Shobhaa De questions the "upbringing of Sonam Kapoor" !!!

Check out the very interesting Article of Shobhaa De on times of india:
***Bollywood: a question of breeding and upbringing ***
Sonam Kapoor took a panga with the popular writer & columnist of Indian Media Giant....

LAST week I wrote a candid critique in this very space on a hugely hyped up film that has tanked. The point is it would have tanked whether or not anybody had written about it. That’s the nature of the beast. And that, alas, is the nature of what columnists the world over engage themselves in — it is their job to express opinions. That is what they are paid to do — express honest opinions without fear or favour. Their sole duty is towards the readers who trust them — and nobody else. This is the way the cookie crumbles — take it or leave it. Unfortunately, the current generation of Bollywood brats in their monumental arrogance and limited intelligence forget that not all journalists are purchasable commodities. And if their film is a turkey, that’s what it is going to be labelled. Those writers whose opinions in print are available for a price are called by other names, but in the interests of keeping this a polite platform, let’s just stick to ‘Hacks for Hire’. There are any number of them floating around churning out shameless PR reviews that come with a price tag. Nearly every writeup these days falls into this category. There are two ways for a filmmaker\actor to respond to criticism: Hit back or reflect. Hitting back is childish, petulant and gets the attacker nowhere. And here’s where one can separate the men from the boys.

When I wrote strongly about Raavan, my words were challenged as was my response to what was being projected as a major tour de force. When I posted the same column on my blog, I received a lot of hostile comments, which is understandable. Movies are meant to arouse passions. If Mani Ratnam did read the column, or was upset by the criticism, he maintained his silence and stood by his vision without caring about a writer’s opinion. Of course, there were several other columnists\critics who felt the same way about the film, but hello! Anything in the public domain necessarily lays itself open to criticism — be it a book, play, art exhibition, musical performance. One has to take it on the chin, sulk privately, cry a little, fume away to glory and move on. Seniors in the business realise this and rarely fall into the
tu tu main main trap. When one runs into them in public, their reaction is often frosty but civil — that’s okay. It is tacitly accepted there is nothing personal about the review.There’s no axe to grind. The filmmaker has done his\her job by making a movie, and the critic, his\hers by writing about it in an unprejudiced way. That’s where the equation begins and ends. Or should.

This is where good breeding and decent upbringing come into play. Take the Bachchans. Abhishek was slaughtered by critics recently after his Raavan bombed. What did the young man do? Did he respond to critics by tweeting in an uncouth, rude language? Nope. He kept his cool. He had put in a lot of hard work, too bad audiences didn’t appreciate his performance. Ditto for Aishwarya who was also given hell in print and across channels. She too didn’t go into a silly huff and crib about how mean everybody was being to her. Sure, Bachchan Sr did talk about the strange editing and attracted his share of flack. But at no point did the Big B resort to pettiness. Ditto for the Roshans when Kites bombed big time and the press tore into the multi-crore dud, sparing no one — not Mori, not Hrithik. The Roshans took it on the chin. Seasoned professionals from such a background do not take cheap pot shots at journalists and start abusing them on assorted public platforms. Unfortunately, these days, the film industry attracts all kinds of upstarts who reveal their own shabby backgrounds when they launch personal attacks on columnists. Surprisingly, even some of the newbie hot shot actresses resort to slanging matches when critics don’t automatically fall at their feet and go gaga over their looks\performance. These immature, spoilt filmy kids should take their cues from someone like a Karan Johar, who is their ultimate guru. You’ll never find this guy descending to pathetically low levels and trashing critics. His jibes and cracks are always good humoured, even when he wants to put someone in his or her place. That’s called finesse and class. By all means defend your work — but do it with panache. Or is that too much to ask of these one film wonderboys who believe they can teach the masters a thing or two?

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I love this intelligent article Ms. Doe. Beautifully written! I am a young women and I am so with you. "Finesse and Class" that, Bravo. #IcannotstandSonam

Honestly, both sonam and shobha have made blunders. Sonam is a spoilt brat who can't take criticism(she's really not good) and shobha is nobody to comment on her upbringing but then what sonam said was too nasty...I mean respect a lady for god's sake. And sonam does live in a fantasy World...nobody is fond of her

The attached pic made me laugh. Two charlatans & an obnoxious glitterati icon! LOL!

Wed, 2010-07-14 14:45 — Anonymous

@Wed, 2010-07-14 14:28 — Anonymous
You're a "TV Journalist" and you've never heard of Sonam Kapoor? You should be fired from your job ASAP. Then you'll have a lot of time to read your favorite writer's "high quality novels".


just saw a manisha lamba interview ...MADAM DE you do seem to have foot in the mouth syndrome and thew ability to use words freely(and not intelligently ) thats the reason u are page3 yellow journalist and not a writer of any value.Even the comments posted here come from better writers(u like sonam or dislike her ).Sonam has show better values and upbringing than you at such a young age MADAM BUTTERFLY.

Honestly even the quality of your acticles and opinion are quite low. I dont think a respectable journalist would take personal issues and make it a public issue. Do you really believe that your opinion influences people on whether or not a movie is to be successful?
What is your credibility on claiming to be an authority on such matters? Your semi porn books are complete trash.
You are perhaps invited by Times to write an article because of your social celebrity status. Famous for being famous.
Dont take yourself so seriously, nobody dosent, nobody even cares.

sonam is a no one in the industry... riding only on Anil's legacy... she shud come back to earth... m sure she will do a lot better if she takes the kapoor out of her...

DEAR MRS Shobhaa De,

If masters are too intelligent and smart .. then why r they commenting on one's work .... and in return they
( so called masters) want them to just listen and ignore ... Are the masters doing the same thing ... IF masters cant do it , why to expect from the new comers. And im sorry to say its the world for youngistaan , not the masters.

since when is critisizing someones family and background called film critiqueing? shobha is just a sad bitter lady who could not make it in bollywood so she decided to sit at home and criticize all the actors instead.
look at her crooked mouth in the photo with mallya, she looks like she has had too much botox and her mouth went to one side.

I don't think u said the right mrs. Shoba. When u r questioning sonam kapoors upbringing, u r questioning her parents. And that's going too personal. U r entitaled to Ur opinion as long as ur not getting personal. I utterely believe u truly crossed the line. You are in wrong and u should appolize to sonam kapoor's parents.
The reason y the roshan and Bachan family don't reacts to Ur nonsense comments is becaz they r tierd of Ur rubbish and learned to tune u out.


message via iPhone

meenu .ithink her mot is beauty full then her

Shobhaa at Sixty by Shobhaa De was just the kind of book I was looking for my wife at our 25th marriage anniversary.

some of you people are ILL and Shobha De is sadly correct.

at least sonam apologized for saying "haha" to tweet but did shobha de apologize for saying "should be spanked in public"? NO. that makes one question shobha de's upbringing, not sonam's.

Tue, 2010-07-20 05:56 — Anonymous: learn the difference between a jokingly way to deliver a bad review and a venom oriented SLUR on a biological private function.

Shobha De had no business using such words as "spanking in public". She has every right to review a film, but not to use such derogatory language. I think Sonam is completely justified in saying what she did, and there was no reason for her to apologise. Miss De is self proclaiming that she is as transparent as anyone could be, but I don't think she even has the pedigree to review a film, her own claim to fame being a couple of soft porn novels. She is not even press to me. She bad mouths a person on a public podium, and after receiving a fitting and gut wrenching reply, throws tantrums and raises questions about the 'spoilt star kid syndrome'??? That's total hypocrisy. Sonam - well done!!

this ladys sharp as an axe. Great style and flair. Thats what I call a critic!

hu, 2010-07-15 14:26 — Anonymous: what, you mean a reporter made her re-tweet that slur?

a pathetic slur is a pathetic slur , and no reporter can force it out of your mouth.. esp on a private tweet session where there is no journalist in front of you. if you make fun of natural biological female functions which should be private, you are being pathetic and showing your true colors.

this whole incident reminds one of Kareena (another star kid who felt self-entitled ) when she first started: when Devdas was being cast and Aishwarya was selected, Kareena was appalled at not being given the Paro role-- (despite giving her own insisted audition for it). She then said perhaps they chose Aishwarya because she was 'older', and Paro was a more older role. . She's now grown up and definitely is more humble.

Yes, it does show a clear reflection on the overly-posh and cushy life some of these star kids lead. they are probably surrounded in a bubble where they are trained from the start to believe they are the most beautiful and talented and Bollywood belongs to them. they don't realize the difference between being pretty and blessed-beautiful.. or talented and a thespian. yes there are exceptions of humble star kids, for instance they say Karisma started out more humble.. but that is rarer.....

ok i'm quite sick of all these "star-kid" bashing. i personally find most of the star kids to be very humble, i mean imran khan, abhay deol, ranbir kapoor, abhiskek bacchan, hrithik roshan all of them are among the most humble actors that we have right now. even if you watch the interviews of sonam kapoor you'll find that she's not that bad. the problem with her is that she talks too much and the reporters and journalists are always asking her inappropriate questions and taking her quotes out of context for making headlines. i hate those backstabbing journalists who praise the hell out of the stars in front of them and then make controversial reports that'll make headlines. these reporters earn their living by making link-up and break-up stories about the actors. bunch of hypocrites.

this is very very sad that youths who are reading this cannot understand why a slur is a slur, and a crictical piece is a critical piece. the moderators need to do a better job, because any racial, age, gender or color issues will harm the youth as much as a cigarette harms them.

Tue, 2010-07-13 21:09 — Anonymous ==> indifference to any stars.. . (but respect the true stars who've helped their community). however, if small-joe or big-star will make a racial, age or slur comment in our community, we will drop by. there was a male teen on pinkvilla once who indicated "all Indian women are jealous"- negative sterotype -- or 'a star is too brown to represent india' - negative color sterotype. these are not stars or starlets, but they too need to be taken down because we cannot fight the Joel Steins of the world who fling racism or bad sterotypes at us, if we ourselves do not clean up our own kind and that includes kids who may be reading this. this site is a target for youths, and moderators should know better: any racism, sexism, ageism comments should be flagged for abuse, no matter who its source is. PERIOD.

Wed, 2010-07-14 14:28 — Anonymous --> good points, it's like 'me , myself and i ' syndrome today. while every other nation's child is growing up at 21 and helping their community. in a time when Indians are facing a crisis (Time article with Joel Stein not only lambasting Indian-Americans but the ppl in India), these ppl continue on their merry way not to fight real battles for their community but 'me, myself and i.. and my favorite star'. now they are after you as well. doesn't speak well, and they wonder why Bollywood is fading in its charm. they are living in their little world of make-believe .

i jus don like this so called lady shoba de,,,, i hardly do read her articles which i feel is not worth a single penny,,,,, ok i agree she verbalised her opinion abt the movie earlier and so has sonam n punit did abt wat they feel abt her,,, wen she has the rt to say then even they have the same,,, after all they r also indian na,,,, anyways she must go n cry now cuz the movie is beng declared hit,,,,
and ya how can she say that people like evenbachans n aishwarya has not voiced against her... so that doesnt mean that she can rite all the shits abt anyone n others r not allowed to utter even a word,,,? till nw she has been criticising others n nw at this age wen she got her own dose, she couldnt take it... so she must realise that its high time she keeps her pen down,,,,, cuz everyday is not sunda... sonam well done,,, we love u,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

anon Wed, 2010-07-14 14:45, did you read the word after that "on a more serious note". i guess even some her fans are as impulsive and immature as her.

@Wed, 2010-07-14 14:28 — Anonymous
You're a "TV Journalist" and you've never heard of Sonam Kapoor? You should be fired from your job ASAP. Then you'll have a lot of time to read your favorite writer's "high quality novels".

Who is Sonam Kapoor? I've heard of Shobha De though.

On a serious note, I throughly agree with this article., Unfortunately, Bollywood today has become fiefdom of the over-the-hill stars, who are merely using their influence to push their highly unskilled son/daughters/nephew/niece to carry their poor legacy.

The problem isn't limited to these spoilt brats, but prevalent in both film and TV industry. As a TV journalist, I've seen a Tom, Dick, and Harry take offense to the slightest of critical comment. TV is filled with such nondescript wannabes SRKs/Madhuris. When any idiot from small screen can have such arrogant attitude, what do we expect from the pampered star son/daughters?


@Sweetparul/hrithikrules( You 2in1) well if no ones reading falcon's comments then why the hell are you replying to it ??


seems like sonam has a lot of fans who love her and also love to hate on her.

Tue, 2010-07-13 16:41 — Anonymous: As she does males.. also (look at the horrible things she said about Sunil Shetty, etc. ). these are what critics do. call it wrong or right and form new laws to ban freedom of speech of that kind...

.. but to target her to racical or age slurs or any slurs is plain WRONG. slurs is slurs.
drop all this justification hype.

Tue, 2010-07-13 11:08 — unthinkable --> "i am convinced she drinks karelay or neem ka juice everyday"
: what makes you say this, because she looks so healthy?

Tue, 2010-07-13 17:41 — Anonymous -> drop the hype, re-tweeting something offensive is supporting it. she is at an age where she can read, can't she?

Tue, 2010-07-13 11:08 — unthinkable --> mostly we agree with you, but not on this one:

not a big fan of Shobha De (for her possibly color views).. but she is a self-made woman, and frankly a sharp critic who they say even Aishwarya respects and is rather fearful of. Shobha never came from any starry or rich background.. she started off as a model and novelist..and was the editor was Stardust. that is more than many superstars combined. she hardly needs her 15 minutes of fame, but you are entitled to your views.


Tue, 2010-07-13 16:41 — Anonymous

No there is not a huge difference. Shobhaa criticizes womens' faces and bodies. People have no control over their genetic makeup just like people have no control over the aging process. Go look up what she used to say about Deepika, Ash and other actresses.

shoba de is quite rude and she is not taking into account that it was punit who made a rude comment at her not sonam. at the end of the day, IHLS is just an average grosser (24cr to 6crore in 2nd week itself) and no way a hit. whatever movie sonam acts in is jinxed.

Mon, 2010-07-12 14:27 — Anonymous:::; When Shobhaa criticizes womens' looks, she is basically saying that their worth can only be measured by their appearance. That is also degrading to women.
--> there is a HUGE difference between a critic critcizing a star over their fashion or appearance, which Shobha De does to male stars as well.... and downright making silly age slurs on someone.


Tue, 2010-07-13 14:57 — Anonymous --> because frankly, in this tough world, she needs to grow up AND ACT HER AGE --because desis her age are looking for jobs suffering racial sterotyping.. while with her comfy rich cozy life, she is making age slurs because she cannot handle stardom. that's more a self-entitlement syndrome. She is incredily pretty and talented, but that's it..... but there is a big difference between very pretty and blessed-earth-shattering beauty. frankly , her facial features are way overrated and in no way even close to Sonali Bendre's or Waheeda Rehman's in her prime, but never once saw an arrogant statement from their mouths.... (and this is not meant to negate her, but to help her realize she has strengths but she has weaknesses too.. and being a sore loser is not grace).

It is not entirely Sonam's fault. she is surrounded by syphocants.. her fans have praised her so overly much that instead of helping her, it's making her into a spoiled-star syndrome. Kareena went through also in the start of her career (self-entitled behavior), but she grew up and became humbler and worked harder.

She needs to be HUMBLE like the great Anil Kapoor, who never thought he was Mr. High and Mighty. Shobha De and nearly everyone would be shocked at how ppl in their 20's act like 14 year olds.. it's obvious. look around the world and you will see very smart struggling people who are humble.

Sonam should not apologize to this so called critic. yes she is a critic and has a right to express her opinion but lets not forget that she is a MOVIE critic...instead of judging the movie ..this woman gets down right dirty and launches a personal attack on the actors involved...constructive criticism is what she should be doing and judge the movie if she wants to be a movie critic. sonam had every right to retaliate the way she did. All this woman wants is fame ...I still remember her saying something about srk wearing "bangles"... shes just desperate for attention.

give her a break!!She'z a charming brat!She'll grow up,im sure.
And BTW why all this hate for such a delightfully,sunny cheery girl??

During the time of sawariya shobha de criticised Sonam and she reatliated saying that he doesnt care abt any 50 something PORN is revenge time for De.

we are all talking about it ...shoba de got her 15 mins of fame
i am convinced she drinks karelay or neem ka juice everyday

Miss Sonam deserves this ! She is too high on being called a fashionista(which she is not and copies from Magazines/Hollywood) and thinks too much of herself! Way to go Mrs. De

and it's hilliarious how some ppl think if they are 'anti-Sonam' to criticize her.. they are 'pro-Aish'. most ppl do not give Bollywood the time of day.. However, if there is ageism, racism or sexism.. then it has to be banished. so ppl come on forums if needed.

If Shobha De made some racial remarks against Sonam, you can bet we could come and diss her big. If Sonam (or Aish or blah blah blah) makes an ageism remark against Shobha , you can bet we could come down on them.

Please google Joel Stein and try to learn about important things to fight about.. fighting about fashion or whose eyebrows are nicer is just stupid.. and Joel Stein has sterotyped Indians as stupid in his 'racial mockery' in a TIME article (big thing in case you guys were sleeping). This is going to affect the entire desi community around the globe in a negative way, unless we take action on it. It seems Shobha De and Sonam should be MAD about that, instead of personal little wars. that being said, Sonam is wrong.

there is more to the world than stars who are getting richer and richer. wake up ppl and smell the coffee

these same ppl who are pro and against Sonam , Shobha De should come out and defend the Indian community against Joel Stein , who has made Indians the laughing stock of the world. GROW UP PEOPLE. All over the world, by 21, ppl outgrow fighting over eyebrow styles and fashion wars to bigger things like racial and color unity. leave it to us desis to act like babies everyone tells us to grow up and the world mocks us.

omg...falcon posted 10+ comments ... baby none is gonna read ur huge comments ...keep it short & leave space for others...

Shobha De earlier also has taken lot of personal digs at Sr. Bacchan, Aishwarya Rai, Rani Mukherji, Preity Zinta, Deepika Padukone etc...she also needs a reality check...high time she learns to put her words correctly n not hurt personal sentiments...

nice one falcon. LOL!

LOL i can't help but feel how the AISH fans have been giving sonam sooooooooooooo much importance these days...payback time for "aunty" ji crew ?? that insecure ?? *THERE PUT IT OUT IN THE OPEN*

go jump all over this!! XD

Mon, 2010-07-12 10:42 — hrithikrules

HONESTLY HRITHIKRULES... u are just full of it !! i still remember ur PRINCE thread ?? acc. to you who was THE guru for in trades?? TARAN ADARSH ?? u were praises for him ??

well read his reports... the film's a HIT !!
not taran? K sure go read BOI? they claim HIT !!
not BOI? k read the biggest trade daddy of them all KOMAL NAHATA, he claims IHLS is a HIT !! so wth u crying out abt ?
the media is calling it a HIT as it should be called !! *MOVIE GOOD OR BAD* is subjective .. bottom line the film made its share of cash !!
LMAO really get bent much? :S


don't know abt sonam's upbringing.. but shobha de has gotta be the most OBNOXIOUS, BITTER lady who bites off more than she chews !! a wannabe critic who i think actually is delusional enough to think she MATTERS !!

shobha de doesnt have the faintest notion of what shes talking about she said on news channel in group
meeting that sania mirza and her husband made up the scandal of the other wife just so that their career
can get boost! luckily on same panel there was the sanias uncle a ghazal singer and he refuted her there
and then.

more people whom shobha de targets in her column should have courage to come and tell shobha de what
she is. if shobha de can write nasty things about others then she has to also take it. if punit malhotra said she
is old fossil who is getting no action its only the kind of writing that shobha has been writing all her career.
have the guts to take it.

i tried reading her novels but they are nothing but porn. anyway not one person in the industry has any
good to say about this lady.

Mon, 2010-07-12 16:05 — Anonymous ahahahahaha some people are just having a field day over this. shobha de stinks. they know you know. but since it's a great chance to hate on the girl some dislike voila... shobha de is suddenly a critic who can say anything she wants (including getting personal) lmao. next time when it's some other girl they like i am sure they will be singing a different tune.

Shobha de is so rude always. She has bashed so any in the past n now when it came to her she didn't like it. Agree she is a critic with a job but it shouldn't be at personal level. i am glad she got for once wht she deserves.

I totally second Shobha De! I would like to add to it by saying that if that is how some children are brought up, then imagine the upbringing of the parents themselves? And when Sonam Kapoor behaves in this way (read immature and childish) it only goes to reflect what her parents must have taught her for her to have even re- tweeted something so vile and crass! The fact that it was only when Punit Malhotra's mother asked him to remove the tweet that Punit deleted it and and so did Sonam soon after! I mean Punit and Sonam are no children! They are fully grown adults! and by lashing out in public like that it only goes to show that either they reckon they are in dire need of some media attention or just plain attention so to say! I really do hope that Sonam has learnt her lesson and would not repeat it again because it is not just her reputation on the line, its also her parents'.

Mon, 2010-07-12 14:27 — Anonymous

I see where you're coming from but I said Sonam still has her rose colored glasses on in her 20's and she needs to grow up. Everyone doesn't experience the reality of life by their early 20's. I'm not defending her, Sonam was wrong and extremely disrespectful. She needs to grow up and there is time to learn that. But Shobhaa De also needs a reality check. She needs to look at what she says. She has insulted Deepika and other actresses for their looks. So what kind of upbringing did Shobhaa have where she was taught to insult others based on their looks? She's also a mother so what kind of upbringing is she giving her children when she picks these fights? The tweet Punit was an insult to every woman and I'm very disappointed in Sonam and Punit, but no way will I overlook the hypocrisy of Shobhaa de. When Shobhaa criticizes womens' looks, she is basically saying that their worth can only be measured by their appearance. That is also degrading to women.

ohh come off it people.2 years from now Shobha will be doing an interview on Sonam on what a brilliant perofmer she is and Sonam will be calling her Shobha Aunty. Followed by a lot of air kissing.No enemies or friends are permanent in the movie world. Shobha de has said in regards to Ash that " there are lot of light eyed , pale skinned girls in hollywood.She hasn't got a chance" Then five years from that date she does an exclusive interview on Ash going on about bachchan bahu blah blah.

so what did Sonam say about Shobha de? Article doesn't quite mention that.

Mon, 2010-07-12 12:46 — Anonymous-> Shobha De does not make silly little age or racial slurs. Sonam's slurs are plain silly. Shobha has made some harsh critical pieces which may have hurt people.. but tough.. critics are critics and that's their job. the only time where we disagree with Shobha is where she may have made color or racial comments.. and if she did, she needs to get called off on that.

but ppl stop giving this utter nonsense defending a flighty starlet. and to the ppl who are saying login with your id, we don't have an id on pinkvillla.. and last we checked, that's not required. tough.. so grow up.

there are racial issues happening about Indians and we need to work on the bigger topics than these silly little games.

Mon, 2010-07-12 13:21 — Anonymous --> funny, here in NJ (where we bear the brunt of racial issues from Joel Stein and their likes), you're not an immature girl in your early 20's. At 18 to 21, you are expected to live on your own and be a WOMAN. grow up people!

There is a difference between Shoba De (critic) and a star (or a starlet like Sonam).
Shobha De even criticizes the likes of Amitabh Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai, Preity Zinta, per her critic columns.... and the whole gang of superstars... and THEY KEEP THEIR GRACE AND DIGNITY. Why? Because it's Shoba De's job to be a critic, not theirs.

and Sonam, you want to bash Shobha on a personal level, then get ready for your own bashes, because the ppl who kept silent are not going to be silent anymore: Shobha De has way better features than you even at her age.. but that's just an opinion. At your age, she had the perfect oval face.. you have a square face. it's puzzzling how ppl can compare you to Sonali. you're pretty, very pretty.. and that's about it. you have to work hard to be a real beauty, which India is blessed with. that includes inner beauty.

(( and don't think we know or are fans of Shobha De either.. we don't like some of her color comments.. so you can't use this excuse)). ADVICE TO YOU: GROW UP SONAM, YOU ARE TOO TALENTED AND PRETTY TO BEHAVE LIKE A SPOILED CHILD... this is the day and age where international critics like Joel Steins are making fun of Indians big time and you can't take a little criticism from a critic????

Shobhaa attacks everyone. She has said some very nasty, low grade comments about other people. She resorts to personal attacks all the time. Sonam should not have re tweeted to the comment or get involved in the controversy, she was wrong to do that. But Sonam is still in her early 20's and she has a lot to learn. Shobhaa is much older and should be mature. If she wants to criticize a movie, then go ahead but why talking about spanking the director. That's a personal attack on a person and now she is personal attacking the parents. She's a hypocrite. Sonam also needs to grow up, act mature, and take off her rose colored glasses. Thankfully she still has time to learn and correct her ways.

Do u all remember how Amitabh bachhan had reacted on Bhoot review. Included that Kalid Ahmad use to enjoy free drinks etc at Big B's home. very low level comment
Did Khalid Ahmed said anything ...why because of his upbringing....
Now I think Shobha upbringing is in question...

i guess she is attacking Anil Kapoor and wife for Sonam's response is not good.

Hey Plz login b4 u comment.....
btw Sonam has Apologized ...

To Shobha and Sonam, please don't stop bashing each other. Its too damn entertaining.

We need more youngsters like punit malhotra and sonam who have the guts to give back as good
as they get. Shobha De spends all her life writing hurtful comments on others and when someone
retaliates she starts acting all preachy like a nun! All of the movie industry must be silently laughing and
congratulating the two youngsters for hitting back although on their face they may not say anything.
She writes porn novels and talks about good breeding!

shoba de wronged herself by questioning upbringing! she shudnt questionaed the naievty of sonam rather thn the fam

Sonam kapoor asked for an apology from mrs de on twitter:
Mrs de I owe you an apology for getting personal. I'm ashamed for my momentary lapse in judgement. And apologetic.. Every writer and journalist and audience are entitled to their opinion and I respect that.

I totally agree with Mon, 2010-07-12 10:58 — Anonymous.

Although Sonam did not say anything, she just went with the remark! To each it's own.

Shobha u are a legend...keep doing what ur doing...its your JOB!!!! Just read sonams tweet she said sorry,,,,does she mean nooo!!! bet her mum told her to write...Sonal two words to u...GROW UP!!!!!!!!!

err that review reaffirms again Sonam's statements: Ms. shoba has some greaaaaaat issues herself - get over it, Ma'am. Bashing and attacking others personally has class but if someone doesn't take her bs it's unlassy aha - what an ample example of a hypocrite yellow press porn writer. If she had "class" she wouldn't try hard to compete with spring chicken hot and sexy actresses see picture above. As for dimwit Sonam and Co: she will eventually humble down - she isn't really aging well, nor does she have the dancing and acting potential to stay on top. Like Ash, only her stylists and make up artists and PR agents an save her and keep her in the industry with style oriented movies without substance where she can flaunt her wardrobe.

PV is a PR portal, the likes of Ash and Soname K etcc.. you can never criticize Soname, the comments are either deleted or screened/not posted, long story short looks like promoting the DUD......IHLS

look at how people signed out from their login ID's and commented....

Agree wid all u guys..... Sonam is Spoilt lady .... she uses cheap words to insult other....
great article Shoobhaa de...

Anything for publicity...IHLS still "aaahaaan "not happening

Excuse me miss shoba...u clearly said everyone is entitled to thier own opinion....well thats what's her opinion about u.......u shouldve kept the cirtic to the film...first of all u started bashing the star....

one thing I was taught....if u give respect to others, they will respect u the same way...well than start respecting sonam, she will retrun it back and also that YOUGSTERS LEARN FROM ELDERS>......i can guesss where she learnt it from :D

Sobha enjoys a bit of celebrity of her own, so she is not above judgement from others. She is in public domain too. And forgive me, but I can never take her as a serious, unbiased journalist. As for Sonam, she has gotten used to all the ass kissing and people shouting 'I love you Sonam' and it has gone to her head. She seems quite bratty as opposed to elegant and diplomatic. Elegant and diplomatic can be boring, example Ash.
At least Sonam keeps us entertained with her silly quotes.

Both are right in their own way! Shobhaa should accept criticism too if she can criticize these stas so harshily in her reviews. And her reviews are less about the films and more about the stars themselves.
BUT Sonam/ and company is a spoilt brat and she should not disrespect someone so senior to her. She needs to learn how to keep her big mouth shut.
PLUS IHLS is not even that big of a hit as some paid people of the media are making it out to be.

Sonam is immature if she can refer to people with age slurs...

Sonam is blessed with indelible movie-star aura, height, bubblines, talent and beauty (though again that is debatable.. she doesn't have the exquisite perfect face angles of a Sonali Bendre, with whom she is unfairly compared to in looks). Sonam has a lot of crazed and dazed teen fans who luv her clothes and rich lifestyle the same way fans adore Paris Hilton... but these fans need to realize , fancy clothes cannot hide plain outright immaturity. She is soon becoming the rich spoiled kid syndrome.....

She needs to follow Anil Kapoor, an elder she obviously respects. He is the height of grace and behaved with such dignity from the start of his career. All in all, take this with as helpful advice from another grey elder who just wants Sonam to follow the right path...

i think sonam is really rude. last year she also said someting bad about aishwarya and now about shobha de. she really need to learn how to respect ur elders. both ash n shobha r selfmade. where as today whatever sonam is all bcoz of her father anil kapoor.

WOW so many plain lies! It was Punit's twit, NOT Sonam's!

I bet the same people who were bashing Sonam for replying "hahaha" to Punit's comment on Shobha De are now cheering for Shobha De for questioning Sonam's upbringing. What is it? Hypocrisy? Jealousy?

agreed Sonam and Punit show lack of good upbringing by making such an awful and cheap statement.However Shobha de is no goddess of decency or standard of good breeding herself.Calling a movie bad is onething but making statements like director needs a spanking is totally another.

shobha de shud think of her words before she criticises others - if shes allowed to diss n degrade thn y cnt somone else?? a columnist shud do her job nt go far n byond to make something or one rather look ridiculous, which is wat shes done here once again

Sonam is acting her age but this woman is overbearing and rude...she likes to insult people and is one of the most gossipmongers using media to do so...she likes to give it and but cannot take who is the aging spoil brat.

Shoba de...what do u say abt Amitabh bachchan banging critics for delhi-6 failure in his words ha!!

I don't think she has named Sonam,Has she??
And even if she implies,sonam just served her her 'just desserts'

sonam is a very arrogant person. the way she dresses, the way she talks we can clearly see that she is showing off. i agree with shobha. there are other down to earth actresses like deepika and genelia who are never seen showing off like sonam.

"Not getting enough action.." what is that supposed to mean?

Sonam speaks her mind. Why Shobha taking it seriously???when Shobha has her opinions others too. This shows her up bringing too. She can't take criticism herself but she can critisize others easily...what a Joke. LOL

I do not know what was right or wrong in the past with Shobha De, but she is right this time. If Sonam and the Director of her film did react to De's statement and that too crudely, then it is sad. Not just Hrithik Roshan and the Bachchans everyone who is someone in the industry, does not react to such criticism of their movie.

i want to question shobha's upbringing. what kind of an elderly wise lady gets into such a tirade with a young girl half her age? reminds me of female canine mammals.

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