Salman Khan and Sana Khan on the set of Yatra Ad

Salman Khan and Sana Khan on the set of Yatra TVC


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Are you guys kidding me, sesrouily are you kidding me Salman did not jump from that high, I like Salman but he did not attempt this. To glide like that in air and steer so close to mountains and land with pin point accuracy requires years and years of practice, Salman has no training at all, look at the video, they have shot it in a intelligent way to show as if he jumped, Salman wud have killed himself had he attempted somethign like this

Sexy sana handsome salman khan....

no buddies.. it is from the yatra shoot.. see the bulding in d background.. its the same kinda where salman khan is hanging in one of the promos..

btw .. salman khan ki pants kaha hain.. or is it swimming shorts he is wearing

this pics from goa mental shooting not yatra add.

salman promotes new talent which takes gutts not like others who don't take risk with new actors n only promote star kids how unfair salman is a good man sooo stop saying shit about him . Sana is talented n had no connections sooo she had to do what came to her in da beginning now she will reach the top.

lamo at some commet, SRK ad Aamir even do not say hello to Sana king a women,

SRK has done and Aamir is working with Katrina who stared in soft porn movie Boom, and whose sister is porn movie star, still these people say hello to her, so why not Sana, which is at least speaks Hindi and which is really cute

pinkvilla, post it please

salman khan has lost it...lolz.....sana,daisy,ashmit,yash,vatsal,santosh shukla......all c-graders starring in MENTAL and trying to sell movie for 130cr.....How many fools are going to watch this movie anyway???

sana khan is a cutie n a hotie with teekha nakhra n charm sheees made to be a heroine. love her.

haterrs keep hatingg,,, at the end of the day shes still a starr

Salman has is promoting a cgrade movie star. Her c grade movies are still available.

Sana is a cgrade adult movie star. These days Salman only promoting porn star so Sana is definitely get good movies from him. Sana, Isabella and I think next Salman'll promote Sunny Leone. Sharukh and Amir has class , they would not say even hi to these kind of women.

They look cute together. Hope she likes getting hit .

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Sana is a sexy girl. Salman is lucky to have her.
r u kidding ? That chick is lucky enough that Salman took her in his film otherwise there is nothing especial about her, she has a very ordinary looking face with a very low IQ level (if know what I mean from Big Boss) -______-

He is the most handsome man in the world

Sana is a sexy girl. Salman is lucky to have her.

Thy look sexy togther.

the godfather of bollywood!

sana khan has worked in a c-grade adult movie...and now she is starring oposite salman.......LOL.....

keep sleeping with him sana,see you got a big break in bollywood by the dint of that. but i am not sure for how long coz salman's verdict on june 10th,best of luck till then.

Sana is so cute. They will have sexy babies together :) btw sana is wearing shorts and sallu is wearing swim pants LOLOLOL

Wats wrong wid his legs. He seems nude at bottom. :-)

They look cute together.

it is from the sets of Yatra Ad, it was first time Salman introduced Sana in his Ad,later came Big BOss and now Mental, so Sana is the part of Salman's company

it looks more like d set of TVC for yatra they hv both dn previously...the green wall is fr d spcl effects n they hv made smthng like a building which was there in d yatra ad...just guessing..

Salman should marry her.

Is Salman just wearing a shirt in this pic? :)

Cant see anything!!!need chasma :)

Yucky Sana!

Is this man( Salman Khan) getting younger & younger with age. Who can say he is 47. He is looking so young and dashing. !!!!

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