Katrina Kaif & Salman Khan on the sets of Ek Tha Tiger in Cuba

Katrina Kaif & Salman Khan on the sets of Ek Tha Tiger. The movie releases in June 2012.

Credits: www.daylife.com

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i read kabir khan's interview saying katrina was going to go deglam:P

there iz no wonder in world beautiful than sallu and kat.this couple will make history in bollywood.,,//

Salman Khan and his lame songs that just pop up in the middle of the movie. LOL!

i love this couple. waiting for this movie =)

i say they r looking beautiful together. can't wait 15 or 17th august come soon i can't wait any longer for this movie....too excited...:D

there are many pictures form Dublin Salman is hugging Katrin out of blue, and these hugs were not for camera,

i think Katrina's haters should get their life, Salman doe snot need such fans,

Katrina and Slaman look fabulous together

they r looking great together.....eagerly waiting for this movie

love you salman & katrina. waiting wid baited breath 4 this movie. this movie will definitely rockkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

If not for salman katrina would have been british-indian pornstar like sunny leone by now

i love salman too, but hating is ok, i mean we are the fans who go and support these actors and they work on our money and our interests and get PAID VERY WELL

we should voice our opinion because ultimately it will decide what types of movies are made and which actors/actresses become popular, i can understand the frustration and commenting on someone's makeup or bad hair is hardly constructive.

but Salman rocks :D


They look gorgeous.....

uff.. katrina looking yuck.. salman khan looking ok ok.. he can look better then this..

Chiii I hate both and I'm not even srk's fan

Salman seems not be interested in Katrina anymore, it is evident from his body language.....good he has moved on from this namak haram.

is it me or anyone else find it hard to comment on such a post where a huge negative energy dominates?i'm fed up with all these haterz thing.today when i got switch to PV i saw a post named "SALMAN KHAN RANKED #1 IN INDIA" but i don't have guts even to take a look.i'm tired,need some entertainment but i can't stand "HATERZ" any more cuz they make me more tired.well hope one day they will understand it and get some life.i'm just sharing it to my fellows who love salman.


isn't Katrina bored with her boring self?!
her face and acting and expressions are boring but the body and mysterious background AS A PACKAGE makes her hot.

holy Moses,seriously how old is salman ,the guy look freakishly handsome and amazingly hot and sexy.wow

Salman bhai rocks but i dont like his pairing with Kat.They dont make a good couple onscreen

Thu, 2012-02-16 15:24 — Anonymous

the caption should be SALMAN KHAN & KATRINA KAIF

Agree! I don't know where were all of these katrina's observers in her boom time, all she is, is because of Salman Khan otherwise she would have been in Rakhi Sawant place,Actually Rakhi Sawant is much more graceful in front of her!

Thu, 2012-02-16 04:43 — Anonymous
She so doesn't deserve this...she can't act but still got a free trip to cuba... yet another movie where all she will do is look pretty!

Lol, that's sucks cuz it's the sad reality!

Wow in Cuba!! Finally some country that is not from Europa!

This couple is going to create some hurricanes this Eid.

@anon's who wrote:

isn't Katrina bored with her boring self?!
she so doesn't deserve this...she can't act but still got a free trip to cuba....

LMAO!!! You both said what i always think about her :)

Two losers who can't act x_x

this coupling is a littlte stale better kat and hrithiiik

Salman khan he look hot ass always i can't wait this movie Ett

the caption should be SALMAN KHAN & KATRINA KAIF

To all the haters here.....Katrina is the best....call her a prop, a s*** but the fact is that she is the most sought after girl in Bollywood today.............and to the moron who thinks she is the only person who sleeps with her co-stars.....ummmm have u heard about a certain Priyanka Chopra or Kangna Ranaut or even a Madhuri Dixit?? Stupid bugger...jealous that she's never gonna do you....bcoz yr such a loser, are you???? Ass!

Love the scenery!! Love this couple!!

aww.. brangelina of bollywood as dubbed by international media!!


just can't wait any more want to see ETT,

God, i think Katrina and Salman made to be together

and the film is scheduled to release on either the 15th of Aug or the 17th

@ iheartbollywood

This is in Havana (Cuba). Vaibhavi Merchant has choreographed this romantic song. Hope it comes out good which going by the pics am sure it will. Looks amazing.

Sohail Sen the music director tweeted this a few days ago:-

sohailsen @sohail_sen 13th Feb
To all Salman khan fans, sorry couldn't reconnect earlier as i have been busy with ek Tha Tigre's music..music is shaping up quite well :)

sohailsen @sohail_sen 13th Feb
3 major people 1)Mr.Salman khan .2) Mr Aditya chopra & 3)Kabir khan..without their guidiance & support ETT music couldn't be possible.

sohailsen @sohail_sen 13th Feb
Ett has around 5 songs and themes.

Wait. Just wanted to make sure if I'm right. Didn't they break up?

The cinematography of this movie promises to be great...

kat lukin breathtaking

Kat is sooooo gorgeous and Salman freaking handsome

cant wait for it....

Wowwwwwwwwwwwww Can't wait movie looks really good. Sallu and Kat looks really amazing together i wish and hope they marry each other.

wish i can skip the remaining months to AUG15,cant wait anymore

Wow!! Stunning...Kat is absolutely breathtaking in that yellow dress!

Ahh...Cuba! Loved it when I was there.

Katrina is such a user....shes now back in bed with sallu and guys listen carfully...you all will hear rumours of srk and katrina after they start shooting...katrina does everyone for fame.

No it releases in Eid 2012 which is in August :)
can't wait for this movie!I'm sure that it will be another all time blockbuster :)

Looks like Pyar Maine Kyun Kiya!

i luv their jodi, they rock

Salman khan and Katrina wow i can't wait this movie anyways i love him Salman

cant wait for this song, salman and the scenery looks amazing!

isn't Katrina bored with her boring self?!

she so doesn't deserve this...she can't act but still got a free trip to cuba....

yet another movie where all she will do is look pretty n thts all


seems like a typical Indian song:)

lol katrina doing what she does best! look like a prop up doll :|

Where are they shooting?



katrina == goddess

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