Ganesh Visarjan at Jitendra's home

Ganesh Visarjan at Jitendra's home was a grand affair. The yesteryear's superstar was present with daughter Ekta Kapoor. Other celebrities who attended included Manish Malhotra, Natasha, Shilpa Shetty with her parents, Raj Kundra and Annu Mallik.

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ghar ki bahu manissh is present too wow

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Shilpas mom remind me of Ash, they look like sisters.

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Shilpa's thoughts "Yay, I stole someone's rich husband"

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Why is Shetty Clan so greedy looking!? Never seen such attention hogs.

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wonder where he lives?

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Loll my mom was watching this old jeetendra movie this weekend. Parichay I think. He actually looks better now.
Good to see anmol malik. Knew her when she was in DAIS, she was in my cousin's grade.

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anu malik's daughter looks like a female version of him

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Shilpa's mum looks amazing. She has such a cute face always smiling.

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Nice street.


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