Slumdog Millionaire Team at the Screen Actors Guild Awards

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true, they do not have to buy a dress in all these functions. the designers borrow them their dresses for free advertising. and what is wrong she being 24 and he 18? they still can be happy together. last thing, she will not make it in bollywood, but she has a face for hollywood taste of beauty.

does anyone know why mahesh manjrekar did not appear to all this SM functions? he was a part of SM too??

exotic09 on Sat, 2009-03-14 11:42: ok, exotic, based on your last post of a famous star kid-- your view of beauty is someone with a long nose and short forehead and large jaws and MOST important- white skin.

Frieda is dark and dusky- and in fact, get the feeling had she had white skin, many many of you desis and even non-desis who think she's ordinary would suddenly become extraordinary. Freida has a rocking structure.

Her hair up is not her best look-- but she's very very naturally pretty.

it's amazing that the same posters follow her around from post to post in this one and the international ones to say the same thing over and over again.

Ordinary??!! Ha! No way...
She looks like Barbie.. the Mattel icon. Face is unique structure- no lie.
Compare the Mattel doll or her face.. striking similarity.
And Barbie's beauty is supposed to be perfect.

obviously frieda has a good image assesor as she dresses very good in almost all public appearances but she is not preety at all. just an ordinary girl in fancy dresses

Cinderella... that's Freida!
Freida climbed into international stardom from the back and all the elities of Mumbai are stunned and shocked!

My best guess (could be wrong) is that Frieda and Dev will be outcasts by the elite Bollywood crowd-- as it's an embarassment how far they climbed in just one film.. while many have done films after films after films without anyone noticiing.

The designer of the dress is Marchessa Anons. And I don't think she pays for the dresses - a lot of time the designers lend out dresses for the actors to wear on the red carpet, as free publicity. That's why the actors always say "I'm wearing ....."

the sense of beauty in the west might be different than the desi sense of beauty. we desis always prefer big eyes sharp noes egg face features. anything different is not pretty enough.

the girl looks pathetic...& west just loves the shit comming from asia

they r not in love. shes 25 and hes 18!!!

anil is such a attention sure dev had/wanted to say something too as u can see lil paper in his hand..but cause of anil, ha had to keep mum

anil kapoor was jumping out of his skin but irfan khan looked so underwhelmed. not loving frieda's hair. wish she had kept it open for this

Freida,, you look beaaaaaauiful! the dress is stunning stunning! who is the designer of the dress?

Another hit, Frieda! Gorgeous dress !!! Who is her stylist? How does she afford these top designer clothes just one film old? lucky her! She looks dreamy... and she has the face and figure to look like a star that she became. (Though I think she looks even prettier in the mustard colors..)

Wow fourth pic is nice ....... they shine with love .... muahzz !

i was so excited when they won! im not a big fan of anil kapoor but his acceptance speech was great. dedicating it to the kids is brilliant because they make this movie.

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