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Fading Bollywood 0

Bollywood is full of "actors". Not all are talented and not all will stand the test of time. If actresses like Rani,Preity and actors like Sunny, Govinda can somewhat fade away, then it is very likly the newer less talented crop of "actors" might also fade away. Also 5 years is a long time to sustain popularity. Media loves writing people off. Not everyone can reign for as long as Sridevi, Madhuri, Shah Rukh Khan, Hema Malani, Amitbh Bachchan did.
Who Do you think Will fade away in the Next years?
Some names to consider are
Anushka Sharma- I just don't See her being the next big thing
Deepika Pudokane- These one could go either way- Superstar or Flop.
Priyanka Chopra- Something tells me that the hungery-for-fresh-talent Bollywood might get tired of this face. Although i think she deserves to be the numer uno for now, especially after Fashion. But 5 years is a long time to hold on to popularity.
Kareena Kapoor- is 28 and has been in the industry for almost a decade now. Something tells me that 5 years along the line she will not rule Bollywood like she is today. People will simply want to see fresher faces.
Asin- Her first film is an alltime blockbuster. I dont think she will ever be able to repeat the same magic.
Aishwarya Rai- This one has always stood the test of time. At 35, she is doing more Big films than any actress has done at that age. Not even Madhuri Dixit. Being a Bachchan will also add a few years to her reign
Bipasha Basu- The ever Rocking Bipasha is around 30. She is more of a sex symbol than an actress, and at 35 she wont be considered the hottest or the sexiest infront of younger talent.
Imraan Khan- He has not had a big hit since Jaane tu. Although i think he has immense potetnail, he better start doing some good films befre the industry writes him off.
John Abraham- Whilst the age rules for men are better than women in Bollywood, I dont see John Abraham sustaining a long career after age starts to creep on him and his looks and physique
Saif- He is one star who never really saw a glorious career. Until Kal Ho na Ho, no one really thought much about saif. Simliarly, i think people will forget him in 5 years as he never really achieved suerstar status.
Akshay Kumar- Although people love to see a good coemdy, his recent choices of lackluster films will add on to the public loosing intrest in his repitive roles.
Who Do YOu think Will Fade away or be Written off in 5 years?

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Anonymous's picture

Okay, so its 2013:
>They're are all somewhat here, the almost fading away who can't carry a movie on their own back: Arjun Rampal, John Abraham, Saif Ali Khan. I would not be surprised if they're completely gone in few years to come.

>Girls: They're all here, Anushka is picking up, Priyanka is def. well to do, Kareena is okay (I hope she fades away in couple of years if not less), Ashwariya-gone, Deepika Pandokone-sounds very promising as she has picked up!!!

Anonymous's picture

ash is the best n i luv her and she is goin to stay in the industry for infinite years...luv u luv u luv u

Anonymous's picture

Shahrukh and Aishwarya will always remain as No.1

Anonymous's picture

Only time and destiny can tell who will stay on and who will fade away! Who knew that some actors like Rani would fade away so soon!

Anonymous's picture

True, nobody really cared much for Saif until KHNH, and i think most of the actors of today will fade away in the next 5 years.

Sonam, Deepika, Anushka, are all painful to watch on screen, while Katrina still is bearable.

Ranbir, Imran, Neil, only stay for a bit, but will fade away soon too...not much acting talent there either.

I think Shahid Kapoor has the potential to make it big, even up to the Khans' caliber.

Kareena, Priyanka, Bipasha will definitely be gone in the next five years due to age,i mean look at rani, she is already done... and Aishwarya is totally out in the next two years, she has to..AUNTY!

While the Khans' will move onto older roles in the next few years, esp once they hit 50!

I think Arjun Rampal, John Abraham, Akshay Kumar, Hrithik Roshan, and Abhishek Bachan have a good solid 10 years ahead of them, they are strong actors!

Other than that, I think Bollywood needs some real talent, otherwise it will soon fade out... look at the box-office now...most of the movies this year which were hit, are only Khans' releases (3 Idiots, My Name Is Khan, and Wanted)...what will happen after they are gone?!

Anonymous's picture

No one can beat our Legend, Badshah and King Shahrukh Khan. He is The only KING and THE BEST ACTOR of bollywood so far. akshy,Amir and Salman are nothing compare to KING shahrukh KHAN and they will never be as good as legend king SHAHRUKH KHAN.king SHAHRUKH KHAN IS THE NEXT AMITABH BACHCHEN.

Anonymous's picture

katrina kaif give or take 2 years and she will be history

Anonymous's picture

ash luking tooo gud....:)

Anonymous's picture

Akshay will beat sharukh, amir and salman. who can writed of him from the industry.

Anonymous's picture

many of them hardly have any talent. i watched 'mistress of spices' starring aishwarya curious to see how she acts and i cringed in embarrassment. Her face has carried her this far..not her acting skills of their lack thereof!

Anonymous's picture

aishwarya stay 10 year.....

Anonymous's picture

even aish will fade away 5 years from now...

Anonymous's picture

ash+akshay def at least another 10 yrs.

rihan's picture

indian movies are suck n borring

ryoma's picture

lovv aish

anjani_bhattar's picture

oh..c'mon....if u say dat ash is surviving jus bcoz of the bachchans..u'd bttr think again...if it is so..y wud abhishek take so long 2 make a mark in bollywood?? Itz jus dat ash is gettin bttr day-by-day...derz no stoppin her right now..considerin she has some of the best projects in her kitty right now...as for the quesn...i think govinda..asin n sonam r goin 2 fade...if govinda doesnt bcum half his size...if asin continues over-actin nd if sonam remains dat head-strong and so over-confident....shez here jus bcoz of her dad.. n im sure if she coninues dis way...shez nt goin 2 last long!!!!

Anonymous's picture

ash and bipasha will go away in next 3 years...coz ash is already 35...bored of seeing her.. its time up for her but being bachchan bahu she is able to get offers...as for bips no one knows how she is able to stay for so long???

Anonymous's picture

sonams not here to stay. talentless. cant act cant dance, what will she do? just look pretty? ppl wanna see more than that.

arj111's picture

there was something special in some of the stars from the 90's, I see the like of Raveena, Juhi, Karisma, Vivek Oberoi, sunny deol & bobby deol make successful comebacks!! Priyanka deserves the number one spot as she has grown over the past few years, Now as for kareena, I think she will be settling down shortly but who says you cant do good films after marriage! Ash will be having kids mo?

Anonymous's picture

no one cares for akki really.and if he continues to come out with such awful and sleazy films then i'll GLADLY forget him!

Anonymous's picture

Kumar (the author of this post) you only thought that Aishwarya has lasting power amongst the many actors you mentioned. seems pretty biased.

Anonymous's picture

ash+akshay have another good 10 yrs in them.

mans's picture

i think piggy chops n kareena will fade away in 4-5 years..akshay,saif n john might continue 2 reign..

Anonymous's picture

ash should go away for five years and give everyone a break from seeing her all the time ... i agree with the last comment its the luck of the draw... movies do well you are on top if not you are done

fashionista's picture

i dont think deepika will fade away, she is so young.same with anuskha imran.

bips, preity ash too will fade away i think. because in 5 years they will be 40. not many ppl will want to see them then.
and good post kumar

Anonymous's picture

i honestly dont think ash is going newhere specially since shes now a bachan. i LOVE bips, kat, deepika but honestly all they are our sex symbols and are known as beauties. it takes more than that to survive in bollywood. kareena..i see her fading a bit but i have a feeling before she fades she gunna get really famous. cuz recently shes been looking hot. vidya and anushka are already gone. i see john not being able to hold on to his fans. he cant act and those pecs and muscles will tire audiences soon enuff. i also see akshay fading because hes just gunna get uglier as he ages. i think amir khan MAY fade but even if he does he'll kinda be like govinda-ish in the sense that he'll always be REMEMBERED for his greats like lagaan. i see priyanka holding on to her fame because shes not just a pretty face. she proved in fashion that she can actually act and move hearts. i have a feeling ranbir kapoor is going to get really big and wont fade. his looks are very timless. boyish yet sexy.

Anonymous's picture

the thing is, faded or not, they all count on the next big #1.. it's like a lottery.. as soon as the film is #1 AND u catch the media's fancy (being the media's fancy is VERY IMPORTANT), then u r the star.

BOLLYWOOD's picture

i also think that Ranbir/Imran?neil all will fade away in a couple of years

Anonymous's picture


dreamy girl's picture

Well, Vidya Balan for sure HAS officially faded away. I remember when Parineeta first released, Vidya was touted as the next best thing in Bollywood. People were even comparing her beauty and performance to yesteryear actresses. I, myself thought she was here to stay however, I was wrong. All the hype from her debut film eventually died down. Kareena, I think will only last a few years. Maybe even less than 5. After all that weight loss, she's just lost all her spark with it as well which Is why she looks so old now I think and the fate of her recent films isn't helping her either.

sasha's picture

asin, saif, anushka

BOLLYWOOD's picture

good article
Ash is a huge success..she is not going anywhere..

Anonymous's picture

shilpa is done already. only cricket is keeping her name in the papers.

Anonymous's picture

preity zinta, rani and piggy chops. Harman, Dino.
Akshay is here to stay. Eighteen and ninteen years in bollywood have proven he is is not going anywhere. Some may tried to write him off but will not succeed.

Anonymous's picture

ash will rock for next 3/4 years & khans will switch to older characters...while akki is fadding too faster

desigirl_rocks's picture

ash.. akshay

Anonymous's picture

imran khan is just 2 films old.... with aamir backing up... no fkin way is he going anywhere for the next 15-20 years...

it's him, ranbir and shahid for the throne after the khans leave and roshan gets old. LIKE IT OR NOT !!!

bollychic19's picture

Asin, I guess.

Anonymous's picture

more like graveyard bollywood
desperate oldies trying to stay afloat despite flop after flop and no acting abilities


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