Shahrukh Khan, Anushka Sharma perform at the 58th Filmfare Awards 2013

Photos,shahrukh khan,Anushka SharmaPhotos,shahrukh khan,Anushka SharmaPhotos,shahrukh khan,Anushka SharmaPhotos,shahrukh khan,Anushka SharmaPhotos,shahrukh khan,Anushka SharmaPhotos,shahrukh khan,Anushka Sharma
Photos,shahrukh khan,Anushka Sharma

The badshaah of bollywood jumpstarted the 58th Idea Filmfare Awards with an electrifying performance to a song specially conceptualized to celebrate the Hindi Film industry's 100 glorious years. SRK payed tributes to the industry's various phases, trends and fads in his rib tickling act.

Seen in the pictures is also Anushka Sharma entertaining the audience with her 'latkas and jhatkas' during the 58th Idea Filmfare Awards 2013, held at Yash Raj Films Studios in Mumbai.

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Looks good!

pink171's picture

did they perform together ?? no na

srk_fangirl's picture

looking forward this one! zee performance was abit disappointing:/

onlyrani's picture

waiting for videos.

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@voices writer..agreed !

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I wish Bollywood awards shows were aired LIVE.

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By the time I get to see some of the awards, I know it's already way after when it actually happened, and that takes out most of the fun. Most which I'd like to see, I never get to see. If it were screened online live in good quality (I'll even pay for it), it would be amazing for all indian cine-lovers around the world.

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same to same....

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Looking forward to SRK's performance. I love his stage presence, and he looks perfect with the beard and the tan. Though I never understood why Indian awards are not live!! They should change that a be like the west.

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Waiting to see Anushka and srk performance. They were so good in zee cine awards.


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