Rare Pic:Salman Khan with his sister Arpita

Salman Khan with his sister Arpita.She posted the above photo on twitter.

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Credits: https://twitter.com/khanarpita

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i love sallu bhai

Love him. What a cutiepie

the Khan family in bollywood is the only family that really makes a diff ... the rest are all drama baaz. they Adopted a complete orphan and gave her their name, loads of respectability and everything and they treat her like their own... kudos today she has turned up soo confident and happy.
I remember seeing images of a cute little Arpita on news channels who was accompanied by family members shedding tears when salman was arrested in some case...remember seeing sohail trying to angrily shield her from the cameras.

this is the picture arpita twitted on the birthday of Salman
Arpita is 22 or 23 so Salman must be in the days of shooting MPK
very lovely picture

vey cute pic.

YES arpita was adopted!

Arpita is their adopted sister.

Sat, 2012-12-29 18:23 — Anonymous
yes shes adopted. tats why she looks nothing like the rest. but shes treated the best, and she must be feeling lucky to have such a nice family. she wouldnt ask for anything else. lol

They are such a nice family! Adopted or biological, they love all their children equally, which I guess is a new concept to Indians. Having said that...OMG!!! look at how cute Salman was, ah reminds me of the good old days.

shes sooo lucky. the family doesnt treat arpita that nicely as they treat her. shes like the familys baby.

isnt aprita adopted? but eh still cute pic.

Seems like salman was 20+ nd arpita looks 5 may be or less ...
Much age diffrence :/

He looks like her fathers age?

sweet picture

What a cute one, lovely pic, such caring brother Salman is
Arpita is one lucky girl to have such a nice family and lovely brothers

arpita is such a lucky girl. kudos to the khan family for adopting her and treating her just as well as on own kid.

She is like his daughter.

have seen many pics over the years...remember a video of an awards ceremony where a 8-10 yr old arpita sitting on salman's lap and enjoying the function.

Sallu is adorable.

aww so cuteeeeeeeeee

no offence, just an observation, she is now darker than she used to be as a kid. but a cute pic. salman is such a nice brother.

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