Katrina Kaif leaves India to shoot with Salman Khan

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Credits: www.pinkvilla.com

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yeah..moisturizer,lip gloss and botox ...thats all

she is the worst actress in all bollywood i don't think she should be in bollywood

oh, come on....why didn't she just flash her passport out? I'm sure Deepika would love that...

Katrina is a stunner....pure natural beauty :)

Wow! What great skin! She's probably only waring moisturiser and some gloss still she looks STUNNING!! Other actresses must be dying of jealousy!

pls stop taking whatever it is that is making your cheeks puffy! such a beautiful woman!

she is 1 stunning woman

Katrina is a UK citizen she holds a UK passport and works in India via a work visa and LOL at wearing her top inside out, she's beautiful though so who cares :D

i like her boots.. unfortunately .. you eed to have such slim legs to have them. my legs below knees are more fat then her thighs :(

fatty me:(

NATURAL beauty without makeup

Katrina is theperfect height - Deepika is JUST GIGANTIC

kat's height is her greatest asset - she's wearing knee length boots still has enough length on her thighs to make it look chic - love it

Kat is a cutie - she earns tonnes of money yet never overindulges in clothes like the Kapoor sisters (acrylic nails) or Fake-shwariya Rai (tonnes of makeup and constipated expression) or Poopika & Sona (all gloss no substance)
She is a real people's actor/ person.

mbkd doing well? haha joke of the century, people were leaving the audi after an hr of watching her stupid antics haha i laughed so much when i heard people tearing her acting apart . deluded fans of this woman are just hilarious. thanks for a good laugh ms kaif, you truy are the worst performer of bollywood.

I know many luxury brands have come out with night shades but i still find the concept funny..... what say others?

kat gives the vibe of being a star yet there is sumthin very next door girl abt her...right concoction i guess !

style is understated yet fab ...loving her majorly

ha ha ha ha yes she is wearing the shirt inside out. he ha he hea he ahe has rh ahe

DOES this woman ever look bad in anything, omg she is so stunning, and has the best skin ever.

pink passport???? not indian one for sure?

she is wearing her shirt inside out! you can see the washing instruction tag on the side and the name tag on the back of her neck in the very last picture. But other than that she looks great. I love the boots.

she's wearing her shirt inside out!!! the washing instruction tag is sticking out on the side and on the last picture you can see the tag on the neck. LOL. But other than that she does look really nice. I love the boots.

her cheeks are puffed, what happened for heavens sakes!

She should star in the first Hindi action heroine film because she looks so much like Lara Croft Tombraider in these photos

Tomb Raider.

Well, finally she's wearing something gud! But why those pretty sunglasses at NIGHT?

i like her boots!

her cheek implants r looking good.

yikes...2005 style

She looks beautiful....she is wearing glasses coz there are many trying to take her pic...i mean paparazzi..she is not the first one wearing them at night...she looks sooo hot.....

Is that a UK passport? ha ha ha???? - Rajini

queen of bollywood

OMG! how beautiful, flawless this woman is *_*
I love these pics

whether on or off screen kat never fails to impress with her looks anywys she has dressed up smartly

wearing sunglasses at night? I hate what she is wearing.

freaking awesome ,glad mbkd is doing so well ,really happy for her ...kat deserve all the compliments in the world ,she is humble and gud at heart sorta lady

aawww so damn beautiful ...having a girl crush on kat

i like that she isnt high maintanence............seems down to earth.

man i want her skin and height aarrggh

unlike other fashionistas kat never goes overboard with her style sense...still manage to looks like diva even in casual garb..boast of strong personality

no matter wat she wears kat always comes across as fairly presentable !

kat is simply stunning ,love wat she wearing

wooooo girl lookin quite chic and pretty

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