Salman Khan, Sonakshi Sinha, Ajay Devgan and Sanjay Dutt on the sets of Big Boss

Salman Khan, Sonakshi Sinha, Ajay Devgn and Sanjay Dutt on the sets of Big Boss. Sonakshi Sinha, Ajay Devgn and Sanjay Dutt were there to promote their upcoming film, Son of Sardaar in which Salman Khan also has a special appearance.

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Credits: Viral Bhayani

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I remember how she ignored priyanka chopra when both were on the stage together at an award function.... She ignored priyanka like anything.. As if she's nothing in front of her. Poor priyanka.. despite being a superstar she was feeling left out..

Salman is 1 sexy guy! And Sonakshi looks gorgus.

Yesterday years reena roy !!! She resembles her so much that its not funny anymore

Is her hair that long? The braid looks way too long.

dropped a role opposite imran in milan talkies....what the crap...that is utter bullshit!!imran and ranbir both have given clear statement saying she'll look too old for them on screen!!sonakshi's PR given PUBLIC OFFICIAL STATEMENT.she's been overhyped as an actress bcoz her father is a very powerful man..not just bcoz of his fimy position but also d/t his political position!!!i remember one of the award shows where she'd come up on stage with her father to present the award to rekha maybe..and PC was also on the stage....gooooddddddd this chick..thinks all high and almighty of herself...disgusting.ii felt like entering the screen and slapping her and telling her....WOMAN wake up..smell the cake!!!

come on india support ur desi girls. she is beautiful, smart and look for desi films. if u want western girls there is hollywood.

i don't believe i am saying this but she really needs to reduce some weight. or else wear dresses which don't just penetrate her body. she looks ridiculous when she wears those tight fitting dresses.

@Fri, 2012-10-19 16:57 — PrincessRuchi
lol I don't know where u got that from or maybe ur imagination is going into overwork, but Sonakshi didn't reject Milan Talkies, Imran refused to work with her, as has Ranbir in the past for the same reasons. sadly, she's only fit to play roles opposite 40+ heroes but not including Aamir and SRK. they're way out of her league and require talent.

I'm watching this episode and Sonakshi's asusual boasting around salman and sanju that she is actress and Salman is pulling her leg saying, 'Dabangg ke famous dialouge ki wajah se tu yahan khadi hai'. It seems salman also does not like her boasting nature, its clearly showing off.

Sonakshi's makeup in films too is old fashioned,the pancaked white and pink look.

It probably works on single screens. Truth is none of us in our nightmares would want to ever look like her.

Top actresses will not like to touch the roles she does...perhaps Asin,Jaqueline types may be interested.

But people in interiors love her and she has a fan following and is making money..

"she is too fat" you guys are repetitive and boring. pls come up with something new.
alright, she's over weight ( for a bollywood heroine). she won't be able to play a different character other that this village girl opposite 40/50+ heroes. shahid, imran and ranbir all are older than her but she still looks like their auntie!

d reality is ki imran said no to work wd sonakshi bcz she luks lyk aunty.......@princess ruchi plz....dnt misuse media in wrong way by giving false news in name of dem

Did Sonakshi gained her weight back?? coz i can see her tummy and the dress seems too tight on her. i love her but does she wants to be kick out from the industry or what?? *sigh*

Where is Juhi Chawla? Y isn't she being featured in any of the promotions, songs or trailers? Sad!
seems she does not like the movie.

We will see Sonakshi with Ranveer in Lootera and with Imran Khan in Once Upon a Time in Mumbai, so please, calm, Sonakshi has imminence talent and beauty and be sure both movies lootera and OUTIM2 will be great movies.
as for Bog BOss, just love when Salman and Sonakshia re together, but must say Sonakshi looks so lovely with Ajai also, they are very Hindi and that's i love so much, want to see Ajai and Sonakshi in more movies.

she is really beautiful but sometimes she chooses the wrong style and make up which make her looks older!!!!

she is talented but absolutely need the right stylist that has the ability to show her beauty.

She is so overated.

Where is Juhi Chawla? Y isn't she being featured in any of the promotions, songs or trailers? Sad!

@Voiceswriter She did! The latest news is that Priyanka replaced her. I reaalllllyyyy wish she hadn't though.

Mommy sonakshi please try something new, i wonder why the hell you yourself not bored of Same things again and again????

after a few years of playing village belle sonakshi will fade away to be replace by yet another star kid, probably sridevi's daughter with the big round nose, or saif's fat daughter

Sonakshi rejected the film with Imraaaaaaaaaaaan? OMG!!!! Please tell me you are joking @PrincessRuchi

3 uncles and 1 grandma!

they all look good here and Salman damn hes cute i love him

Bad bad bad make up!

pretty salwar kameez

she has really good skin, in her close up photos, her skin looks smooth and not caked up.

"she is too fat" you guys are repetitive and boring. pls come up with something new.

this show is very flop

yuck!!uncles with aunty sonakshi!!

I can't wait to see her opposite Imraan Khan. It will be like a breath of fresh air.

Sonakshi rejected Milan talkies opposite Imran because she dint wanna drop her "desi image". She is just happy playing the cute village belle arm candy to these heroes. Highly doubt she is ambitious or has any great acting talent so to speak of.

haters she isn't a model she is an actress. kick ass indian girl unlike katrina who still believes speaking hindi is below her standards.

Where is juhi chawla?

Sonakshi = Gawti

Three best friends and one cute actress.

My godness, This woman looks like sunjay's and salman's mother


she is too fat looks too old for her age too

Sonakshi doesn't look good here. Her makeup isn't good, and I think she has gained weight.

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