Rani and the Khans

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Which Khan does the Queen of Hearts look the best with?

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All of them!!! She is the QUEEN of romancing the Khans, NO ONE does it like her. But personal fave is her with Shahrukh


ALL KHAN !!! wooohhooho The Queen of romance


omg mr khan and rani looks so good together .....and i m talking about mr khan here ............ aww why he is so handsome ........

Amir for sure! Perfect match for height, plus her dusky beauty balances his schoolboy looks.

rani looks the best with all of them.. and all actors have worked with her..

i think rani such as romantic person on the real life, so very easy to her to act romance..

LOL!! Couldn't help but notice the 4th pic, where Amitabh Bachchan is ignoring the exes of his son and his daugther in law, getting cozy. Awkward!! LOL!! :D

She looks good with all of them but i think she looks best with amir khan. Rani manages to look good with almost every actor she has worked with.

omg salman is sooooooo cute, especially in the first pic

Rani the queennnn ? :O which queen ? Omg this is such a lame post !
But she looks great wid sallu nd srk :)
Pv post it

She has equally crazy chemistry and looks great with all of them. However, my personal favorite though is Rani/Saif.

lol Rani fans what's the need for this post now?/ah?? is she going to act with THE KHANS , ARE THEY VYING UP FOR HER ??NOPE LOL

with SRK for sure, chalte chalte was such a romantic movie with really the sexiest hottest songs.
yes they made me blush in this movie, so sexy

I'd choose Aamir. They both are incredibly short, incredibly cute and incredibly great actors!

None and rani is not the queen of hearts


salu is best................


with SRK for sure, chalte chalte was such a romantic movie with really the sexiest hottest songs.


she looks good with all of them..btw, why this post now??

wid all... but wid aamir n salman very cute....

just love Rani with salman in CCCC

love rani! She needs to do more movies though


Rani with Salman, I think they will make good couple as well :)

On screen Saif!! I just loved Hum Tum and their jodi! Off screen salman they always look like their having a blast. Rani looks amazing with srk and aamir too. I just wish these actors would stop working with useless models and actual actresses

She makes a wonderful pair with Aamir, but I'd love to see her with Salman again (not gonna happen, I know.)


First of all, it is beautiful to see that Rani, genuinely seems to love all the three Khans. It's very beautiful to see. I like her best with SRK. Can't forget them in KANK.

Rani is one gorgeous woman. She's the one and only female actor in Bollywood to share sizzling chemistry with all the four Khans.

Rani looks the best with Aamir!
Kajol (then Juhi) looks the best with SRK!
Karishma (then Preity) looks the best with Salman!

OMG so many haters! If you hate her than why are you on here posting on an article ABOUT HER? don't you have something better to do with your life?
On to the topic now...She was amazing with SRK on KKHH but now i think she looks best with Salman


Salman and her make the most gorgeous couple! So much chemistry!


Sallu and Rani! THE BEST!

wid three of them..but ofcourse wid srk she was phenomenal in KKHT , KKKG , nd KANK..no doubt wid aamir too :) Loved her in talash !

She's best with Aamir!


rani mukherjee looks the best with salman, shahrukh, saif and aamir. in short the queen complements the king khans.



queen of hearts - just like princess di was the queen of heart? Are you kidding me? Rani is a home wrecking midgget.

1. Aamir 2. Salmaan 3. Shahrukh 4. Saif

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