Live Hangout with Shahid Kapoor & Kunal Kohli

 Live Hangout with Shahid Kapoor & Kunal Kohli 0
 Live Hangout with Shahid Kapoor & Kunal Kohli 0

Everyone that missed Shahid Kapoor and Kunal Kohli's Live Chat with EROS yesterday, let me just say it was complete chaos with the hundreds of Shanatic fans trying to get on Google+. Most of the people that were online during the "hangout" were unfortunately having Technical problems, but it was all worth it for the ones that got a chance to talk to the handsome hunk.

Shahid and Kunal seemed to have a gala time talking to all the fans and it lasted about an hour. Everyone was trying to get a second to talk to Bollywood's chocolate boy, and there was one lucky girl named Sheba who got to talk to Shahid for about five minutes. Shahid also went out of his way to say " I love you" to the girl who was live from Hollywood, Los Angeles. You can take a look at their conversation starting from 00:9:48 in the video.

Here is the link to Live Chat and hope you Enjoy!

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Anonymous's picture

nothing special

Anonymous's picture

Who is the girl??

Anonymous's picture

Shahid is so handsome and cute and relaxed. Wish I was there too! Missed this!

Anonymous's picture

OMG! Shahid looking soooooo cuteeeee!!!!!

Anonymous's picture

I missed this, i cannot believe it!!!!

Anonymous's picture

shahid also seems to be falling for her or what??? Why he not say love you for anyone else on chat??

Anonymous's picture

Lucky she....

Anonymous's picture

i ws d nxt 1 2 d last :(( ppl spole wit hm 5 tymz n i didnt evn gt 1 chance D; m soooooooo sad :((
btw y didnt any ov f users postd trailer or sng promo ov mukhtasar on pinkvilla ??!


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