Kareena & Karisma Kapoor on Salman Khan's Dus Ka Dum Show

Kareena & Karisma Kapoor on Salman Khan's Dus Ka Dum Show 0
Kareena & Karisma Kapoor on Salman Khan's Dus Ka Dum Show 0

After his sensational debut as a television show host last year, Salman Khan comes back with the second season of one of the biggest shows in the history of Indian television - 10 ka Dum… and the second season opens with none other than the Kapoor sisters, Kareena Kapoor and Karisma Kapoor. They will dance, they will play and they will rock the stage like no one else will.
So, get ready to think like India once again with the country’s most popular host Salman Khan on 10 Ka Dum; starting May 30, 2009 at 9.00 p.m. only on Sony Entertainment Television.

~~~Love the pic with Karisma & Salman! Brings back a lot of memories!

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Anonymous's picture

salman is looking so good love you saluuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu very much

PinkvillaQueen_09's picture

Karima-Salman is the most beautiful Bollywood jodi to date <3,i wish they get married!

Anonymous's picture


Anonymous's picture

Kareena is acting like shes the eldest sister! She comes across a bit reserved here. Not her usual jovial self. As for Karishma she seems more relaxed. I think she feels out of place because Sallu and Karishma have acted in more movies together and have a special bond.

Anonymous's picture

salmaan and karisma should get married. they are the most awesome jodi ever

yaso_shahidy.rani's picture

bebo so so beautiful i loved her so much

Anonymous's picture

HeLLOOOOOOOOOOO..............KAREENA is ROCK & BEAutifullllllllllll.....

iluvimrankhan's picture

Awwwww salman n karisma luv em both sooo cutee...karisma is gorjuz
damn kareenas face lukz even bigger wit dat hairstyle

Anonymous's picture

Salman n Karisma HAVE TO get married! They belong together! They r so so hot together!

Anonymous's picture


I just saw some of the promos for DUS ka Dum...Kareena seems soo reserved, shy, introverted,,,not sure what correct word is to describe her on the show (so far!)....for such an out-spoken and livley girl,,,,in the promos so far she comes across really quiet.....hmmmmm....even in Naach Blaiye with Karisma she was alot more quiet in comparison to SRK'S show...maybe she feels she need to be a little reserved when shes with Karisma...

Nevertheless, both look goregeous!!! They are by far the most beautiful sisters in the film industry...more than that they have so much respect and admiration for each other..its really a very cute and inspiring relationship...God Bless theie unity and love as sisters..!!




Anonymous's picture

kareena's looking really pretty

Anonymous's picture

all 3 fabulously hot! lol shud so do a film with salman again

Anonymous's picture

KAreena looks nervous n shy when with Karishma

Anonymous's picture

lolo and sallu should've got married!!! they are my fave jodi of all time!!

Zwanas_only's picture

kareena looks shy cute girl..n karisma is gorgeous as always.

Anonymous's picture

kareena lookin gonnnnngaasstic............. wow....

Anonymous's picture

kareena looks shy..cute..karisma is gorgeous.

Anonymous's picture

kareena look elegnat in this pic, soo beautiful
i fort karisma look preggie...lol.
but shes look good toooooooooooo,
and salman khan is lookin soooooooo good ever, love u sallu

gossipgurl's picture

sallu looking sooooooooooooooo hot

robzz's picture

kareena luking gorjus in white..!

bolly_addict's picture

kareena def gained weight and she is looking fab
karishma - ever green beauty
and salman is HOT
thanks hun for the pics

Anonymous's picture

OMG all 3 are looking gorgeous, salman looks so younge. Kareena feels little out of place, maybe she just wants to give her sister more limelight cause she is not an actress know, and that Salman and karishma where a great jodi toghethr.

Anonymous's picture

love both sisters :D

Anonymous's picture

i love you kareena!

Anonymous's picture

both looks gorgeous

Anonymous's picture

kapoor sis ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

bollywood lover's picture

if ever Karisma's makes a comeback it should in a movie with raveena, salman and govinda....
both sisters are lookin gawjuss

Anonymous's picture

will def. watch this episode gr8 to see sallu-lolo together loved their jodi

Anonymous's picture

bebo looking classic..

mgurlgurl's picture

Salman looks super funny in the last picture bcuz of the hair.

Anonymous's picture

both sis are looking gorgous and i can't wait for this show.

Anonymous's picture

loves kareena's hair

Anonymous's picture

ewww salman's hair ;s

Anonymous's picture

omg this kapoor sisters looking gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!! cant wait!!!!!!! they're gonna rock the show for sure!!!!!!!!!

shona's picture

very nice...both lookin pretty...salmans hair lookin weird, and kareena lookin not to happy to be there!!...this is weird cuz karishma usually has that kinda reserved look to her. I guess LOLO was in home terriotry with Salman...:)..they always made a beautiful couple..

Anonymous's picture

god!..they look gorgeous!!

Anonymous's picture

karisma looking good. sallu looks like a mawalli with his hari gelled back. kareena, dunno what not right here but i dont like her in this look.

Anonymous's picture

Three brats for the price of one.


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