Salman Khan hugs Abhishek Bachchan at Star Guild Awards

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Looks like Salman Khan is on a hugging spree this time! At the recently held Star Guild Awards, he was seen hugging all his all time "foes". Shah Rukh Khan, Vivek Oberoi and now, Abhishek Bachchan!

Salman, the host for the evening shared the stage with Abhishek who went up to receive the Hall of Fame award on behalf of the Dhoom 3 team. The duo gave each other an amicable hug.

Credits: Viral Bhayani

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This post shows the mentality of salman and his fans who cant even respect a married woman's dignity in a public forum... This is 'being inhuman'... Shame on Salman for always hiding the truth about abusing Aishwarya...

Ppl chill ... Its not necesary to wash ur dirty linen in public... Also abhishek aishwarya now dont hav any blockbuster to demand their way in award function .. A fuction hosted by salman.. Abhishek didnt know tat salman will host th function ... If need b th family boycotts such function but now thy need to build their

Aww...the first pic is SO cute.Of course these two get along,whatever happened was between Salman and Aish.It's the same way I would expect Saif-Shahid and Ranbir-Ranveer to behave if they bump into each other,matured and cordial.Leave the cattiness to the ladies,it's our birthright.

Who knows what really happened with Salman and Aish. It seems that media and people just blow things out of proportion. Just enjoy two good looking guys on the stage together and let it be.

i am a married woman and if i had an ex who bear me up, you can bet your life that my husband would not be hugging him. all normal husbands would never do such a thing as to hug the abuser of their wife, someone who was violent toward her. this means one of two things: all ashwaryas nautanki drama about salman abusing her were outright lies OR, they were in fact true but abishek doesn't mind it all to the extend that he can show such warmth to his wife's tormentor. the truth is one of these options, and i am leaning toward the first one, even though one can never be sure. pinkvilla please publish this.

No dis means thy dont wash their dirty linen in public ....chill ... This is celebrity world.. Dont assume a lot

Tu satiya gayi hain

i read somewhere that abhishek was a fan of his or something or idk always really liked him. it would suck if there relationship got strained because of some girl. anyways i dont think they ever really had a problem with each other.

if Salman really abused ARB!! The entire Bachchans would never talk to him... but surprise surprise!!!

when the father-in -law and husband of ARB has no issues with salman ... .. we are no one to judge!! maybe ARB has been lying all along !!! Pliz post PV

Is Salman on a Bollywood men hugging spree? LOL ! Anyways Abhishek is a nice guy and nice to pretty much everyone.

Sometimes one wonder why is he such a nice guy?
And a nice guy marry to a mean spirited woman?

He sure is Barbie....
Even to his liar wife...

One thing is for sure pinkvilla people love sallu and aish in every topic they r mentioned.

Jai HO

Bachchans will hug anyone to keep Abhi's career floating. Becharaa

Salman KHan is Godfather of Bollywood!!!

Abhi's smile looks forced. Guy clearly looks uncomfortable.

This is nothing new . Abhishek has always been fond of Salman and Salman too has been nice/friendly with him. And this is how two mature people should behave. Even when Abhishek was dating Aishwarya and after their marriage, he has greeted Salman with the same warmth. Even Big B hugged Salman when he visited him during the sets a few days ago. Salman had even congratulated Big B on his sons wedding to Aish and a few years ago there was a filmfare cover with Abhi stating "Why will I have a problem with Salman?". And actually this is one of the reason Aishwarya married this guy instead of that kiddish attitude Vivek. Abhishek has the maturity to deal with situations ; he is a sensible guy rather than motor mouth Vivek who acted like a college kid fighting about a lady. What Vivek did was right(taking a stand against a bulling Salman), but the manner he did it (calling a press conference to complain about him) was totally wrong. If I have a problem with somebody, I will deal with them upfront, rather than shouting it out aloud to the world. Even Aishwarya had scolded Vivek on that (watch the show teri meri beech ki baat with Farah Khan), she said to him : You are so immature. And all people saying Aishwarya lied; Salman's temper /his infidel nature is a known thing to industry people and everyone knows he abused her, he created trouble on sets of kuch na kaho / chalte chalte. Even Salim Khan had admitted in an interview that whatever he can understand why Aishwarya is breaking up after what Salman had done to her family (broken the furniture/ threatened to kill her brother/dad). Aish even took police protection after that. The point here when two people have a difference, it is mature to keep the difference between them two only and not let others be affected by it. Salman harassed Aishwarya , he was a brat (a wild passionate lover that time who couldn't take No for an answer). But apart from his philandering ways and temper, he is a nice/generous person at heart and helpful to others as well. And that too he has mellowed down in recent years after his super -hit films. And his family has had relationships with Amitabh's family is the past. Salman-Aish can't get along due to obvious reasons ; but it doesn't mean they should spread their enmity to people around them.

This Anon is trying to crete own stories. This Anon is an Aish fan I think :P

no one said Salman abused her but onli Aish which she declined soon and never admittedin video interview, so why should i believe her statement which she never ever said in video interviews, maybe it was other people who forced her to do so?
and i believe in Salman who said without mentioning any name that he never bit women, look how he treats women, everyone loves him and no one has problem, even after years Somi Ali went open wath statement that all this info about Salman puring Coca on her head was wrong as the real story was different, she was drinking alcohol and Salman wanted to spare her from this habit as she was hardly 20 that time. So please, stop spreading the wrong info, Slaim also never said what you are writting. please, go and check info

Stop lying and making up stories. Mr Salim Khan did not say anything like you mentioned here.It is ok if you obsessed with Mrs Jr B but posting self made script is too much .Btw I should admit that you are the best liar than your idol :-).

PV don't be biased and let my comment come.


Oh! What will Her Royal Highness Aishwarya Rai Bachchan ji have to say about this? I mean, clearly, looking at these pictures, her family doesn't believe this is the man who abused her.

Abhishek's smile is like damn you do damn you don't. Either get slapped here or at home. ........and he chose the former. Lol.

See salman fns you are making it difficult, Bachchans have always been generous towards him.Why are you dragging Ash here? It’s not first time that they are seen together, even after few months of their wedding Abhishek was spotted having conversation with salman on the sets of Drona apparently he even took salman to his vanity van and showed promos of that film.It’s salman who has been avoiding bachchans. Ash seems fine with abhishek about this.

Abhishek is shaken that he will be sleeping on the couch

I bet looking at Salman in the pic versus Abhishek in the picture Aish prob wished she was still with Sallu. Just look at him at 48

Yeah.. he's making up with his foes publicly now, as he might need their support in future. His cases are up at court this month end. Smart move. People here already are praising him so much...

Movie-Buff, I don't think it's correct to call Abhishek and Salman "foes". Sure, they don't hang out, but they never had a brawl (at least not publicly). Abhishek is always polite and friendly. But Salman-Vivek are/were indeed foes and had a big public fight.

Salman is such a gentleman.Never bad mouthed anyone, even when they wronged him. Nice to see Abhishek like this. these two were so thick before Aishwarya came along. anyways all have moved on and are courteous.

Abhishek's hug is so much warmer than SRK one.

Aishwarya had kept tight reins on the poor Abhishek until quite recent. She is more chilled out now I guess.

there is no business like show business.

Truth always prevails. Jai Ho!

Salman is going on a hugging spree - Shahrukh, Abhishek, and Vivek. I wouldn't mind a big jaddoo ki jhappi from him while he is at it! ;) hahaha

When Viveik stupidly held that press conference Abhi actually spoke out in defence of Salman and said Viveik had broken a code of the fraternity in breaking the story to the press. There was never a problem except thay the Bachans made concessions to their bahu's supposed dignity and embarassed themselves as with the Paa premier and the Abhi/Ash wedding invites. At least they're cordial on a public platform but what else can they do they pride themselves on being the first family of btown and Salman Khan is no small fry like Viveik Obrei that they can ignore on their bahurani's whims.

I don't think the bachchans ever had a problem with Salman. Aishwarya is a different story, but Big B still worked with Salman, Abhishek always seemed cool with him and Salman always showed respect for Big B.C.

Because big B is just a super successful Indian star.
Where Ashwarya is Godess!!!

once both bachans were influenced by Ash and remember how uncomfortable they were about Salman
Still remember the premier of Paa, when they invite everybody except Khan family and that was big shame for them, as at least they had to invite Salim Saab, man who made Amitabh great actor, so
Iam glad father and son are so fine with Salman, Abitabh even twitts so much about Salman, ow he is glad to meet and greet him and chat with Salman, so that is great

Abhishek has a nervous smile on his face, the kind you put on to get through an uncomfortable situation lol.

Godfather of Bollywood!! Salman Khan!

i understand why they cant be best of friends (Aish and salman have had a bad past ) BUT i think they never lost respect/love for one another or ill mouthed the other EVER. so its nice to see these images.... life is too short i hope one day aish too forgives him and let it all go.

Ha ha you are joking about ash forgiving salman .

Aish forgives him ??? For what???
I hope god forgive her being so calulative, manipulative and shrewed.

Yes Salman has forgiven her for trying to ruin his image over fake claims.

Pls post a pic of aish's reaction to this pic

LOL! She wasn't present. Eevn I want to see her reaction.

The fact that abhishek and amitabh bachchan are on good terms with salman is a big slap on ash's face. She had made salman out to be a bad guy when they broke up...if he was that bad then abhi and amitabh would not have anything to do with this guy. These pics show that even they know that salman is a great guy and has a big heart

It's a hug, not a slap on anyone's face. Sure, Salman abused Aishwarya long before Abhishek-Aishwarya even started dating, but the Bachchans have always shown respect to Salim Khan and his family because of Amitabh's history (Deewar, Sholay, etc). Abhishek is gracious and he has been brought up well.

Every actress Salman has worked with likes and respects him ...even their kids like him...All the kids of Salman contemporaries and seniors state Salman as their favourite in the filom it Anil Kapoor daughter, Darmendar's daughter, Sanjay Dutts daughter, Rishi Kapoors, and many more ...that says a lot about Salman we dont need a certificate from kitty or her idol about Salman's Character.

I disagree with you.
It is a slap on Aishwaryas face.

1. Salman did not abuse one knows what happened between the two and only an ignorant person will believe everything that is written in the papers.
2. Salman has never spoken ill of Aishwarya in any of his interviews. In fact he never chose to speak about the relationship. Aishwarya on the other hand released a statement in which she made Salman look like a bad guy (don't forget she used vivek who spoke ill of Salman too).
3. I'm not saying Salman is a saint...he's only human and has probably made lots of mistakes in his life...but he has never spoken ill of someone in public no matter what their personal equation was.
4. Agreed, the Bachchan's have always shown respect to Salman and his family and Abhishek has been bought up very well. My point is if Salman was really as bad as he was made out to be Abhishek would not have any respect for this man...

Anyway it's all in the past and let bygones be bygones!

1.) You are saying that Salman did not abuse Aishwarya and in the same sentence that "no one knows what happened between them". You are contradicting yourself. 2.) It would be ignorant to blame "the papers" because Aishwarya talked to media about Salman's abuse. 3) When Aishwarya went to the media to speak about Salman's physical and emotional abuse, she had no reason to lie about it. 4.) Salman did speak to media about Aishwarya's accusing him of abuse. He said that if he hit a woman "she wouldn't survive" which only made him look more violent and aggressive. 4.) Salman has had anger issues. 5.) No one with an established ID on Pinkvilla would deny these points.

lol damage control ?

There is genuine happiness and a like for Salman on Abhishek's face. Amitabh tweeted about talking to Salman and there are pics of them laughing together. Vivek and Salman are finally OK and Vivek has hinted who was behind his decision to hold that press conference. I think we know who was telling the truth all those years ago now. Poor Aishwarya. Her own family embracing her so called abuser.

What Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has to say about this? :P

HAHAHA LOL! Look at Abhishek's face! He seems to be a nice guy.

Oh my good.., know is not Nice to compare them but Salman look like a million Bucks always and in 3rd Pic compare to Abhishek looks even better....

oh oh oh now Ash in going to kill Abhishek :D

It's hard to believe that Salman physically abused Aish when you see these pics. I mean what husband would hug the guy that apparently beat up his wife??

wheres viviek??

OK, I was gearing up to say something mean but Abhishek's smile is really sweet in the first few pics. Now only Vivek's pictures are left :D

Abhishek is really a sweet guy, but WHY doesn't he get a haircut!?

Why doesn't he workout ?

Why doesn't he loose weight?

Salman really has a golden heart. who can believe he is 10 years older than Abhishek?
lol at Abhishek's expression in the 3rd pic :D

Ask some blind fan of Bachans?

I wonder how Aish feels looking at these pics.

Soooooooooooo happy. Star Guild is indeed a forgiven award night

do whatever u want to do man, still 'jai ho' is gonna big time flop... a special award or unnecessary award just to potray this hug and his fans will shout he didn't need anyone for his movie promotions, srk, kat, modi, shivraj chauhan, abhi, aap party etc etc are just for promoting jai ho...

Ash ko bhi bhula lena tha awards par.....usko bhi hug mil jaati :-p

When did they have a rift
They never came across each other. Thats all..
Otherwise, there has never been a problem between them.

Ya agree with you, while ABHI is still taking baby steps in acting, Salman has reached the age of elderly wise man in this industry.

actually salman is taking no steps in acting. all he does is play himself.

Abhishek looks very insincere

Abhi has always respected and loved salman

lol u can tell how abhi loves salman i mean he's realy happy huggin him

I can't help but think how AishWARya has caused trouble for every men she has been in relation with.

Let me complete ur sentence.
And every woman

Nope. SalMAN has caused trouble to every guy Aishwarya was interacting with (Vivek and SRK). The only guy he wouldn't dare to trouble was Abhishek.

he didnt hug vivek but the part of srk and abhishek is true and if he realy did were is the pic of them huggin

Salman and Big B were also seen laughing and talking backstage. poor Ash, her own family knows she was lying.

I dont think Salman and Abhi ever had a problem with each other, they have greeted each other before. It was just more of the media fuss!!!
Anyways can't wait to see these awards specially for Salman, SRK, Deepika, Arjun and Ranveer

Oh this is a lovely day! I like what is happening!

Did he hug Vivek? I didn't hear that.


so now Ash and Abhi have one more thing in common. Hugs from Salman.

Accept ABHI got lot less in 7yrs, but Salman got in 12 months.
May be ash sent ABHI to take lessons from salman

And I am sure salman got plenty more from Ash than ABHI had.
Remember she married him for his last name not for his talent, looks or success.

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