No Shah Rukh Khan but Alia and Parineeti on Koffee with Karan Finale

Season 4 of Koffee with Karan has reached its finale. Alia Bhatt and Parineeti Chopra will appear on this final episode as opposed to Karan's good friend, Shah Rukh Khan as was rumored.

As per reports, Shah Rukh Khan could not take the time off his busy schedule to shoot for the show. SRK has been travelling quite a bit for Happy New Year and hence had to give the chat show a miss.

Apart from SRK, other high profile celebs who did not appear on this season's chat show were Katrina Kaif, Rani Mukerji, Amitabh Bachchan and Hrithik Roshan.

Who did you miss seeing on KWK this season ?

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Waiting for it..!
I would have loved for Aishwarya or Rani to end this season more though.

Obviously SRK and Karan are no longer friends. So SRK lost all his true friends. It would be interesting to know why. I´m sure all the SRK fans will look for the reason at others.

Kjo was never SRK's friend. He just used SRK to become a big director.

Everything in Bollywood is about insiders versus outsiders. if you are a starkid then the industry and their friends in the media will do their best to promote you....and if you are an outsider then it's the opposite.
the industry has always ganged up against outsiders, and they are all very jealous that an outsider like SRK has come and is ruling bollywood. all the other heroes combined cannot equal the superstardom that SRK has in India and abroad.
Thats why they all try their best to attack SRK and gang up against him.
In the 22 year career of SRK's, only twice has he had a solo release on a holiday....but all of aamirs, salmans and Hritiks films get solo releases. but someone always tries to clash with SRK so that it effects the opening. when SRK got a solo release for CE, it broke all opening records, but then he lost most of the screens after only 6 days, but Dhoom3 got all the screens they wanted for 5 weeks.

The only true friends that SRK has are his childhood friends and his kids. He doesn't need or want friends in bollywood who are all jealous, insecure and fake.

After examining "The Curious Case Of Sonam Kapoor's Swollen Head" in the last episode,I'm not sure whether my weak heart can handle "The Obvious Case Of Alia Bhatt's dumbness" . This show went from being an entertaining talk show with a unique & fresh format,to being an absolute sham about starkids & experiments in bitchiness & maliciousness. So hoped that atleast SRK's wit,charisma & articulate eloquence in the finale could've saved this show from turning into a parody of itself. Probably now KJO can retitle this show as "The Big,Fat Indian Nepotism Hustle".

no SRK no show for me. Good luck with trash finale.

It's not the show that sucks, it's the people on the show. Actors these days have no personality, other than Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir, Akshay and Salman, although Salman and Akshay just seemed like bitter old men. The one thing about SRK is that no matter what happens to him in life no matter what corruption or how much bs he's had to go through with people, he never comes across as bitter and he always takes the responsibility of entertaining his fans very seriously. He's a true showman and so patient.

Shahrukh has come so many times.. what new questions was Karan gonna ask him anyway? Karan has no guts to ask about the Priyanka affair, Slapping Farah Khan's hubby, fight at cricket stadium..

Where's karishma kapoor rani preity or aish

No wonder the show sucked so much. SRK is witty and so much fun. This season mostly had dumb, deluded and boring celebs

SRK ain't coming so I will not watch. simple.

Good SRK has refused. I would rather see him in a classy show like the old Simi show talking about himself and his work or family without the need to give opinions depending on crappy provocative questions.

He should've done a solo interview with Mrs. Gauri Khan.

All friendships in Bollywood have an expiry date

even in real life between normal people. humans are humans no matter what their profession.

oh no.. i was expecting SRK and Priyanka in the finale...

haha that would be ratings gold ;)

SRK made Karan Johar. and Karan spoiled it by blasting Pee Cee on Twitter. Not done.

Alia is the true I-Kaun!

Dear Karan, now Alia doesnt need your promotion .You have successfully shoved her down our throat.

Oooh! I would like to see Hrithik Roshan and John Abraham.

Whaaat? I cannot believe it! We were all convinced that there would be a srk-rani in the finale. Alia and Parineeti? What he will do, repeat how good they are how good they are? Come on, where is srk :(

I cant believe the relationship between Kjo & SRK is strained ! Its sad that relationships in the industry go sour ... Kjo & SRK made a gr8 team ! Just hoping that he makes a surprise appearance !!! SRk we wanna see u on the finale episode ... Aamir, Sallu are nt worth it !

I wanted to see karishma with rekha

SRK might pull off a surprise and make an appearance anyway!

No SRk this season! And KJo barely even took his name on the show this year. Something's up .

thank god no srk in this season he would have overacted here as well lol.

I cannot believe there will be no SRK this season. This wouldve been the best season if SRK was there. Start with Salman and end with SRK!

Hater Karan skipped Katrina. He is fuming that she ditched his corny film.

I would have loved to see Gauri and SRK introduce little AbRam on the last episode.

The show is so tacky for the couple to accept their son being introduced in it! Glad SRK is not coming at all. I didn't see much from this season and what I saw is complete rubbish and under the sheets kinda of silly talks all the time!

Thanks for Karan,he ruin it all alone.Real talent.

I for one would be interested in what the ratings are for the finale with Alia and Parineeti?...Presuming they will be low and that should tell advertisers a lot.

This season started with a grand slam with Salman, then the Ranveer/Arjun and Akshay kumar episode was fun, afterwards it was all downhill.

no Rani? Come on Karan step up your game!!

Honestly this season was very disappointing with very boring celebs...

For Karan's last KWK episode, he should take a camera on location to one of his kitty parties with the star wives club and we could watch them in all their gossiping glory! :)

Anything without SRK is useless, and I don't like at all.

I was actually hoping to watch King Khan in the last episode of KWK as Salman Khan opened this season so i thought SRK would close it. :S

srk will feel bad for kjo and come. im sure.

SRK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dammit!

I miss Rani. Rani and Adi together would've been awesome as a finale!

Jaya and Aish together would have been BUMPER!!!

Damn I really wanted to see Rani this season.. what a let down!

kangana ranaut

Guys chill- they have already shot the episode and it will air so the one's you don't want to see Alia again can just choose not to

We don't need another episode with Alia ... Had enough of her the first time she went on .. She came off as self obsessed and cocky !

hey guys
what if alia's and varuns parents actually paid him to launch them?
what other reason would he be so involved with Alia's career?


I am not a SRK fan but wise decision SRK!!
KJO just looks for controversy and is obsessed with Ranbir and Katrina.
I cant believe he brought Alia TWICE on the show, I guess he was being calculative seeing that she will be starring in 2 states which is a Dharma production, what he doesnt realize is audience just gets more disappointed when we see how stupid these stars actually are, eg Alia, Sonam, Varun
He should have got Kangana, Jacquelin, Asin, these people need a chance as well..

Other than the Salman, Akshay and Ranveer/Arjun episodes, KWK was a wash-out this year. I think SRK is done with Karan and this so-called friendship. Which clearly meant very little when K-JO took to twitter to lambast certain people, the seeds of discontent were sown there and then. That's not how friends behave towards one another, no matter what is going on. It should have been dealt with between themselves. Fatal mistake by Karan, don't think SRK is going to forget that demonstration of disloyalty in a hurry.

Stopped watching this rubbish ages ago after the virgin comment from Salman I think! This is not a chat show see how poor Akshay was squirming! sad, I want them to talk and tell stories not hear Kjo fantasise and drool all over them and I think he does! As for his choice of guests where was Big B and Rekha, wow! Rishi Kapoor would have some tales to tell and opinion about today, what about the directors stories about working with the stars! As for these young things they are in the business because of their parents, like Ranbir see how interesting they are, NOT!? My Dad opened a door and here I am......yawn Kjo in USA there would have been no season 2 mate except you have a pal called SRK!!!

I'm glad Kangana didn't go! Last time when Kangana came the first thing Karan told her was, did you do plastic surgery? What a stupid person this Karan. Then after the Rapid Fire round he told Kangana, you won't get it anyway and the winner will be announced in the next segment between Anil and Sanjay.

I completely agree! He was so rude to Kangana and she was super graceful on his show with Anil Kapoor and Sanjay Dutt. Karan is always digging dirt and giving room to controversies. Crap show!

Not only him, but Anil and Sanjay were also nasty. When Karan asked 'have you done something to yourself' Kangana said 'Can you be a bit more specific with an awkward smile' and Anil jumped in saying 'Like botox etc. '. Poor girl wasnt there for 2 minutes and they bashed her. Im so happy for Kangana and the praise she gets. I hope movies like Priyanka's Mary Kom and Vidya's Bobby Jasoos also get the same appreciation like QUEEN. Well deserving hard working talented girls in Bollywood.

Rani Mukherji's Mardaani as well

True! I forgot that one. Thanks :) Rani is a tremendous actress.

he shud have an episode with ash-sush. lara-pc. it wud be smthng different!!! world beauties under the same roof!!!

ash, big B, kangana, sachin tendulkar, kat, irfan khan.

Hrithik , Rani & Katrina for obvious reasons ! Should have called Sridevi and Boney . (For that matter it would have been better to see Sonam with Sridevi) .Others he's missed out on ... Kangna Ranaut for a good honest interview , Sanjay Dutt & the mystery of his wife's ailments . Why no John Abraham with his new Mrs ? Vivek Oberoi with his Mrs ? All KJO did was have people who needed to promote their movies! SRK's total absence indicates someone has an axe to grind , b'cos KJO always always used to gush at SRK & keep him in a prominent role's like his new obsession is Ranbir ! All in all ...this season was boring!

So many people Karan could've invited: Preity Zinta, Bipasha Basu, Karisma Kapoor and other actresses who never appeared on the show: Amrita Rao, Ayesha Takia, Dia Mirza. Disappointed with this season!

wtf? ALIA AGAIN!!!!

if SRK is too busy why not invite other interesting pairs like Sr Bachchan & Jaya, or Hrithik & Katrina (they have a movie to promote) or Nawazuddin & Kangana or Irfan Khan & Rani Mukherji or Javed Akhtar & Shabana Azmi????

Karan is bogus talk show host.

I am totally disappointed with season4 :-( the most boring seasons of all...
it should not be koffee with karan..but koffee with rankat !

Salman, Ranbir and Kareena were the worst

Wow, he really knows how to end with a bang.

kanagan ranaut---- why was she not interviewed by karan, even though she is starring in a movie produced by karan 'ungli'!!!!

do you seriously expect kjo to invite a girl who's not a starkid to his show... or she might have refused, and if she did, im glad, last time when kjo invited kangana, he literally bullied her throughout the episode

Couldnt agree with you more...I re-watched that episode recently just for Kangana & he was pretty rude to her in it...
To be frank it is Karan's loss as Kangana's honesty would have added spice to his show....

He came since the show started..didnt miss at all. This was all new people and fun to watch, as first timers they good.

Who did you miss seeing on KWK this season ?
On SRK not being on the show Sums up KJo-SRK equation

Lets crown Karan Jahar as the nepotism badshah of Bollywood!


Some great comments on here. I too wonder why this season was a promotion for Ranbir and Katrina? That struck me as peculiar? Why was/is K Jo so obsessed with them? Is it planned so that their names are in the public? Is he really rooting for them as a couple or uncouple? Again, bizarre obsession.

diz season has been a lil dull coz it wasn't all fun but more of being controversial and mean spirited.
it wasn't as fun as da tym of Srk, rani n priety.
dat reminds me, he had pretty good list wid amir, salman n akshay
N my fav episode was Nargis n freida n also Ranveer n Arjun....dey wer fun.
a few highly anticipated ones like, Kareena-Ranbir, Deepika- Priyanka wer quite boring actually

apart frm dat wud hv liked to c Kagana,Ash, Sri devi, Ms Dhoni n Yuvraj, Katrina.

Who cares! SRK's become a megalomaniac. Who want's to listen to him talk crap for an hour on that couch!

I started watching #kwk because of shahrukh, anf he isn't coming,,this is not good!

Hrithik and Preity ...They are full fun!!

Hrithik and Pretty.... They are full fun!!

Guess there is another episode post Alia and Parineeti. It will have Sunny Leone and Ekta Kapoor

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Actually I'm glad if he's not coming (though will miss his entertaining self). Gossip/catching up would seem kind of redundant between Kjo and SRK, if they are still good friends that is, then they already know what they need to know and we clearly don't. Besides, we already know how brilliant he is (so no need for quizzes) and he surely must be beyond being catty and going on and on about the rest of the industry.

He knows everyone in bollywood, he had so many people to choose from and go out with a bang but he chooses these alia and parineeti?

KJo needs to learn that enough is enough. I'm sick of Alia already. There's just TOO much of her in this year already - her KWK, Highway, now 2 States, and this episode. It's a sad fact for Kjo that most celebrities chose Parineeti over Alia on who had a brighter future. This season sucked so bad with terrible people in it - Freida and Nargis was the absolute worst!! Both of them had no common sense and made themselves look so dumb. He could have called so many more better actors like Rani, Karishma, Kangana, Hritikh, Saif. Hell, even Katrina would have been better than watching Alia again. After watching this season, I have no interest in Kjo.

Well done SRk for not coming to the show. It is quite spiteful and crap now.

I hate Karan for not having Kangana on the show! Nepotism!

SRK & Rani were the ones I wanted to see! Karan got everyone else but them... Didn't like this season one bit

Jacqueline Fernandez

I wanted to see Jacqueline Fernandez and Katrina Kaif

Since when Rani became High profile actress?? lol

I hate Koffee with Karan for one reason!!!! He never invited Karishma Kapoor I don't care what anyone says but she was the most successful actress of her time wayyyy more than even Juhi who even now never fails to take credit for her success even though it is WRONGFULLY. All the actresses back in those days were attacking Karishma because she was the biggest star and a box office queen the only thing that kills her success is her humbleness she was far by the most humble actress who never said anything bad about anyone. Karishma needs to be on the show, Karan is amused with plain looking actress he has become such a old loser. Anyway PV plz post this!!!!

WHAT?? NO Rani this season either? I was looking forward to that :(

I'm just glad KWK is finally coming to an end.This show has turned most celebs into mean,spiteful creatures who don't give two hoots about hurting others' feelings.Bye bye Karan,good riddance.

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