Freida & the Slumdog Team at the Oscars - More Pics

The Slumdog Millionaire team Freida Pinto, Anil kapoor, Irrfan Khan, Dev Patel at the 81st Annual Academy awards in los angeles.

Freida Pinto is seen in a John Galliano gown

check out more photos of Freida Pinto here

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Freida looks exquisitely gorgeous.. (and younger than Dev, in fact).

Dev Patel looks like Freida's son..

nw y she choose that dres? apprtly John Gillano played Jai HO one of the during one of his shows so myb thats y she wore a john gillano. and she stressed the fact that she is wearing john Gillano at lest 3 times.

a bad choice!!! the dress.. espcilly the bottom part of the dress look so tacky and frda does not look good in that dress..she look 22 old should went with some other dress.. deff not this one

Sapphire Nymph is Freida!!!

dev looks like a typical indian geek

She looked gorgeous, but I think she should have swapped with Sarah Jessica Parker. She had on the most exquisite dress and would have worked beautifully with Freida's complexion. She would have looked like a princess. BTW, who loved Hugh Jackman? He's not Indian, but Pink Villa please feel free to post as many pics of him as you'd like! ;-) Here's a pic of Parker's gown.

Exquisite dress. Probably the shade of blue was a bit grown up for the young and fresh Frieda but it works with the lace. I saw Reese Witherspoon's blue dress (with bizzaro straps on the bodice) and Queen Latifah's blue dress (during her solo presentation), but this one Frieda wore still stood out fabulously.
Work it Frieda!

hmm bad choice of dress, the dress is good but it does not stands out.. Does not suit her..Why did she not go with fresh colors.

da third pic of frieda is so cute! luv da smile!:-)

shes not that g8! she is pretty and an ok actresses, i ahve seen MUCH better

WORK IT GIRL!!! She looked Stunning and Lovely! Heard this dress was by John Galliano....nice shimmery blue!!!! Truly unique...she blew some girls right out the window with this dress....she made it to the TOP BEST DRESSED FOR THIS OCCASSION

Sapphire blue waterfall dress.. very exquiste. Classic dress.
The ruffles below flow just like a waterfull.
Magnificent embellishments...

Would like to wear it at the next my next reception function.

If the LA crowd did not like it or it was too old for her youth.. oh well.

Dazzling romantic Juliet.. dreamy Frieda!

omg i love her

Mon, 2009-02-23 13:24 --> Dark blue is close to black. This dress is 'royal blue'.. a very bright type of blue which rather suits tones. The color was fine.. but the style was not youthful. She's youthful.

Her dress:
It's not really the color-- she looks fine in all colors. Although it was a bold Indian color. Some fashion articles mentioned it was a saree (it's not) and/or it's Indian.

It's more the style.. too romantic old-fashioned frou-frou.. too much Bollywood complicated artifice.
And the hair... why an upped hairstyle when she easily has the best hair East or West? She has that full hair look with gorgeous lush locks-- her hair by far surpasses all those in Hollywood and Bollywood-- very natural color. She's always looked best with her hair down.. not up.

Proof positive that her stylist did not 'make her' as her stylist worked harder on her this time than any other time. Besides, her best look was in an old Mumbai ad photo.

She is cute and I wish her the best and hope that loser ex of her's backs off

Congrats to the SM Team! Win for Mumbai & Bollywood for sure.

Frieda looked cute as always.
Dress is beautiful.. but did it suit her?
Dress was a bit of a surprise pick: aside from her smile, her best features are her hair and her figure. And she smiled less to tonight...
The dress highlighted neither.. not her best look tonight.
She needed a slinky # that everone else wore.
She has such a perfect figure to do so.

Frieda looked lovely--

but I guess she looks like she's wearing a Shoba De slinky sari. Made the sari-lover crowd happy back in Mumbai perhaps.. but I doubt the elite LA crowd may get it. I know back there, they keep telling them: wear a sari; wear a sari. But when they do, they don't fit in cause out in LA, they like it sleek and clean and simple.

Champagene Dreams!!!
Our party is going wild here.. we've broken the champagne and music and are roaring with excitement: CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE TEAM.


She is glorious looking.. magical tonight.

But WHY didn't she leave a gorgeous hair loose???
She's very very proud of her hair and considers that her best feature.
She looks best with her beautiful hair free and flowing and wild.
too much artifice as suspected made her a tad stiff. Still real pretty though.

doesn't look 24 @ al...shes looks like 19 or 20...

Frieda has that 10000000000000000000000% magic smile that can only be hers alone.
She dazzles best when she lets that inner-spirit out.

Spirit and gusto!! that's Frieda..
Look glam !
Go Slumdog Millionaire team.... you guys are it.

You can live blog at and it will be shown on Hollywood marquee live at the moment.

We are cheering them at the party here.. go team!!

Frieda is the Desi Juliet-- so sweet and gorgeous!!

I can't get over the fact that Dev's only 18! He looks way older than that & way older than Freida. Lol that 4th pic is hilarious! I love the close ups of Freida turing her back. Simply gorgeous!

yeah lets keep our fingers crossed for them!! she looks great amongst all the guys.
and AR Rahmans wife looked really pretty.

ar rehman with wife is at the oscars. she is wearing a nice saree. we are all rooting for Slumdog which will surely win and also rahman

where are the kids? they were so cute and out here on e channel everyone said it was the best interview ever with the young jamal. rubina learnt english for the oscars . they were so cute..

photos please...

da 4th n 5th pic of dev is really funny...anywayz dey all luk gr8! freida luks really pretty in da blue dress...n luv da hair!


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