Sana Khan with Salman & Aamir at Salman's birthday party

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Sana Khan is snapped here with Salman & Aamir Khan at Salman's birthday bash in his farm house party at Panvel. She tweeted the picture of her and Salman saying, "Happy bday to our very own Salman khan,it was super fun celebrating his bday yest.. Danced like crazyyyy..yoo!!"

For those who don't remember, Sana Khan was a Bigg Boss 6 contestant and also one of Salman's favourites from that season. She will soon be seen in Jai Ho opposite Salman. Sana couldn't have asked for a better start of her acting career in Bollywood.

Credits: twitter

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sana used to work in adult movies. what was salman thinking when he signed her? lol

you're mistaken her with katrina turquotte.


Oye hoye Salman Bhai, living it large as always!

Salman jiye hazaaron saal!!

wow Amir is taller then salu !!

She was a C-lister even in south films....anyway that is the criteria.

wow looking super awesome luv u so much salman and sana khan

Don’t like sana at all BUT love Salman<3

wow salman & sana khan lookin super hot my most favorite khans both of you JAI ho

wow my most favorite khan sana khan and salman khan looking super hot luv them chemistry dono ki Jai Ho

In the end when he is 60 he will marry some youngin' like Sana.

only reason I was here is because of jaqueline Fernandez, and NOW these days zarine looks prettier than Katrina.

Salman please marry one of these gorgeous women that surround you.... Better yet marry Karisma Kapoor!

He is not the only one to decide who he will marry, opposite sex should also agree and after seeing his true color i don't think anyone will get ready to marry him atleast someone with self respect will never agree.

These are all Salman's girls. The only one in the bunch that really had to struggle is Jaqueline Fernandez, not only with her hindi, but she has been part of the industry for a long time now. It's nice to see she gets a chance now to work opposite these big stars. Sana doesn't deserve it and is not pretty. Zarine is good looking and all and seems like a cool girl but what is she doing nowadays?

did you forget Jackie got some help from Sajid

Not really, Sajid was the reason she had to turn down plum roles in big ticket films like Jannat 2, Raaz 3, Krrish 3, Gunday, the "Laila" number from SAW, etc.

wow didn't know priyanka was the third choice for gunday :o

who were the 1st and 2nd choice for Gunday?

Katrina was almost signed on but she left the project, then Jacqueline was once again nearly signed on but Sajid came in between. Even Nargis was auditioned but didn't make the final cut. But anyways, Priyanka seems to be doing great in the film and that's all that matters. :)

Completely agree with you, especially the part on Jacqueline. She has worked so hard to get to where she is, and I'm glad she's finally receiving her due success (and has such a great personality that you want her to do well)!

Salman and Amir looks wow!! But sana khan looks scary here :0

that was zarine god i thot it was katrina for a second

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