Shahid Kapoor & Anil Kapoor at police show Umang

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Shahid Kapoor & Anil Kapoor at police show Umang.

Like every year, this year too Umang police show has been organized to felicitate the Mumbai police for their hard work.

Credits: Viral Bhayani

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I think the critics are very vocal but still a minority.

I agree with the last comment. I am too very surprised, though I am not great fan on Shahid. I have noticed that, it has become fashion to criticize Shahid for no matter what and that too just because his last 2 films did not work. It's a shame on society like us who judge people based on success and failure. I have never seen anyone been criticized so much for failure of his/her films the way Shahid has been targeted. He is dealing with it with great dignity. He will be fine people, he will come back soon.

Surprised to see many negative comments about SK. Just because his last two films were not blockbusters, does not make him a bad person! On the flip side, just because someone delivers big hits, it does not make them a good person! Failures and successes happen to everyone, no matter what industry they are in.

As far as SK, I think the world loves an underdog...I am sure he will return with a bang with his new releases this year.

Anil Kapoor puts Shahid Kapoor to shame here! Fix up Shahid!

lol so shahid is still alive...if u know what i mean !
he is looking cute though !
anil will never get old..seriously..he looks handsome here !

The men were better dressed than the women.

Shahid is so sexy and cute. I want to eat him.... droolls

Doesnt like whatever he is wearing , but looks good!!
Anil kapoor nevr grows old!!

shahid is SO wannabe. 10 + years in the industry, and still the same old.

Not seeing enough of Shahid these days and it's not fair. He needs to appear more often. Nice to see him. Goodluck with next release.

the little wet spot where he is standing looks like he pissed and had a lil accident

loving Shahid's shirt colour...these bollywood men need to be a bit more adventurous with their clothes...always wear the same boring black/brown/blue!!

ewww Shahid looks terrible lately, he's not the handsome innocent guy he was anymore :(

Both of them look great! Wonder why Shahid did not perform?

SK attempting a new look! Nice!

Hottest man of the earth - Shahid kapoor.

wtf is shahid wearing?? extrmely govinda-esque on the color and the fit is worse than arjum kapoors clothes. yuck hate him

i love shahid but i think anil looks better here.he's just amazing.

Shahid and Anil should work together! I think they will be awesome in a comedy.
Too bad that Shahid did not perform. His performances at award shows last year, were simply amazing.

Shahid is soooo cuuteee!

Nice pics

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