Salman Khan on a segaway at the Ek tha tiger shoot

Salman Khan chilling out on a segaway on the sets of Ek Tha Tiger in Istanbul.

Photo courtesy: 4SalmanKhan


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sahil khan repotar

bhai kat k naseeb ache h job bar bar bfriend change kr k b aap ka sahara miljata h war na yeh kat ko india me rahena b mushkil krdengi yah induratry
aur katti kitna b ghum le raat me baad ghar aati h

Can't wait to see this film! Wish Kat wasn't in it though *bleh*

fu*k you Salu :D

Salman i can do any thing for yu aur ek bar jo maine commitment kar di to uske bad to main khud ki bhi nahi sunta.waiting for ek tha tiger.

reply to 16:51 anon:

omg now this is crazy if he would be just walking on the ground even then you would going to be the same person who would comment like oh look at him he is walking on the streets can't he even afford a bicycle what kind of star he is blah blah blah....... right naa
but now if he is just chilling out on a segway then again you have issues with his age now . i wonder what would be your thinking or comments if some 25-30 year old actor or star would be doing the same. oh i can't even imagine becoz right now i m in my all senses to do that or think like that.
but btw keep on going haan all the best

Hes not roaming around Turkey with a segway because he's lazy. Ever heard of shooting for a scene?

If Salman fans are stupid, then the world is full of idiots. SRK fans surely need to grow up. I guess becoming a flop has made them mentally unstable. The only way for them to find happiness is to always put Salman down (who didnt have anything to do with Shahrukh's failure).

40+ man in a segaway...grow up dude ...get married

"But again Salman fans aren't smart enough to know that?" And where did you go to school smart one?

God bless Salman!

You all are so stupid.the man had a surgery while ago.have you ever thought that maybe he is trying to keep his forces for shooting and handle with his health problem?Think first before commenting!!

looks stupid.

oh plz lazy bone trying to act cool

***mannnnnnnnnnnnnn.... hes the real rockstar....hes so calm cool and collected all the time even when he gets angry he does it with pinache. **

its spelled as panache you moron. But again salmans fans aren smart enough to know that.

mannnnnnnnnnnnnn.... hes the real rockstar....hes so calm cool and collected all the time even when he gets angry he does it with pinache.

too freakin' lazy to walk. bulky meatloaf


Cool, he gets use all these fancy things!

wow is this REALLY a big deal? come to cali or even texas we rock them segways!

WOW. he look cute i love him

short man

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