Shah Rukh Khan at the Hello! Hall Of Fame Awards

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Shah Rukh Khan attended the Hello Hello Hall Of Fame Award ceremony that took place in Mumbai today. SRK won the 'Entertainer and superstar of the Year' and also shook a leg for his famous lungi dance number from Chennai Express.


This man is sexy and no one can deny that. and who did is just plain envious. Women will die for him if he was single. He has been taken like since forever!!!:( Always such sexy men are taken!!! Unfair!:((

Shah Rukh is the sexiest Indian man I ever seen! He is THE perfect guy. A real man man. And I'm a French super model by the way.

OH GOD!!!! He is sexy as hell!!!! Love the suit and the pose and the beard and the face...and all of him!hehe

The first award of the season and Srk attended with PC!!!
Also an undeserving special award for her . The media was right abt his phone call to her, no guesses on who told the media abt the phone call to catch them at the awards, they surely planned their meetings backstage at shows like always. PC pr are calling it an anniversary award and show!!! Bravo
Having a monster truck for a vanity bus away from media is very convenient . Those fans who don't support are supposedly mindless haters.

SRK and Priyanka are definitly in a relationship. No doubt. SRK' s face says it, Priyanka's engagement ring says it!
Why are they so cowardly? It's an open secret in btown. They should stop to humiliate their families in public! Shame on them!

It should be a crime to look this sexy!!

Kitty with a double account!! Same style same SRK AND PC PR!
Do U get paid double too?

Why he was in such a bad mood? It was his 3rd anniversary with Priyanka yesterday. I bet they "celebrated" later ;-).

Moron alert!!

Your stupid comment makes the fact not better ..... lol

I'm in love with him! I want to marry him!:'(

You want to be his third wife? That's boring, he's even too old for two. Look at him, says it all .... LOL.

He looks like any other middle aged man except classy! umm and no he's not hot from any angle..

He always look very hot and sexy with black...I guess yestarday in Hallo Magazine Awards he was most hotest man ! Beard really make him to looks more good !

This man is so sexy and he knows it!;)

The King!

Soooooooo sexy.

He always looks tired now. He needs rest

Hello there, effortlessly sexy! :P

Sharukh Khan is the best and will always be the best. It's good that he takes care of himself. He and Arjun Rampal are my favourite stars, however Arjun lost so much weight that sometimes he looks like he's high and can't eat. (Arjun is not a drug addict).


OMG......King Khan looks Gorgeous. I am glad you are taking care of yourself Shahrukh.

l love you shah rukh khan

He really looks good with the beard.


O.M.F.G. Gorgeous!

he looks damn sexy!!!!! This man is all sexy!!!! damn!!! I want to be his woman!!!!

He stopped laughing since a long time. What's the reason? AbRam or Priyanka?

This comment is getting lame day by day. Next time please bring a new thing to bash SRK. Haters are lack of ideas lately.

Loving the bearded look!

Uffffffff hot hot!!!

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