Sidharth & Shraddha promote Ek Villain

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Sidharth Malhotra and Shraddha Kapoor were seen at the IPL semi-finals to promote their upcoming movie, Ek Villain. They were seen interacting with the IPL presenters, Navjot Singh Sidhu and Gaurva Kapoor.

Ek Villain is directed by Mohit Suri and also features Riteish Deshmukh. The film is expected to release on 27th June.

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Omgggggg look at her stomach poppppppngggggggg

lovely picture
shraddha looking hot

I only noticed Sid in this interview, it was so much fun! I think Siddhu was smitten by Sid..haha. Can't blame him, he is that irresistible ;) Its good to see Sid being so confident and open in his interviews.
Shraddha's outfit was so meh. :/
Love you Sid

I had my eyes only on SID

I only noticed sid's gorgeous face! Who shraddha?

who is in second pic between Shraddha Kapoor & Navjot Singh Sidhu?Is he waqar younis former cricketer of pakistan?

sidharth is now aware of his humongous hands he seems to be hiding them now.

she looks in late twenties

her face looks like 27 but body like a 13 yr old...

and which 13 year old girl you have met who have got curves? please share i would love to see her :/

Take off your top Shraddha.

HOT couple!

I love you Shraddha.

Am a fan of Shraddha but not the outfit.

Yikes that is one ugly top. Shraddha, no.

Ugly outfit...

She give me fake vibe and she's is good at hiding it

Trying her best to look hot in front of hottie sid

She's a gorgeous girl but not loving the outfit.

Sid love you

So Shraddha is just super skinny, not toned. Means she doesn't exercise, and she doesn't eat much.

Shraddha, the left side of your top is missing below the waist :| lol

Siddharth is loveeee (: but what is shraddha wearing !!?? Anyways she is beautiful and and i prefer her more then parineeti or Alia (Karan johar's charity case) lol , she has potential and is definitely signing some good projects! Emerging from a non-successful debut to receiving accolades for Aashiqui 2 proves her brilliance

Im watching dis video again n again. Sid's mimicry of Crime master Gogo is Epic. I could not stop myself from laughing....:D

You mean Gaurav's mimicry of Prem Chopra :P ?

cant read English? read it again.

what the eff is she wearing? Its one thing to expose onscreen if the script says you should but I'm sure no one is forcing her to wear such hideous clothes on national tv..then why this unwarranted exposure?

Because she had to go out with sid so that explains the dressing

her life her choice..duh !

The outfit suits her better than Parineeti.. May be cos of the petite frame!

For some reason that side expose isn't suiting her well.. now if it was the same thing in a crop top form then maybe it would've looked better... something's just not right with her outfit

I trice to post the link but was blocked! Search for -
Younis and Siddhu on today's match - Match 53 - Bangalore VS Chennai on YouTube!

Shraddha says she is over 5 5 tall. Even with those tall heels she is looking so short. Why lie?

Does height really matter? She probably has to wear heels anyway because Sid is 6ft 2.

Obviously height matters to her if she's lying about it

Height doesn't matter being truthful does.

Sid is too hot!! His impression if crime master Gogo was hilarious! Watch this vid on YouTube!

Shraddha likes Priyanka Chopra so I guess she's taking her fashion cue from her too......tacky is a kind word for something else

Ever since Ek Villain promotions/interviews I have started disliking Shraddha. I really really liked her through Aashiqui 2 but somehow now she seems loud and obnoxious.

Shraddha is gorgeous simply gorgeous

She is seriously into the expose route to stardom

why is she the only one getting attacked for wearing that shirt, I've many other celebs wearing similar tops, such as Parineeti at iifa.

I actually like her outfit, however I do wish the cutout wasn't that high up. They look cute together.

Where can I watch this interview?

You-tube : Younis and Siddhu on today's match - Match 53.

That top/dress is really tacky shradda wear something that compliments you better!

OMG... Sid is so cute even without trying. n Love ur voice... its so sexy. I like Sid's dressing sense here... but Sk what r u u ever see urslf in mirror, ur face is pretty though.

oh goodness, who styles her, major fail!

Both are damn good looking

Did any1 see dis video?? HA..HA.....its too awesome. d best part Sid's mimicry of Crime Master Gogo. Sid is too funny to handle. both were looking good. Sid looks really handsome even Siddhu paji cant control himself to describe how good looking Sid is. every1 should watch dis.

Shraddha is pretty. But she has yet to convince me with her acting.

They are sooooo cute together. Some People need to leave Shraddha alone. I've noticed how some people always commenting on her weight, dress sense, saying how Sid is the better looker. Even I am a Sid fan and I love him so much but atleast learn to respect his costars. Both are really good looking and hope ek villain is a BIG hit!!! :D

I do not like her, she began to overshow her body

sid is so much good looking yaar and shraddha too

tragic outfit!

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