Teri Meri song promo-Bodyguard

Credits: youtube

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i just dont get one thing, dis is a sad song.. den y is kareena smiling?i cnt ignore d fact dat it is a sad song .so d choreographer should have given a lil bit of attention to d expressions also.. but no doubt kareena looks absolutely stunning..:):)

Kareena looks superb song is ok, video is horrible..........Salman no comment

great song

I love the song Teri Meri, its my latest favorite song. I like the sensual yet friendly chemistry between them without the actors touching or taking over personal space, grabbing each other nor indulging in a heat eye lock to create a fake burning passion. Nice to see no ott induced chemistry. Appreciate the fact that from some time now Salman's songs are very classy and clean fun not vulgar.

"kitty- why do u even bother posting comments oops crap on any article or video related to Salman Khan when everyone knows how completely biased you are?" --> Agree, kitty dont comment if you have nothing good to say.
Salman looks super handsome!! I really love this song. Can't believe it's a himesh reshamiyya song.

i love the mean look of salliu in this song,thats the mean look of a true bodyguard(as solid as a rock),i would have been dissapointed if i see saliu crying or showing one emotional retarded face.truly im impressed.i cant wait for EID

Salman used to know how to romance on screen in his earlier days now he just has become jaded by life that he is using the same attitude in his acting career as his personal life basically just going through the motions!!!!! Damn dude get some passion from something sheesh I hate seeing all these comments about you being expressionless because even though I hate to admit it it's true!!!!

i like this song. i like rahat fateh ali a lot. but at some pitches it feels like he is shouting. anyway, why salman is wearing sun glass at night and running for his life? seems like he took a short break from his duty to attend the date... :P jk jk...hehehe

Some people may hate me for this..but I wish they chose a different male singer..I love Ustad Fateh Ali Khan, but this song should be given to someone else...like sonu...or...Kk..or idk someon else! And the video is odd..especially with Salman running like that in the beginnin..slow mo and stuff...just seems out of place.

bebo u r really awesome

This song is gonna rock because of Rahat Fateh Ali Khan only!!

i like this song a lot.. rahat and shreya combination is amazing,music comp could have been better. can't wait for this film - after a long time - salman and kareena (looks ravishing in those sarees) will be onscreen together, i liked kyon ki with these 2 - glimpses of chemistry there. movie should be a blockbuster - releasing at eid, salman already had an ALL TIME blockbuster in dabangg released coincidentally during eid, i will be surprised if this movie doesn't work considering salman's streak and siddique's (never had a flop) bodyguards in tamil and malaylam have been huge hits.

OMG best song of the decade

i dont see any chemistry between them and Kareena is really overacting

i expected a much better video... *sad*

the tune is damn boring.*yawn*....salman as usual expressionless n kareena has those same expressions as usual.....the chemistry completely cold... it 'll be a wonder if this movie works


1:46 to 1:48 you can see someone's hand throwing the white sheet. Ummm did they forget to cut and edit the hand out?

love the song, concept, expressions, dance, everything!! .. FAB SONG!! .. LOVE IT! Kareena looks soooooooooooooo pretty!!

Poor Bebo! She has to romance a rock with no expressions like Sallu! Feel awful for her....no chemistry whatsoever!

before watching the video, i loved the song and was looking forward to the video.. and now, i just want to forgive my senses for that awkward video in which Kareena is unable to act properly because Sallu refuses to get close to girls, and the whole thing is so cringe-worthy.. n yes, the voice does not suit Sallu, he needs a Dabangg voice, or soft voice.. no rona dhona for this guy..

kareena is the best actress in our industry. kareena u rock no doubt and just keep it up the way u been.
u r looking absolutely gorgous and beautiful. looking forward ur movie and am sure will be hit . salman is the great and u too

no offence but Kareena is trying too hard to show off her skin and her new figure...not appealing to me!!!

The voice is a misfit, this is true. To the one who said someone teach this guy how to act? His career has so far spanned over 20 years. Who are you to question an actor with 20 years of experience??? When the public pay to watch, who are you?

salman is looking awkward...all the moves (or over moves) are done by kareena...will not be remembered as a memorable romantic song.

seems a little like gale lagja.

the song is nice to listen and beautifully sung by shreya goshal and rahat.But the video is not nice.

kitty- why do u even bother posting comments oops crap on any article or video related to Salman Khan when everyone knows how completely biased you are?

i love them two but what the hell did they do to this song!?!? why did they film it in a crappy studio with even more pathetic green screens? these superstars deserve a better location with better OUTFITS! disappointed

Kitty, schmuck and their followers please get rid of your bad karma inherited from your past lives. If not cleansed, it will carry on to the future life. Please stop this hatred and jealously. This girl is gorgeous and a talented actress. ONLY morons like you think otherwise!

kareena looks stunning....absolutely beautiful.... :)

someone teach this guy how to act!!!!!!!!!!! pleaseeeee

bebo is smoking hot man..... salman is definatly most handsome guy in this industry right nw.....

ok.. the song s beautiful visually, but seriously these two do not work for me..The male voice is a total missfit for Sallu,. and Kareena is overacting and looks very stupid and artificial.. Please some one teach her how to act.. I am sick of her same expressions.. I have a feeling this movie will not work.. or will work on because of sallu..

great chemistry they are just rocking

Kareena is the worst actor ever - i mean shes been giving the same expressions for a decade now ... please go and get married. Your sister evolved from her Prem Qidi days to Zubeida but u r such a duhhh!!! Go marry your Mr duhhh.

No words for this man..He is beyond all this..all i can say is come EID i will be there


i agree with kitty, just no chemistry :( salman is like a statue and kareena like a manic girl. i'm sure that this film will do well though, as anything by salman is a hit, regardless of lack of chemistry and poor acting by the leads.

About 6mnths ago, when all the actresses walked the ramp for Salmans charity, he was wearing sunglasses and there were rumours he had some sort of eye surgery for the bags under his eyes. Being a huge salman fan I refused to believe this c**p but ever since, he actually does look younger and his eye bags have banished. He either needs to tell me the cream he used or he's deffo had an eye job. Still adore him tho! :-)

awwwwww.. salman is soooooo cuteee.. love the chemistry between the two.... love it


Wooow... no chemistry between these 2, just like their other movies together. The oveactor (her) and the underactor (him) can't seem to meet in the middle.

this looks an ad for mm saris. The sari is worn in such a vulgar way. yuck!

Like it

Refreshing video

Saree is classic

Thumbs up

ew.... all cliched.. saree. flowing.. overacting by kareena.. hardly any chemistry between the 2!

OMG best song ive ever heard and amazing promo kareeena loooks so bloooody gorgeous and salman loooks hot and together they share the best chemistry they have ever shared with each other!!!

zero chemistry

I love love this song!


Whoa kareena looks super plump and well she looks smoking after eons

i love the song it's very romantis .i like kareena dresses. salman looks hot as always .but i dont see any chemistry between them .may be we can replace salman with shahid or kareena with kartrina

the voice does suit salman khan

Sallu can't romance...he should just leave that to SRK! Poor KAreena, she's looking gorgeous and trying her best to romance lallu :)

such a beautiful song...awesome lyrics

Not working or me. Looks too much of of show-sha but no content.

mind blowing song

awesome,come EID i will be there

love this song!

i don`t like this jodi !!


like the song, but not liking the promo
could have been more intensive...
What a bummer!!!

Love it!!

awwwwwwwwwwwww... salman isss soooo cuteeeee

Salman Khan defines a Man

Salman Khan looks gorgeous

What a jodi!!!!

Hottest couple of the Millenium


osum song! salman rockssss

LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE IT Salman rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

outstanding, the best love song ever.
Love u Salmannnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. turely rock.star

Lush song and Salman looks amazing :)

lost interest in it about a minute in. Boring with Salman using that same one expression

Bebo is looking stunning

love love it its super hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
salman khan and kareena look very sexy!!!!!!!1

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