SRK and Aishwarya approached for Bajirao Mastani?

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According to well placed sources in the Times of India and the Free Press Journal, SRK and Aishwarya have been approached for Sanjay Leela Bhansali's next, Bajirao Mastani, which begins shooting around June next year.

SRK to replace Salman

Says a source, "Initially, Bhansali was planning to offer the role of Bajirao to Salman Khan but Salman and he had a panga and now SLB's dropped the idea of doing it with Salman. Recently, he met Shah Rukh Khan and gave him a one-line narration. SRK was very excited and now the duo have planned to meet up soon for a proper narration."

ARB approached by Bhansali

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has been having a few visitors of late and one of them happens to be a certain filmmaker who has worked with her in two big hits of her life. The actress apparently met the director, who was not just paying her a visit to see how well she is and how her personal life is shaping up, but he has been discussing a film with her post her baby as well.

We are aware that Ash has committed to Rajkumar Santoshi to work in his film 'Ladies and Gentlemen', but then, the truth is that, 'Ladies and Gentlemen', you may hear of much bigger news soon after the chhota Bachchan is born and Ash is ready to get back under the arc lights again. Santoshi needs Abhishek also to work with him, but then Sanjay Leela Bhansali may have other plans. Oh, did we reveal the name of the other director by mistake? Anyway, lets hope no one is reading.

Nothing is confirmed yet, but it will be great to see them back together. One couple who always shares excellent chemistry together, like in this scene.

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i think this scene was SRK's best dialoge....not aish's......these two r so natural and magical together
btw, aish's acting is so fake

srk ko baji rao mastani movie suit nahi lagegi please dont do this movie yaar

i think salman khan is one of handsome and good looking man bajiraomastani role is suitable for one and only salman khan.

@Tue, 2011-10-18 08:09 — are wrong and your are trying to twist the facts here...veer zaar was never offered to aishwarya...when aditya chopra asked SRK to work in that project it was SRK who suggested aishwrya for the film but no one was officially signed for the film,SRK even got her mohbettain he even wanted the director of asoka to sign aishwarya with him in that project but he suggested a new pairing so how can you say that he got her out of of many projects including veer zaar even SRK was signed for the project long after chalte chalte...aishwarya was facing a bad time of her career so her fans a and aishwarya herself try to blame it on SRK...once the phase was over she had hits as well so should we say that now its because of Bachans she got the films?


Ash+John wanna see in a movie

even though people talk about chemistry between Hrithik and Ash, Ash looks best with SRK
they were unbelievable in Devdas and Mohobbattain...simply cute in Josh
I just miss them but i'm 100% sure they will never ever work together

honestly i have started to hate salman,SRK,amir,aishwarya,amitabh,abhishek,kajol,kereena etc etc why dont they sit back home i totally agree with an Anonymous below with this cast you can almost predict how any movie will turn out to be same acting by salman,aishwarya hritick,SRK,amir amithabh jee...i'm just sick of them!!

I BADLY want to see Ash with Aamir working together, not in this project though...

I`m not the biggest fan of Ash-Srk`s jodi, she`s so beautiful that she transforms him into a beast far, only Hrithik managed to look ideal with her.

My superficial view aside, I`m still not thrilled of a collaboration between SRK and Ash, but in the end, it`s up to her of course. It`s not that I don`t like the guy, I`m neutral, but he never wowed me in the acting department, although he has enough charisma and acting skills to carry him through a role.
Ash always gave her best performances beside "intense" actors like Hrithik, Ajay, Vikram, even Amitabh, Mamootty (I don`t discount the bigger influence of the directors, or of the role/character`s prescriptions, but still) that`s why I want her to work with Aamir. I hope they put aside their differences some day and give it a try.

Well, I guess she first needs to give birth and take some quality time for the baby, be it a year or two...anything, just don`t act so often with your hubby, Ash, I love you, but you two are rather bland onscreen! (no offense :)

Vishal Bhardwaj or Kjo or YashRaj should direct these 2 too

no one is there to work with ash...she will definitly work with SRK and her fans has so much venom for SRK will start admiring him once again.such hypocritics.

Amir+Ash ?

i saw a video taken after this filmfare awards showin in the pic.
Aishwarya was acting very coy almost like she had a thing for SRK back then. Just the way Priyanka acts now with SRK. i wonder whats so great about this guy anyway.
just a thought.

noooooo i dont like aish but she is perfect for mastani, but srk eww he cant be bajirao, only salman is best for that. he is young not like oldie srk

ash is mindblowing

These 2 r gonna be a HIT, AGAIN, if this happens!

But Ash doesn't LOOKS 37 though SRK looks more than 45. :(

TRUE about Aishwarya!

If SRK is old... then Salman is what??? A MUMMY maybe???

If SRK id old.. Salman is what??? A MUMMY maybe???

Salman with a young girl? LOOOOOOL.

This couldn't be more NASTY and PEDOPHILE to watch! The man is almost a grandpa and u fans wants to see a grandpa with a young lady? At least SRK and Aish can match, Aish looks much younger than her age and she's not even 40!!! Better to see her playing this role than KAREENA playing a COLLEGE GIRL, she's not only 30 but she has aged A LOT, many people has afirmed the same and she looks OLDER THAN AISH!

keep dreaming ash fans....this ain't gonna's just PR by ash goons

A 40 yrs old playing mastani?? I just Threw up in my mouth.

the two oldies should just sit at home. Especially Aish as she is going to be a mom. take care of your kid

wow she was so beautiful back then ...

hope its true! SRK even apologized to Aish so I hope she doesnt have any problem

@Tue, 2011-10-18 17:18 — Anonymous

You're right!! :) It wud be gud if they did this movie with Hrithik! :) SRK is buddha now. He shud retire...

Tue, 2011-10-18 21:25 — Anonymous

Yea yea! SRK is an old man! He won't ever fit in this role!!

hmmmmmmmmm SLB _ hrithik _aish super ka flop... but f. aish_abhi flop again... aish aksay.. flop flop flop.. now with srk offcourse will successs.... SLB were undeterred by the actress who always fail in the film. SRK must be successful because there hahahaha

it would be casting coup of sorts if rani (who was originally set to play kashi bai) does so in this film too...would be brilliant

Really bad choice

srk is nothing Now ...dry FACE and Old LOOK ...makers should sign fresh n Nice Faces Now

Why salman khan? He is a lousy lousy actor. Why can't SLB hire a decent male actor?

This article is FAKE sorry to say lol

Aish fans going to be a hypocrit so pathetic exactly like her, ps I know they won't make t but nice to see aish fans going masd for nothing.
Knowing kareena will bag the movie lke always, with srk or salman.
But aish fans plz dnt stop hyping I love to laugh @ u pple lmfao.

Wow cool! super couple! the king and queen of bollywood together would be great if this is true?

Shahrukh can never play Bajirao... the guy is too skinny to be a warrior. I don't know why Bhansali wasting his time he can just go with Hrithik Roshan. Hrithik fits the role of Bajirao.

Was she beautiful or what. She's the reason i started watching Bollywood movies. In my country (in Europe) they very rarely show Indian movies, but once I saw her in a movie, when she was young and I was very impressed by her. I have to say that even though Bollywood has pretty girls, non of them compares with Aishwarya in her younger days. She was not only beautiful, but very graceful and a good dancer. I have to say I am not crazy abt her in interviews, she seems too uptight. In the past, I think Rekha had a very beautiful face.


would love to see this couple on screen in another bhansali masterpiece once again!..their pairing gives me goosebumps!

Hahaha at Bijarao and Nani comment. She is way to old for this man, flop is in the making.

She is too old to play that role, plus a newly mother romancing a middle aged man on screen just doesn't sink in. Sorry!!

OMG i love Aish-srk together, i hope so much this news is true!

@Tue, 2011-10-18 12:44 — Anonymous
"it should have been salman and some young heroine... ash is old, i am not a bit interested now"
Salman is considerably older than Ash. Sexist much?

This is BULLCRAP....I'll believe this if the film actually gets made

OMG that scene was lovely! Watching it fter a long time... thank u for sharing! SLB + Ash = MAGIC


Nice, the casting is amazing. BTW, they must've made Shahrukh stand on a stool, that's why he is looking so tall. I mean Aish is 5'7.5" and he is the same height, but on the cover he looks 3-4 inches taller. :|


Aishwarya is the perfect choice for Mastani - Great actor, mindblowing dancer and drop dead gorgeous beauty - she has everything needed to essay Mastani. The only minus is her age! I mean Mastani was 23 or something during the story.

Same for SRK. His age is a major problem. But Ash doesn't LOOK 37 though SRK looks more than 45. :(

lol, aish overacts too much in this scene, anyways i hope srk and aish will do a movie 2gether, seriously, they was my fav couple....but since they didnt work 2gether in 9 i just forgot this couple....but they will be my fav again....
PERFECT and juliet.... :/

sorry srk ash is busy with baby..

Maybe not Bijroa mastani but another amazing period love story where the leads are slightly older.

i don't want to get exsiting..becuse every time they said srk-ash will work togther i becomr happy then they say is not truth ..i become more sad i heard alots of roumers like(yash chopra next..Ashutosh Gowariker next..and Vishal Bhardwaj next) but all those movies just rumers who knews maybe this too just nother rumer

i always jealous when i look at her pics, especially old pictures.
gr -_-

what a beauty.

it should have been salman and some young heroine... ash is old, i am not a bit interested now

Aren't they too old for the role.

Devdas was a superb movie & I pray this movie will be made with Aishwarya in the lead

So Aishwarya will come directly to the movies after her delivery? i thought she would spend time with her kid for at least 3-4 years before coming back. but hey Aish is very ambitious as we all know. she wanted to be in heroine when she was 5 months pregnant.

"Yaad tu onhe kiya jata hai jo bhol jatee hai." Wah! Wah! No one can deliver such impactful dialogues like King Khan!

Loved Devdas and love SRK! Would love to see them together again!

ewww, no... i got enough of oldies doing pics like these.

These two will be a HIT again!

Wow, that would be delightful to watch!!! It's been a long!!!

I donot see any mention of Aishwarya in the article...

SUPERB!! Guess, now what the hypocritical fans of Ash will say.

Mastani was a young girl... how can Aishwarya play a young girl in her 39th year and also being a mother... she will not fit into a young dancers role... even if there is no one who is as beautiful on screen as her and who can dance as gracefully as her but I am sorry she will not fit the role in this age... I wished they would have made this film when she was still with Salman, her and Salman would have rocked in that movie.... and though I like watching SRK in some of his movies and I will go to see his latest movie but he will not fit in Bajiroa's role either... wished Salman would do this movie and a fresh face, a beautiful indian girl who can dance just like Madhuri and Aish ... don't want another Katrina and Co. or any star kids for that matter .... a new fresh indian girl would be great to see in this movie ... the new generation can't act and dance like Madhuri and Ash

would love to see them together. thanks for posting this scene. was great to watch!

My favorite JODI coming back on screen?WOOOOOOOOOOH...time to celebrate!

@Tue, 2011-10-18 08:29 — Anonymous
Fool,can't you read the other article.You guys just come here to make silly comments on supersuccessful celebs.Go get a life Clown!

And Aishwarya was always the first choice of the movie.SLB intended to make the movie first with salman and ash.But after break up he postponed it.

Oh God.. both are old.. especially Ash.. it should be " bajirao and Nani " ( not mastani).

Rumour, if its true then Flop in making.

There is no fight between Salman and Bhansali. Who knows when this film will actually go on floors as Bhansali has been in talks about the film for years. During the time Ash and Salman were dating.

TIMES OF INDIA only states that SRK has been approached, there is no mention of ash being approached. So stop making up baloney just to prop your idol!!!

They were great in Devdas, loveed their pair.. I would love to see them together.. this is a great news.. hope they both accept..I miss SRK, he is such an awesome actor..this scene is awesome. only Ash will have to take lot of efforts to loose weight and get in shape.. I am sure she will be perfect mastani..

wow, now thats what I call a pair.. It will be lovely.. hope they take it.. this is perfect combo.. ASH is the only one who can fit Mastani.. and ofcourse SRK Bajirao.. good news...

What shahrukh did for salman's friendship at that time was definitely HARSH on his part. Profession should always be separated from personal life. He got ASH out of chalte chalte, veer zaara... 4 more big banner films... Simi gerewal talked about it on her show... But Ash stayed dignified about it. But 9/10 years is a long time. And Bachchans are friendly with shahrukh... May be Aishwarya Will consider working with SRK again... In devdas the TRIO did a fantastic job... Sanjay Ash SRK... makes a great team... Would be nice to see them again creating that magic again...

vanity girl PR for ash

She looks v beautiful here,but now she is aging,so is srk,looks quite old,slb is
risking his money with these two in lead roles ,they need to move aside,they have plenty of wealth,its time for new generation To showcanse t inheir talent and beauty.

Mr. SLB please cast SRK with RANI simply bcuz they look much better togather (actually Best Jodi) and Both are mindblowing actors who suit and match each other accordingly as ACTORS. Thank U Sanjay jee.

please SRK and Ash, give up your egos and accept this. You both need a big hit in your career, don't quarrel

Hmm I doubt it. I don't think Aish wants to work with SRK anymore.
Plus I'm not sure she'll be ready to return to movies so soon

Budha and budhi working together lol

Nice magazine cover,both look awesome

I would like to see a fresh new face and a new talent for the same ..tired of these same ole faces!!Its like you can almost predict how they'll act with any kind of roles,therefore there's no newness.Same applies with the directors,indian film industry direly needs new directors with fresh ideas and with fresh subjects.RGV, Sanjay Bhansali,David dhawan ,even karan johar they are all outdated and predictable..its like the audience knows what movies they'll make next.

I hope it's true, but I'm afraid it's not...^^

who are they going to play, retired bajirao and retired mastani, lol, is it the joke of the day, or?

bad casting. It should be Salman and Madhuri.

It would be soooooooo great if they do it!!!!!!!!!!!! I am afraid to get too exited and to be desappointed when I learn that it's not true.... OH PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE I WISH IT IS!!!


Hope is very very true. I would have been the happiest person. I always want see Aish progressiveness. Sharukh is my big time favorite.

n who is playing kashi bai...? Earlier Rani was supposed to play Kashi bai......with Salman and Kareena......if it is SRK-ASH N RANI...It will be a casting coup of sorts.....SRK - Ash after their brawl and Ash- Rani....Incidentally Ash was miffed with both SRK N RANI for having missed out on the same film - Chalte Chalte....

Wow I hope it true SRK and Aishwarya

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