Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar on the set of 'Fugly'

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Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar were shooting for the title song of 'Fugly'.The song is sung by Yo Yo Honey Singh and choreographed by Mudassar Khan.
The film is directed by Kabir Sadanand and produced by Grazing Goat Productions, owned by Akshay Kumar and Ashvini Yardi.


Both are so good looking.

salman is looking fresh and akki is the man what can we say about him!!! like the beard !!

two of the most goodlooking actors together!! Hott!!

Akshay's still got it goin' on. Getting more suave with age. Dunno bout Salman tho'.

Salman must be wearing heels cuz he is too short in compression with Akshay .nevertheless both of them look good.

Salman is the best looking.

they look soooooooooo hot and handsome

Salman nobody can replace you in my heart and nobody will....i love you like r the bestest!!

i love youu sooooooo much salman..

god..wats wrong with people...why the hell yu people disliking my comment..I LOVE HIM guys...ur dislike can never ever change my love for him....get a life guys!!

Same thing happened to my comment that I made that how much I love Akshay. People are disliking it, so stupid. Btw I have like your comment. I wish your love for Salman would grow even stronger . Xxxxx

wicked sunny ...... i luv u.....

They look so awesome! !! Sameer and Wicked Sunny! XD Loving Akshay's beard and Salman looks as handsome as ever

my friend in Mumbai who knows her told me she is in her mid forties... she looks very young though

who is the pretty lady in the middle

i think is Ashvini Yardi is a very attractive women...She is the one who started Colors Channel...her brainchild

Akki is one helluva looker, smoking hot! I like his beard look. Salman is such a handsome cassanova bbut I would love to see Salman update his look by experimenting with a trendy side parted hair, so many to choose from these days and don a stubble look because he will rock

If u eat 1.5 kg of chicken every day. U will look young as well. It's choice, priority and love for one's own body which is kind of selfish virtue. At 50 one should naturally get more spiritual. But bollywood refuses to grow up.

Godfather of Bollywood Salman KHan always looking more handsome than ever!!

Akki rocks

These guys

Ahhh can't wait to see both of them in the same screen :D

wow how much money is spend for these movie sets ,everything is bigger

Wow salman is gorgeous to the extreme he has got something extra in his looks and Akshay looks good too.

It stars both Akshay and Salman?!?! Sorry I know nothing about this movie so far...

super hit already!!! love them both!

Hotness overload !

I love Akshay so much...

my all time fav 2

Salman...the most handsome guy in Bollywood

2 bosses gonna be killer......

Love you Salman always n forever...

Dont kill me with ur killer looks salman

salman is the eternal bachelor of bollywood

their jodi rocks

They are both very dashing. Looking forward to the song, guys.

Salman ufff sooo hot...:)

Sameer and Wicked Sunny are back.Please pinkvilla post Akshay killer looks while shooting for GABBAR.Salman and Akshay have a great respect for each other


salman meri jaan .. in love wid uh love

Akki looks super hot.


Akshay looks good. And salman...SPEECHLESS*_*

They are looking amazing. This beard suits Akshay.

Akki and Sallu are perfect.

Handsome men :)

ooohh..akshay is so handsome

These guys are still so gorgeous. Akshays beard really suits him.

aww nice to see them together! Is it me or does Salman look younger these days? :)

Salman looks younger these days because he went under the plastic surgeon's knife

Yes he's looking as young as my dada.

Wow! Why you gotta hate?

waaaaaaaaaaaaw killer look my handsome ♥ ...........waiting for your performance


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