agreed every words of you

you also forgot that the tickets were being sold almost at half price compared to CE or Krissh, or Dhoom 3

with 5000 screens and no competition it only made 17.5 crores?! wow... terrible!

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