Remembering the curious case of Ravindra Patil post Salman Khan's big verdict

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Salman Khan and his hit and runcase has seen quite a few twists and turns over the past one decade. As the actor was proved guilty today and slammed with a 5 year sentence, one issue that comes to mind is the curious case of Ravindra Patil.

News has it that Patil was an honest man, who saw the bitter side of reality with this case, which in the end also cost him his life. So who was he and how did he get entangled in this high profile case? Here are some pointers.

Who was Ravindra Patil?

Ravindra Patil was a key witness in Salman Khan case and was the on duty police body guard of Salman Khan during the time of the fateful accident. News has it that Patil was in the car with Salman and Kamaal Khan when the accident happened. Apparently, this cop had gone ahead and given his statement that Salman was under the influence of alcohol when he sat behind the driver's wheel that night.

Patil was imprisoned

Apparently, Patil received a lot of pressure to retract his statement. He was then arrested for missing some court sessions. In Jail, Patil was heard to be ill-treated and tortured. He was locked in Arthur road jail. Interestingly, news has it that this is the same place where Salman could be jailed too.

Patil's tragic end

Patil's last days were miserable. He succumbed to a serious illness and passed away in Sewri TB hospital on October 4 2007. It is said to be a tragic and lonely death with no loved ones around him during the last moments.

Apparently, this unfortunate accident has proven to be a bane for numerous people, the victims included. Sometimes, life just isn't fair, is it?


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